Official music video for “CLOUDS” by NF.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein


  1. José Coria

    José Coria21 хвіліна таму

    The Best 🔥

  2. Nicola Abernathy

    Nicola Abernathy28 хвілін таму

    I love this I listen to it daily

  3. Thugger and Me

    Thugger and MeГодину таму

    Eminem of wish

  4. Megan Ward

    Megan WardГодину таму

    Every one of his songs are absolutely amazing I love this one so much !!

  5. Aniyah Williams

    Aniyah WilliamsГодину таму

    I will NOT stop watching this😍

  6. Meena Wai

    Meena WaiГодину таму

    Beautiful 💕

  7. Si Pix

    Si PixГодину таму

    Who is watching bc your friend on tumblr told you to 🖐️


    BTS LOVERГодину таму


  9. Pistache

    Pistache2 години таму

    Thats fast

  10. Eric Choi

    Eric Choi2 години таму

    the transitions tho

  11. Quantico

    Quantico2 години таму

    Anyone from wwe 2k22 trailer?

  12. Wilhelm Earnest

    Wilhelm Earnest2 години таму

    3:04 thanks man for not going Hollywood


    ALLAMERICAN PREPPER2 години таму

    This is so hard satan shook with this one

  14. You got Games on your phone

    You got Games on your phone3 години таму

    If you haven’t already, go watch Story. It hits different

  15. TheInsaneTheorist

    TheInsaneTheorist4 години таму

    I have 100 black balloon's, but they aren't mine... I stole them.

  16. Chara

    Chara4 години таму

    I can literally watch this video so so many times it never gets boring

  17. Farhad Khan

    Farhad Khan4 години таму

    Nf back at it again sheeeeesg

  18. Player Account

    Player Account5 годин таму

    Let's reach 100 M views !!

  19. Dan Berezanich

    Dan Berezanich5 годин таму

    The part he tries to give the kid a high five was hilarious lmao

  20. Matthew LaMacchia

    Matthew LaMacchia5 годин таму

    I know your a Christian Nate....So I had a thought if the word was made from the image of god....That means it came from sacrificing the body....Which is the true god.....Thats why they dog it....To make money....Cheers

  21. JOKER

    JOKER5 годин таму

    Here after the WWE 2K22 trailer

  22. Ali Aliev

    Ali Aliev5 годин таму

    That was insane man. This must be viral tho

  23. TC Nation

    TC Nation6 годин таму

    Why yo thumbnails be looking so damn dramatic 😭😂

  24. Kirk Haskell

    Kirk Haskell6 годин таму

    god was like, NF you get to be the best producer or the best rapper, but only one, and NF really chose both.

  25. loomonda18

    loomonda187 годин таму

    wow - mini eminem!

  26. Tyerell Vargas

    Tyerell Vargas7 годин таму

    New Eminem

  27. Tyerell Vargas

    Tyerell Vargas7 годин таму


  28. Abhi Kapoor

    Abhi Kapoor8 годин таму

    Name is abhikapoor i am your biggest fan We need more lyrical rappers We miss mcs

  29. Jason Amaral

    Jason Amaral8 годин таму

    Feel myself evolving.

  30. Notorious vibes

    Notorious vibes9 годин таму

    Who here after the wwe 2k22 trailer


    RAFENROLLA9 годин таму

    WWE 2K22 anyone?

  32. FRYPS

    FRYPS10 годин таму

    Thank you for not closing my video

  33. ايفر

    ايفر10 годин таму

    من طرف نور حلبي ههههه

  34. StarBrawler828

    StarBrawler82810 годин таму

    Can we PLEASE appreciate the curse-free rapping!

  35. Фридрих Изимькюберич

    Фридрих Изимькюберич11 годин таму

    New Eminem?

  36. Adem Ben romdhane

    Adem Ben romdhane12 годин таму

    I never sleep without replaying it for like 5 times

  37. Tiago Quintão

    Tiago Quintão12 годин таму

    Good your song is going to be in wwe 2k22

  38. Christina Thomo

    Christina Thomo13 годин таму

    nf always amazes me

  39. OOFYguytomuch

    OOFYguytomuch13 годин таму

    the cars at the end be like: :| ....... c-can you move now please.... um....... please i need to get to work...... no your just gonna stand there...... ok then.

  40. B Victory

    B Victory14 годин таму

    High fives self. Bro

  41. Doktor Banane

    Doktor Banane14 годин таму

    I dont understand that people that disliked

  42. fu mtm

    fu mtm16 годин таму

    Love this song

  43. Pottsie_ERA

    Pottsie_ERA18 годин таму

    on the real WWE 2K22 trailer 2:00 AJ Styles better pop up when he says Phenomenal

  44. Pottsie_ERA

    Pottsie_ERA18 годин таму

    on the real WWE 2K22 trailer 2:00 AJ Styles better pop up when he says Phenomenal

  45. Kalan 501

    Kalan 50119 годин таму

    Help me out people, check out this channel and the music I made today and tell me if it blows or not LOL any feedback is much appreciated

  46. Sean Taylor

    Sean Taylor19 годин таму

    Damn. Nice

  47. Ryan Emberton

    Ryan Emberton19 годин таму

    Time to give your time!!! again praise God.................. PRAISE

  48. Erick Hernandez

    Erick Hernandez20 годин таму


  49. Walter Davis

    Walter Davis20 годин таму

    Damn I like his flow

  50. Raden Dimas

    Raden Dimas20 годин таму

    I know it very well, yall repeating this part so many times 3:19

  51. King Enow

    King Enow21 годину таму 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂

  52. guest noname

    guest noname21 годину таму

    you are the real rap king!!!!!

  53. Andrew Wise

    Andrew Wise21 годину таму

    3:20 best transition in music video history.

  54. Al-Ashmori AbdulRahman

    Al-Ashmori AbdulRahman21 годину таму

    Notorious B.I.G said: Sky's the Limit Nf in the video is sitting on clouds.

  55. How to Magic

    How to Magic22 години таму

    This will be the best song you have ever listened to

  56. Danyl Ellison

    Danyl Ellison22 години таму


  57. siper -

    siper -23 години таму

    what do u want for this music vid nf: mmmm fridge

  58. not Josephine

    not Josephine23 години таму

    love how this is one big video of nf KILLING transitions

  59. Allan Santtos

    Allan Santtos23 години таму

    Cadê os brs?

  60. Shane Alvarado

    Shane Alvarado23 години таму

    Best rapper alive.

  61. LevelupAzay

    LevelupAzay23 години таму

    HOLY CRAP!! this music is on WWE 2K22 Trailer 😱🤯

  62. Xtreme SZN

    Xtreme SZNДзень таму

    This music video kinda gave me Eminem vibes 😅

  63. Pacific Pancakez

    Pacific PancakezДзень таму

    Nf: Joins the server Everyone: welp here comes the lag.

  64. Alex Scott

    Alex ScottДзень таму BEST.EVER.

  65. Isabel thomson

    Isabel thomsonДзень таму

    So good 🎧

  66. Unlegendary Noob

    Unlegendary NoobДзень таму

    Dam this fire best director ever

  67. Jonathan Charles

    Jonathan CharlesДзень таму

    i wanna be a rapper like NF

  68. McGooness

    McGoonessДзень таму

    why are all the car lights orange?

  69. Amazing-grace Amazing-grace

    Amazing-grace Amazing-graceДзень таму

    soo good

  70. Maria Botello

    Maria BotelloДзень таму

    Great song

  71. marcos gaming

    marcos gamingДзень таму

    I wish NF appeared in my house out of no where😂😭

  72. SaltOfEarth

    SaltOfEarthДзень таму

    Your music is what I put on when I need to renew my energy to take on the world and be the best. Keep inspiring both young and old my friend.

  73. #GoNiners

    #GoNinersДзень таму

    WWE2K22 brings me here... #619

  74. Luna J.

    Luna J.Дзень таму

    Fight me but Nate is the best artist.

  75. GamezOnTheTracks

    GamezOnTheTracksДзень таму

    brutal (f)

  76. K skillz2

    K skillz2Дзень таму

    Who’s here from WWE 2K22

  77. Una Uícheallaigh

    Una UícheallaighДзень таму

    Unreal have this on a loop favourite artist surprised I didn’t look into him before

  78. Peachy Gaming

    Peachy GamingДзень таму

    Mans got bars🔥

  79. Geyser_gaming

    Geyser_gamingДзень таму

    best music artist in the whole world im not even lying

  80. Ty Guy

    Ty GuyДзень таму

    Whats your favorite color? NF:Black isnt a color

  81. NF

    NFДзень таму

    NF:I’m going to teleport to a football game Footballplayers: why he rapping

  82. KEKO

    KEKOДзень таму

    Beautiful 💔 Just dropped a song and this already making me wanna write more.

  83. Seaana Arndt

    Seaana ArndtДзень таму

    i love nf

  84. Amr

    AmrДзень таму

    Total whacked

  85. Emily Sweeney

    Emily SweeneyДзень таму


  86. Relaxing Sounds of Nature

    Relaxing Sounds of NatureДзень таму

    We're not afraid to fall in love, we're afraid not to be loved back!!

  87. Abubakarr Turay

    Abubakarr TurayДзень таму

    Wwe 2k22?


    BRANDON SAXONYДзень таму

    #WWE2K22 👊💥

  89. 셜록툰

    셜록툰Дзень таму

    아 진짜 너무 멋있잖아 ............

  90. Track-Track_Saundtrack

    Track-Track_SaundtrackДзень таму

    Sounds like Eminem, dude...

  91. Joseph ali

    Joseph aliДзень таму

    Sounds nothing like eminem lol and he's not the 2nd eminem hes the FIRST NF

  92. Project Zorgo secret 1

    Project Zorgo secret 1Дзень таму

    What a savage LOL

  93. Cheri Brooks

    Cheri BrooksДзень таму

    Who else saw the wwe 2k22 commercial and heard this song in the background

  94. Akirafan99

    Akirafan99Дзень таму

    WWE 2K22, anyone?

  95. Tolu Ojo

    Tolu OjoДзень таму

    Lol yea

  96. David Derricott

    David DerricottДзень таму

    Fucking savage. I love it

  97. Nancy Adams

    Nancy AdamsДзень таму

    My head phones blew out of my ears at the end

  98. Kabs 225

    Kabs 225Дзень таму

    Who is here after wwe 2k trailer?

  99. Chris

    ChrisДзень таму

    Studio: How many transisions do you want? NF: Y E S

  100. Qin Tesh

    Qin TeshДзень таму

    1:05 to lean on something so sturdy and still fall it just says so much

  101. xoxo sms

    xoxo smsДзень таму

    next level eminem

  102. Kim Nada`•

    Kim Nada`•Дзень таму


  103. ScreamHead

    ScreamHeadДзень таму

    Damn 😍