NEW Close Range Meta Weapons to Use in Warzone Season After Update| Best Class Setups/Loadouts

Breaking down and Explaining the Best Close Range Weapons for Season 3 in Warzone. I excluded the Shotguns based on versatility, but they are definitely viable within about 9m.


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The "Best Class Setup" Series is a series where I focus on all the on my favorite attachments for the weapon based on weapons stats and preference in Modern Warfare.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Initial Thoughts
1:10 Mobility Changes
5:39 TTKs Close Range
9:29 Class Setups
13:25 Outro

Top 5 Weapons to Use for Close Range Meta in Warzone Season 3 | Best Class Setups/Loadouts
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  1. Luckyjayhawk

    Luckyjayhawk15 дзён таму

    Love the transition from the mp5 to the mp5.

  2. Patrick

    Patrick16 дзён таму

    Hey guys is the fenec still good?

  3. bartela

    bartela16 дзён таму

    AS VAL undisputed king, no skill no VAL. 1v2 easy almost win every time, then switch weapon but probably you be dead then anyway, 1v4 or 4 50/50 chance anyway with whatevwr weapon u use

  4. Nikos Koletsoa

    Nikos Koletsoa28 дзён таму

    Can someone tell me jgods Mac 10 class

  5. twass

    twassМесяц таму

    I think the mp7 is a fair competitor now. Not meta, not the fastest TTK but I think its very usable at this point

  6. Guilherme Moraes

    Guilherme MoraesМесяц таму

    what is the best weapon nearby in your opinion? without being 12

  7. Ben

    BenМесяц таму

    PPSh any good ?

  8. McCay Johnson

    McCay JohnsonМесяц таму

    No one is using the MW mp5 and it is as good as the cw one without all the recoil. Setup im using mono integrated, tac lazer, merc foregrip, ftac collapsible, 45 round mag

  9. Narmak Narup

    Narmak NarupМесяц таму

    they should make a huge buff on the holger26 lmao

  10. Scvre

    ScvreМесяц таму

    GET JGOD TO 1m!🤩🤙🏽

  11. Ben Petrakis

    Ben PetrakisМесяц таму

    Guys what is strafe speed?

  12. Vokun

    Vokun28 дзён таму

    or not ads too

  13. Vokun

    Vokun28 дзён таму

    when youre ads and walk left and right

  14. dlangeryt

    dlangerytМесяц таму


  15. Mr. Matt

    Mr. MattМесяц таму

    10k to go and you're at 1M!! We want that plaque! 🏆🐐

  16. Vache Tsetskhladze

    Vache TsetskhladzeМесяц таму

    Where is my fennec? 😔

  17. Sintho

    SinthoМесяц таму

    which barrle for mw mp5???

  18. Adrian Abdi

    Adrian AbdiМесяц таму

    Where is fennec?

  19. †Tabishii

    †TabishiiМесяц таму

    is it just me or the akimbo m19 are a bit underrated? I'm using them lately and man, they melt people hard n fast

  20. jester jester

    jester jesterМесяц таму

    IF its possible can you do a video for AS VAL attachments and explain them? thx a lot

  21. Miles Beauchamp

    Miles BeauchampМесяц таму

    Is there a reason the Fennec didn't make your top 10 close range TTK list?

  22. MrJonmnn11

    MrJonmnn11Месяц таму

    I’m sorry jgod I didn’t realize I wasn’t subscribed I love your content and have been watching for a while!

  23. Ricardo Morillo

    Ricardo MorilloМесяц таму

    Dual M19 😎👌🏼

  24. Sebastian herrera

    Sebastian herreraМесяц таму

    Snipers meta...

  25. rn2cro

    rn2croМесяц таму

    My brain just exploded. Is there short bus version?

  26. wuwba

    wuwbaМесяц таму

    Yo Jgod. You should really factor the Amax into close range videos cause it can be turned into a smg.

  27. Eddie Zagal - Ponce

    Eddie Zagal - PonceМесяц таму

    We gotta admit Val is the new meta . Meta goes by TTK . If you can’t land 30 shots on someone’s and reload a second later then go back to fornite . Hail the new meta .

  28. FPS Jeremy

    FPS JeremyМесяц таму

    wish the ak74u got more love

  29. Michael Thompson

    Michael ThompsonМесяц таму

    numbers. at 1:17 in the video you display a spread sheet of various numbers. where do you find them

  30. David

    DavidМесяц таму

    whats the AS VAL setup??

  31. Brian

    BrianМесяц таму

    Why isn’t the mp7 buffed -_-

  32. john ressler

    john resslerМесяц таму

    So Mr jgod im curious about pre firing to ads if it makes the ads faster or not cause when I am running the skov pistol I pre fire to ads an it feels fast in the ads then ads to firing

  33. tae mula

    tae mulaМесяц таму

    The sks , an94, and iso are super underrated

  34. J F

    J FМесяц таму

    JGod Strafing @ 4:29 killed me!

  35. Ivy

    IvyМесяц таму

    I like how the type 63 isn't mentioned once, it's too underrated and lowkey, And I love it.

  36. Ivy

    IvyМесяц таму

    @Im Trixzy check out BearPigCentral he has awesome gameplay with it as an smg, its disgusting.

  37. Im Trixzy

    Im TrixzyМесяц таму

    Who tf uses a type 63 close range

  38. Cowboys Fan

    Cowboys FanМесяц таму

    I've been using the m91 lmg

  39. Derek Ashel

    Derek AshelМесяц таму

    Oh no...

  40. Max Oliver Veight

    Max Oliver VeightМесяц таму

    New content, events, weapons etc are all nice but Activision should put some money into an anti-cheat. Multiplayer has become almost unplayable from the cheaters!!! And no one is saying anything about it!!!!

  41. Mariano Closs Comaleras

    Mariano Closs ComalerasМесяц таму

    MW Mp5 still meta

  42. Benjamin von Allwörden

    Benjamin von AllwördenМесяц таму

    Do you really need to use silencer on SMG for close range or is it only for the Stats? Or is it to be unknown by enemy?

  43. Drew Graham

    Drew GrahamМесяц таму

    Dear the noble JGOD would you play plunder with me please? I have no friends..

  44. GTOWN

    GTOWNМесяц таму

    LC10 with agency, bruiser grip, 55 round, wire stock and spotlight that helps with movement and hip fire is sick. Don’t need to ads to hit

  45. Artyom

    ArtyomМесяц таму

    What headset is that? Could find it in "My gear" section.

  46. Sanjix78

    Sanjix78Месяц таму

    HI are you tested CARV 2 ?

  47. Chandler Price

    Chandler PriceМесяц таму

    The Ram built like an SMG IS SLAPPING

  48. NightHawk

    NightHawkМесяц таму

    Where's PPSh?

  49. pj marlon

    pj marlonМесяц таму

    So which is better mp5 cw or mw?

  50. The Chosen One

    The Chosen OneМесяц таму

    Any1 else don't even play warzone anymore but still watched this video haha

  51. T Dragon

    T DragonМесяц таму

    Why does strafe speed suddenly matter to people? Literally don’t understand

  52. DMELplays

    DMELplaysМесяц таму

    I love your videos JGOR

  53. Derek Ashel

    Derek AshelМесяц таму


  54. Neno

    NenoМесяц таму

    Hey jgod I’ve been trying a mp5 set up and I used the sof target laser and flash wit field agent and no barrel

  55. KingBudz

    KingBudzМесяц таму


  56. Elgin Elwais

    Elgin ElwaisМесяц таму

    Been using it all the time when people dont use it.

  57. GamerSe7en

    GamerSe7enМесяц таму

    I use to think the flashlight was dumb but stacked nice on a couple guns

  58. Mikerich94

    Mikerich94Месяц таму

    I love the push for 500-600ms ttk for close range stuff. Curious if this means more people will go for shotties to dominate but then again they are a lot less versatile for different range situations compared to these I really hope bullfrog gets a nerf if it’s essentially the most versatile and reliable smg and has the largest mag which is too op in terms of pros and cons IMO

  59. Jarrod Pimental

    Jarrod PimentalМесяц таму

    Are we ignoring the LC10 at 608 up to 20m? That’s solid.

  60. Keenan Moore

    Keenan MooreМесяц таму

    What's the AS VAL build? :) I play mostly solo/duos.

  61. RogueStar_1

    RogueStar_1Месяц таму

    Looks like asval is the way to go for solos

  62. Darren Frett

    Darren FrettМесяц таму

    Jgod isn’t noticing xm4 is tops on all lists lol

  63. Bryan Manzo

    Bryan ManzoМесяц таму

    You left the MP7 off of the strafe speed analysis. Mind dropping that number?

  64. D3THD33LR

    D3THD33LRМесяц таму

    AS VAL GANG in everything up to trios

  65. Daniel Gardner

    Daniel GardnerМесяц таму

    Imagine an app that updated with all the nerfs and buffs where it will allow you to build a gun and it will give all the statistics? Are you spread sheets setup to adjust each gun through all the spreadsheets when you make changes? Does that make sense? Lol

  66. Vicky H

    Vicky HМесяц таму

    I really enjoy my olddd loadout, M4A1 with the MW MP5. I see people using it in their loadout but not many people talking about it

  67. Deox

    DeoxМесяц таму

    I think the Ak74u is underrated

  68. Malcolm Cole

    Malcolm ColeМесяц таму

    Is the mw bizon viable?

  69. matthew porcel

    matthew porcelМесяц таму

    have a video of me killing a hacker its in my Chanel pls check it out

  70. Shaun Allgood

    Shaun AllgoodМесяц таму

    close range meta is kali sticks and always will be kali sticks

  71. Tequilla 1Shot

    Tequilla 1ShotМесяц таму

    Do the TTK’s have in built time to ADS?

  72. Rory Skinner

    Rory SkinnerМесяц таму

    Hey guys, So why is no one really using the Cold War AK? If it has really low TTK

  73. Jayk Perkins

    Jayk PerkinsМесяц таму

    I don't know why but I went through some guns with stocks and I used the krig and the strafe speed was mental. Agency suppressor, 16.5" ultralight, sfod speed grip 45 Rnd and raider stock. Please test this

  74. Henrik Aspeli

    Henrik AspeliМесяц таму

    can u do a ak-74u setup?

  75. 3.14159265359

    3.14159265359Месяц таму

    Which mp5 is better?

  76. sherlock holmes

    sherlock holmesМесяц таму

    What about the Fennec ?

  77. Chris De La Cruz

    Chris De La CruzМесяц таму

    Mp5 hip fire is insane

  78. kushy smoke

    kushy smokeМесяц таму

    Faze Jev mentioned you in one of his videos and im glad he did. Like the videos jgod

  79. James Porter

    James PorterМесяц таму

    Best long range SMG is ?????

  80. Luke Spreitzer

    Luke SpreitzerМесяц таму

    Is nobody going to say anything about him saying “ultimum advantage”? 🤦🏻‍♂️😅

  81. James T

    James TМесяц таму

    KRIG6 and GALLO is the way forward

  82. Unseen

    UnseenМесяц таму

    shot gun is a meta now

  83. Damien Gallego

    Damien GallegoМесяц таму

    The balancing is real ! Very good job from Raven Software since a few weeks.

  84. DBares421

    DBares421Месяц таму

    Jgod check out the ak74u if you run a barrel it has no front sight smdh.....

  85. DBares421

    DBares421Месяц таму

    I wish they would fix the ak74u it has no front sight if you run a barrel on it its ridiculous idk why they even messed with it......smh

  86. Charlie Tard

    Charlie TardМесяц таму

    Funny I’ve always thought I was subbed because you came up but good thing you said something 😂

  87. King Plunger

    King PlungerМесяц таму

    Aug ? It feels like a good weapon tbh.

  88. RazZ Naix

    RazZ NaixМесяц таму

    I think you should do a guide on which wall is best to glitch into and get easy kills.

  89. itsMeindert

    itsMeindertМесяц таму

    Fara is still te best..

  90. phil reed

    phil reedМесяц таму

    Jgod cant you find other content to post. Your videos have become a literal crutch for bad players.

  91. Jake Houston

    Jake HoustonМесяц таму

    You should do a video comparing the bullfrog and bizon. The bizon has like no recoil and a pretty high headshot multiplier plus a higher starting ammo. So I’m curious how it competes with the bullfrog.

  92. Daisu7

    Daisu7Месяц таму

    Ok , mp5 from cw is really bad. Try the gun and ull see. Thank me later.

  93. chris wbr

    chris wbrМесяц таму

    jgod you need to make a video on the new bullet velocity on the cold war snipers

  94. Stephen Italiano

    Stephen ItalianoМесяц таму


  95. TheAvengedNightmare2

    TheAvengedNightmare2Месяц таму

    The CW MP5 slaps better then the Mac-10 I really want to love the Mac-10 but it doesn't feel good. I don't want it like before where you knew you could clear a room no problem with it.

  96. L4A

    L4AМесяц таму

    Why don’t you use the reinforced barrel?

  97. DazGaming

    DazGamingМесяц таму

    But the ram kills faster then all smgs not the same mobility but faster ttk?

  98. Your Dad

    Your DadМесяц таму

    New “best loadout” vid soon? I’ll be waiting 👁👄👁

  99. Lui Rivas

    Lui RivasМесяц таму

    I hope the META of content creators switches over to JGOD-like streamers that are there for the real population of the game: we normal and casual players that want to have fun but be up to date and be aware of the changes. And we evolve to ignore those ridiculous :O thumbnail clickbaits that get you nowhere and make you waste your time on half-assed impressions. I've been watching you ever since I started in Warzone back in MW season 2 and I've learned a lot and I daresay that some of my few wins were thanks to you. I just had to thank you man, me and many others appreciate your effort. ❤️

  100. Liam W-O

    Liam W-OМесяц таму

    I like to swap the ftac collapsible for sleight for hand on the mp5, it’s really nice to be able to reload partway through a fight

  101. shnoogums1

    shnoogums1Месяц таму

    So no more mac10? :(

  102. KC Kazm

    KC KazmМесяц таму

    Thank you so much for you hard work and grind it doesnt go unappreciated and please keep it up

  103. WongSam

    WongSamМесяц таму

    I know you probably get alot of request and busy but I was seeing if possible to get information if the buffs to coldwar snipers make them more viable than say kar98 or the spr

  104. Project Pat

    Project PatМесяц таму

    Mp5 is trash

  105. Project Pat

    Project PatМесяц таму

    Here is the only advice you will ever need. “ don’t even worry about ttk or strafe speed. Choose a weapon that you control the best and focus on the head. I have went back to the kilo. I was averaging 6 to 8 kills a game always trying to use the new meta. Since I went back to the kilo I average 10 to 15 kills per game and get wins daily. Trust me kilo or Grau if you want to win gunfights consistently

  106. Project Pat

    Project PatМесяц таму

    It’s literally crazy the amount of people that watch your videos and know who you are and you still haven’t broke 1 million yet come on guys I know there is a lot of you and the comment section that I haven’t subscribed yet let’s get this guy to 1 million he deserves it