Solving The Cluck-Pocalypse! - Minecraft Hermitcraft Season 7 #43

Today we reduce the chicken population, store our memories and levitate a pig eternally!

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Season 7, Episode 43.


  1. Giggles TheClown

    Giggles TheClown4 дні таму

    Why didn’t you have an end of the season episode lol?

  2. Manav J

    Manav J14 дзён таму


  3. Kafiyo

    Kafiyo14 дзён таму

    Love those contraptions!

  4. Randy Primus

    Randy Primus18 дзён таму

    Minecraft memory machine. I lost it when you flashed back 20 seconds to the time you looked at memories in the Minecraft memory machine.

  5. Terrance

    Terrance25 дзён таму


  6. Connor Vaughn

    Connor VaughnМесяц таму

    Fix it using powered rails on the slope


    SPIDERNOOBМесяц таму

    15:40 the iCard is in the top right to watch hermits p,any minygolf


    SPIDERNOOBМесяц таму

    Speaking of decked out what ever happens to gekted out

  9. Mcbc

    McbcМесяц таму


  10. hoodie kid

    hoodie kidМесяц таму


  11. Niko Weimer

    Niko WeimerМесяц таму

    At 13:46 just why jwhy

  12. Isaac Zellman

    Isaac ZellmanМесяц таму

    Zedaph's intro will always be my favorite intro of any youtuber

  13. Kyle Gilmore

    Kyle GilmoreМесяц таму

    The flash of the cow chucker 🤣🤣

  14. Alex 1A

    Alex 1AМесяц таму

    Don't you need to lower the contraption count since the minecart storage got retired?

  15. bewilderedbear

    bewilderedbearМесяц таму

    A few ideas for more memories: a sword that’s a putter from mini golf, a strider head for the nether hub with the Stridaphs, and a fishing rod or honey block for the experiments you and Tango did for Tango’s tnt game you helped him make

  16. pptoni 06

    pptoni 06Месяц таму

    16:59 That is BONKERS and hilarious

  17. Matthew Olive

    Matthew OliveМесяц таму

    Jerry looks like perry the platypus

  18. Naomie Gauthier

    Naomie GauthierМесяц таму

    Wait, since the minecart x-ray machine has been repurposed into the minecart memory machine, it should take its contraption number instead of being #24 right?

  19. EJ IsWeird

    EJ IsWeirdМесяц таму

    poultry man strikes again

  20. Huxy The хаски

    Huxy The хаскиМесяц таму

    I call it the "pig wiggler" 20:02

  21. WG

    WGМесяц таму

    You need to place more blocks so the chickens can’t escape whit water.

  22. CrazyEagleLightning EagleBolt8

    CrazyEagleLightning EagleBolt8Месяц таму

    NO not #23

  23. NotAGoat

    NotAGoatМесяц таму

    Hold on, Zedaph, don't you have to subtract a number somewhere? You can't have the X-ray machine and the Memory machine listed as two separate contraptions!

  24. darknessblade

    darknessbladeМесяц таму

    zedaph forgot option 4: Add a powered rail

  25. Ex13sGames

    Ex13sGamesМесяц таму

    Not sure if this works or not, but have you tried giving Jerry wheat seeds instead of a sword?

  26. Jwest605

    Jwest605Месяц таму

    That floating pig! lol

  27. Shrey Sanghrajka

    Shrey SanghrajkaМесяц таму

    Most underrated hermit

  28. Multi - Dimensional Gaming

    Multi - Dimensional GamingМесяц таму

    Ever thought about inviting a speedrunner type youtuber in the hermitcraft server? Maybe SB737?

  29. BSGreenall

    BSGreenallМесяц таму

    Give Jerry a sword with Fire Aspect and he’ll cook your chicken for you

  30. DatrixTSW2012

    DatrixTSW2012Месяц таму

    Glad to see you're still doing your thing Mr. Z. :) Been awhile since I last stopped by.

  31. Matty 0331

    Matty 0331Месяц таму

    Lol the intro

  32. Wags360

    Wags360Месяц таму

    I won’t be the first one to say: Look at all those chickens

  33. Chaos _ sil

    Chaos _ silМесяц таму

    If Jerry is a contraption... CONTRAPTION #024 Zedaph

  34. cory martin

    cory martinМесяц таму

    Who else thinks ranboo needs the memory bank on the Dream SMP

  35. Jonna Jeans

    Jonna JeansМесяц таму

    Jerry actin like Lil Nas. Taken to heaven yet he still chooses hell?!?

  36. Eric Rambadt

    Eric RambadtМесяц таму

    Pig in space in a cave

  37. Luca Bralia

    Luca BraliaМесяц таму

    6:06 Zedaph bringing a foreign species to a new habitat colorized

  38. Thomas Walder

    Thomas WalderМесяц таму

    Zedaph: has a chicken problem Me: he's going to improve the capture mechanism? Zedaph: gets a fox to kill them all Me: O_0

  39. Paddy Pearce

    Paddy PearceМесяц таму

    Did we just get an arm reveal?

  40. Joes ASMR

    Joes ASMRМесяц таму


  41. Stephen Adams

    Stephen AdamsМесяц таму

    WTF where's the fox

  42. BrownR87

    BrownR87Месяц таму

    "#024 Minecart Memory Machine" aka #24 The Pensieve Grain would love one of these!

  43. Deep Saha

    Deep SahaМесяц таму

    This proves grian is still poultry man

  44. Earth

    EarthМесяц таму

    'Potitry' ??? Do you mean.'Poultry' ?

  45. Juliet Louis

    Juliet LouisМесяц таму

    every part of this episode was amazing! thank you!

  46. The VOID

    The VOIDМесяц таму

    was inspired by r/hermitcraft memes... zcp: (zedaph's contraptions and problems) description: zcp 23: jerry- a regular fox that works to contain chickens constantly leaking form zcp-19 (grian's chicken run) containment procedures: jerry is to be always on a lead attached to a fencepole in the glass dome above zedaph's base, to protect him from contraptions and himself

  47. contr_adi_tion

    contr_adi_tionМесяц таму

    Use bdubs's wallpaper in the sleep shop for the background ?

  48. Shadow Snake

    Shadow SnakeМесяц таму

    So basically the egg shooter is trying to make buckshot work in a sniper rifle, and failing horribly, so now you're fixing it using mercenaries, have I gotten the main idea down?

  49. Shadow Snake

    Shadow SnakeМесяц таму

    Might want to "hire" more mercenaries, as Jerry might need help.

  50. dazed_ yuki

    dazed_ yukiМесяц таму

    (Most) everyone: omg goats they can jump like nothing else wow wow wow [foxes]

  51. pascalos99

    pascalos99Месяц таму

    Maybe if you put some berries in range of Jerry, they will occasionally divert his attention from a fixation on out-of-reach chickens, thus allowing him to focus on other chickens again

  52. Kassandra Piotrowski

    Kassandra PiotrowskiМесяц таму

    Jerry the Fox is my favorite contraption now.

  53. TheYellowMeaning

    TheYellowMeaningМесяц таму

    Does grian even know that the prize is there?

  54. Jade

    JadeМесяц таму

    JEEZ! This is just Minecraft, and I almost started crying...

  55. EricTheBest101

    EricTheBest101Месяц таму

    someone : when pigs fly zedaph : yeah zero g pigs

  56. Carter Lindley

    Carter LindleyМесяц таму

    Me watching this video late be like May the 4th be with you pig 👋🐷

  57. JNTV

    JNTVМесяц таму

    You should put hoppers all around the death zone

  58. InspireHealthAndHope

    InspireHealthAndHopeМесяц таму

    The plushie intro was a great idea! Get some clear string and make him float/ dance!

  59. Don don

    Don donМесяц таму

    the mmmmmmmmmmm machine

  60. PeaceInExile

    PeaceInExileМесяц таму

    This episode feels like a metaphor

  61. Michau

    MichauМесяц таму

    i would never imagine grians extremely inefficient novelty chicken farm would cause such a problem lol

  62. CyberFox

    CyberFoxМесяц таму

    ironic how you named the fox Jerry and my name is also Jerry...

  63. Lucas Olafsson

    Lucas OlafssonМесяц таму

    I would have never learned about the armour stand and redstone ore randomiser if not because of this video. Thanks.

  64. Xyne the Spriter

    Xyne the SpriterМесяц таму

    the Minecart Memory Machine otherwise known as MMM

  65. Xyne the Spriter

    Xyne the SpriterМесяц таму

    tbh i prefer the intro with the zedaph plush instead of the actual player skin

  66. Harshit Yashwardhan

    Harshit YashwardhanМесяц таму

    Decked out was best time

  67. Florian Höffken

    Florian HöffkenМесяц таму

    you didn´t build Jerry so its a contraption but not yours

  68. Zane Daewoo

    Zane DaewooМесяц таму

    Meanwhile Grian half filled that chest before you seen it 😂

  69. taj1994

    taj1994Месяц таму

    Jerry is a slime, not a fox. Lol

  70. Sean Kuhn

    Sean KuhnМесяц таму

    The space pig wiggler

  71. Hex

    HexМесяц таму

    Message Stanley9060 #3483 on discord if you want to join a hermit craft like a server with a decent-sized community, looking for experienced longterm Minecraft players

  72. Sean Kuhn

    Sean KuhnМесяц таму

    Contraption #23 - a fox tied to a fence

  73. Christopher Tran

    Christopher TranМесяц таму

    lol i love the zedash plushie intro. hahahaha! 10/10

  74. micheolene

    micheoleneМесяц таму

    Zedaph, what if you name-tag your memories so that anyone that ran your machine would know the significance of the block floating on display. Just an idea. :)

  75. Jack McQuack

    Jack McQuackМесяц таму

    woah palm reveal

  76. Nick Pelloni

    Nick PelloniМесяц таму

    5:30 Stupider like a fox!

  77. Russ B

    Russ BМесяц таму

    The memory chest contraption is awesome, but wont the item thats out when you leave your base despawn when youre past the render distance?

  78. Partynumers42

    Partynumers42Месяц таму

    The Minecart Memory maschine, the digital picture frame of Minecraft :D

  79. David C.

    David C.Месяц таму

    Give jerry a sharpness fire aspect sword

  80. CycloneGames

    CycloneGamesМесяц таму

    It’s a very Zedaph efficient farm. Btw I love the idea of a giant chicken terrarium coop on the surface.

  81. Sion

    SionМесяц таму

    16:35 Perpetual Strangulation.... how humane ( -_-)

  82. Indiana Kernick

    Indiana KernickМесяц таму

    Thinking about the memories made me realise how long this season has been going on for. It's been 14 months!

  83. Mr. Grantelkade

    Mr. GrantelkadeМесяц таму

    When are you going to play create mod on twitch next time?

  84. Jörg Hänisch

    Jörg HänischМесяц таму

    I think yours ands scars plushies are the only one not creepy

  85. P Type Gaming

    P Type GamingМесяц таму

    Can a zombie hold seeds? And would chickens follow said seed wielding zombie?

  86. deno_ebru.minecraft

    deno_ebru.minecraftМесяц таму

    2:08 lmao

  87. Muhammad Hamdan

    Muhammad HamdanМесяц таму

    You should plant berries next to the fence because Jerry eats berry.

  88. krusty

    krustyМесяц таму

    I love the intro

  89. Hero Slippy

    Hero SlippyМесяц таму

    I've built fox based contraptions before. I had a group of foxes pick up items for me and then have them bury the item in their den. In the fox den, I had berry bushes on farmland so the items go into hoppers. It worked great!

  90. Alex of Bree

    Alex of BreeМесяц таму

    Name the pig 3.14-Etc. so it can truly be the Pi-Zero-G

  91. Beau Zeau

    Beau ZeauМесяц таму

    Next Episode: The surplus in available chicken has cause an explosion of the fox population and we are being completely overrun! Better go tame some wolves so they can hunt the foxes down...

  92. Bumbo Cactoni

    Bumbo CactoniМесяц таму

    Jerry is a contraption, just ask Mumbo what's inside.

  93. JIMBlocks2

    JIMBlocks2Месяц таму

    24th contraption best

  94. Reject Humanity Return to Monke

    Reject Humanity Return to MonkeМесяц таму

    if you ever have a problem building a time machine, ask grian, he has experience building a time machine on season 6

  95. Swiss

    SwissМесяц таму

    Why not give Jerry a sword with Fire Aspect so he cooks your chicken and, since he's corralled, give him a floor of hoppers to stand on. A kind of extension to the farm, you might say. Then you could call it a true contraption!

  96. roodboy606

    roodboy606Месяц таму

    Brb inventing time travel

  97. FNAF and Undertale can be friends

    FNAF and Undertale can be friendsМесяц таму

    It was the ghost of Poultry Man who let the chickens free

  98. Light'em Up

    Light'em UpМесяц таму

    Idk if this works but if you got a zombie to hold seeds would the chicken come towards it? Because then you could keep the zombie by the fox and the chickens would continuously come and be eaten by the fox

  99. Useful Pineapple

    Useful PineappleМесяц таму

    You should of turned those chickens into pies...

  100. Hannah Gilman

    Hannah GilmanМесяц таму

    Just wondering how long did it take you to get that chicken on top of your head for the intro, I might be rly dumb and it took like 5 mins but I thought it would be rly hard

  101. BobCCLIV

    BobCCLIVМесяц таму

    Is there a chance a memory would despawn if you left the area while it was in item form?

  102. Nether Cloud

    Nether CloudМесяц таму

    OMGOMGOMG!!!! The floating pig! YAASSSSS!!!!