spending all my $$$ on Apex Legends Season 9!!

spending that money money

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  1. TruNoom

    TruNoomМесяц таму

    valk main?? follow me on twitter!! - twitter.com/TruNoom

  2. Fortnite Fortnite

    Fortnite Fortnite8 дзён таму

    Main wraith

  3. KvngQ

    KvngQ15 дзён таму


  4. Sarah Hussain

    Sarah Hussain15 дзён таму

    I like NF

  5. William Gonzalez

    William Gonzalez25 дзён таму

    @Khyle Caleb 0jeusjsj

  6. BEJXN

    BEJXNМесяц таму

    I been maining her for 3 days and I already have 100 kills

  7. MalarLearne

    MalarLearneДзень таму

    No aim no brain octane main

  8. Amy Sealy-Martin

    Amy Sealy-Martin2 дні таму

    One time I played Apex legends for 23 hours

  9. MateYuki~

    MateYuki~3 дні таму

    I love this guy, he so good at talking

  10. Cabobthebuilder

    Cabobthebuilder4 дні таму

    Wait Tru isn't a peed????

  11. The Night King

    The Night King5 дзён таму

    I love it!

  12. TimeToSnitch

    TimeToSnitch5 дзён таму

    Alter das Spiel hätte mal echt besser werden können, wenn es nicht andauernd irgendwelche probleme geben würde.

  13. Andres Vazquez

    Andres Vazquez5 дзён таму

    I want a heirloom

  14. Trevor Kanniard

    Trevor Kanniard6 дзён таму

    Funny thing is I got the same legendary from the golden place lol

  15. Derp tanjiro

    Derp tanjiro6 дзён таму

    Tru you do realize that some people think Valkyrie is Viper


    ILYSKYJŒ6 дзён таму

    I wish I had that skin so bad 😔

  17. Daniel Sharpe

    Daniel Sharpe7 дзён таму

    Spend yo mama's money 😱

  18. Reaconz

    Reaconz7 дзён таму

    Imagine having 999k views

  19. FoxxionKylz

    FoxxionKylz8 дзён таму

    all valks skins aren’t that good

  20. Colton Montgomery

    Colton Montgomery9 дзён таму

    F*** yeah bruda I'm hard as a rock

  21. Zoosh MSP

    Zoosh MSP10 дзён таму

    Ok I sił

  22. FAT NIG

    FAT NIG11 дзён таму

    I've been catfished

  23. dihia Is me

    dihia Is me12 дзён таму

    seme one hake you

  24. Amano

    Amano13 дзён таму

    please don't spend more ur money for that ur account, give some skin to me :')

  25. Fabio De Oliveira

    Fabio De Oliveira14 дзён таму

    Ppl that do this stuff, are the reason lootboxes still exist and we cant just buy a heirloom for 10 bucks or skinpacks.

  26. Sam Grizzanti

    Sam Grizzanti14 дзён таму

    Who else is getting mad Ceeday Vibes

  27. Dominic Lamb

    Dominic Lamb15 дзён таму

    You may have lost a lot of your things for a while, but at least you didn't miss out on heirloom shards because the game crashed before the final red beam came out. I'm not lying, it was in season 6 when I saw the red beams come out of the apex pack, but then the game crashed and for some reason, it didn't count that as getting heirloom shards but it did count as opening the pack. You may have gotten only two things out of a pack but at least you didn't get nothing.

  28. Kiersten Lewis

    Kiersten Lewis16 дзён таму

    It did this to me when I first opened it at the beginning of the season

  29. IrishReaperV2

    IrishReaperV216 дзён таму

    Damn g

  30. Aleksandar Karliyski

    Aleksandar Karliyski16 дзён таму

    Should I get apex legends on steam or origin? :c

  31. Aleksandar Karliyski

    Aleksandar Karliyski16 дзён таму

    On what launcher do you play apex legends?

  32. Drip-_-boi_

    Drip-_-boi_16 дзён таму

    You look good at this game


    TMMPETER18 дзён таму

    Don’t tell no one but you are good at opening packs

  34. CencedCrown

    CencedCrown18 дзён таму


  35. The Blue Banana

    The Blue Banana18 дзён таму

    Why hate caustic

  36. V O I D E D

    V O I D E D19 дзён таму


  37. Idk Channel

    Idk Channel19 дзён таму

    I sub to you for this

  38. chicken lexlex

    chicken lexlex19 дзён таму


  39. SageMonki

    SageMonki19 дзён таму

    “I’m hard as a rock” 😭

  40. Bennett Domijan

    Bennett Domijan19 дзён таму

    I followed you on twitch true

  41. Nobu

    Nobu20 дзён таму

    5 minutes and twelve seconds into my first TruNoom video and hes got love and a sub from me

  42. Gaming Juice

    Gaming Juice21 дзень таму

    Why is my hand being weird when I look at the valk

  43. 🖤🤍HI🖤🤍

    🖤🤍HI🖤🤍21 дзень таму

    Dude you are so lucky


    GONNA PLAY21 дзень таму

    it's channel like a mendo hmmmm WHY YA COPY

  45. TruNoom

    TruNoom21 дзень таму

    What?? Mendo and I have the same artist that does our emotes thats it. Apart from that our content isnt similar at all?

  46. Karson Angeles

    Karson Angeles22 дні таму

    Oh no lol

  47. Soumya Majumder

    Soumya Majumder22 дні таму

    does any body get immense eye strain with this game?

  48. Okie And

    Okie And22 дні таму

    His apex coins is more than 9000!!!!!!

  49. Christopher Haines

    Christopher Haines23 дні таму

    what is the outro song?


    MOBB DEEP24 дні таму

    Only 2500 kill wraith lol

  51. gamer _4 life

    gamer _4 life24 дні таму

    Hey just a tip if u only get crafting stuff from a rarity it means u unlocked all of that rarity

  52. Missing Link Gaming and Video Channel

    Missing Link Gaming and Video Channel24 дні таму

    Intro song name?

  53. Vaporised

    Vaporised25 дзён таму

    I bought 2 apex packs today and on my second one I got the military grade skin for valk


    LISA STEELE25 дзён таму

    When he sea sheesh

  55. Eester4680 Plays

    Eester4680 Plays25 дзён таму

    I don't like the legendary valkyrie skins apart from birthright viper one

  56. Shocked Cereal

    Shocked Cereal25 дзён таму

    Gibby just canceled him self

  57. Angry bunny

    Angry bunny26 дзён таму

    "Where did my sH-it go"

  58. Jason Trejo

    Jason Trejo26 дзён таму


  59. Jorgeandethan

    Jorgeandethan27 дзён таму

    Bro gibby at the start🤣🤣🤣

  60. Carter Fulton

    Carter Fulton27 дзён таму

    Begllo dot

  61. Cookish

    Cookish27 дзён таму

    What can I say, *micro-transaction genius*

  62. Arthur Albino

    Arthur Albino27 дзён таму

    Ser rico nos Estados Unidos deve ser muito bom 🥺

  63. Podda Is a noob

    Podda Is a noob27 дзён таму

    Y he kinda sound like joogie

  64. Sniper3482 God

    Sniper3482 God27 дзён таму

    Bro your mums credit card ☠️💀

  65. TriTear

    TriTear28 дзён таму

    Ayo is no one gonna talk about the fact he lost 4 pacts at 9:56 ????

  66. Crystal_draw

    Crystal_draw28 дзён таму

    Tru I think I might be getting a crush Valk: is lesbian Tru 💀

  67. D_ans

    D_ans28 дзён таму

    Damn this man spent like 100$ on BP... I mean you could've unlocked it all for free, but it's your money lol

  68. Richard Norene

    Richard Norene28 дзён таму

    The ten arm postoperatively thank because peace lily sneeze under a robust slash. possible, wakeful claus

  69. buzzin0088

    buzzin008829 дзён таму

    You know this generation is fucked when you spend more money on skins than clothes .. hahaha youonly live once

  70. sia

    sia29 дзён таму

    What’s your outro?

  71. Scarygoldfish69

    Scarygoldfish6929 дзён таму


  72. Link Z

    Link Z29 дзён таму

    Sheeesh 🤣

  73. vizi

    viziМесяц таму


  74. bOg3ymAn gAm3r

    bOg3ymAn gAm3rМесяц таму

    rip ur bank

  75. Kian Pinkney

    Kian PinkneyМесяц таму


  76. Bryce Johnson

    Bryce JohnsonМесяц таму

    dislike 👎

  77. đïmăťťěóćěćećı_22

    đïmăťťěóćěćećı_22Месяц таму

    OH NOO G I B R A L T A R:👉👈

  78. kevinpatterson49

    kevinpatterson49Месяц таму

    I only got 1 legendary out of 21 packs

  79. Logan Rosales

    Logan RosalesМесяц таму

    Alternative title: having no life

  80. Emiyus

    EmiyusМесяц таму

    He asks for a legendary and he gets it, ive opened 15+ packs and all I get is grey grey blue 💀smh

  81. John

    JohnМесяц таму


  82. Don’t watch me

    Don’t watch meМесяц таму

    That happened to me

  83. mason_qt-_-

    mason_qt-_-Месяц таму

    You sound like joogie

  84. Kronoss Scythe

    Kronoss ScytheМесяц таму

    5:42 how dare you

  85. X xfrozen11x X

    X xfrozen11x XМесяц таму

    10:00 is it rare that the pack flys away?

  86. jacka facka

    jacka fackaМесяц таму

    All of that for no heirloom shards

  87. Sharp_Piece

    Sharp_PieceМесяц таму

    Why the hell did apex done just like do tru like that :( HE LITERALLY GIVES YOU MONEY APEX 😡 like why the hell would apex do that to him or anyone!

  88. Sharp_Piece

    Sharp_PieceМесяц таму

    I mean also I know it’s a glitch or something

  89. Cp snowboarder

    Cp snowboarderМесяц таму

    All tf2 fans she’s vipers daughter who we killed😂

  90. MeCtiy

    MeCtiyМесяц таму

    3 years into apex and i dont got a single heirloom and some lvl.88 Wraiths got a Heirloom...

  91. Karina Charles

    Karina CharlesМесяц таму


  92. Karina Charles

    Karina CharlesМесяц таму

    Wtf is this bruh

  93. ttv_thatoneapexsweat

    ttv_thatoneapexsweatМесяц таму

    The reason the characters have dumb proportions is because the character designers are weebs

  94. J0ueur 1

    J0ueur 1Месяц таму

    Hello can u buy me the pass and i play with u

  95. HaloFunGaming

    HaloFunGamingМесяц таму

    ngl Trunoom might have some skill but he does not have the fashion sense.

  96. Waffle

    WaffleМесяц таму

    I like the purple emote way better too

  97. Gyasi Adams

    Gyasi AdamsМесяц таму


  98. Gyasi Adams

    Gyasi AdamsМесяц таму


  99. XBL Muddy

    XBL MuddyМесяц таму

    What is the name of his outro song?

  100. Yoru Kage

    Yoru KageМесяц таму

    This battle pass SUCKS. 9:54 what the fuck happened to four of your packs. They just dissapeared

  101. Kruse Thompson

    Kruse ThompsonМесяц таму

    Not going to lie I thought that was viper

  102. GodZHawK

    GodZHawKМесяц таму

    I really want some chocolate chip cookies right now



    anyone know the outro song


    JIBBA SMOKIOМесяц таму

    Imagine doing this kind of spending and asking a girl"u better love me at this point"😆😆💯❤

  105. Naurin Muzaffar

    Naurin MuzaffarМесяц таму

    Funny video 😅😅😅😅😅

  106. Eli Cards

    Eli CardsМесяц таму

    So your saying you only have $102 and you spent it all on apex

  107. Aarron Smith

    Aarron SmithМесяц таму

    I'm in