Jackson Wang - LMLY (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for "LMLY" by Jackson Wang
Listen to "LMLY": teamwang.lnk.to/LMLYID
Music Video Directed by Jackson Wang and Mamesjao
Production Company: Team Wang and Core.A Creative
Scripted by: Jackson Wang
Edited by: Mamesjao
Produced by: Sarah Kim
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  1. lionboy

    lionboy21 хвіліна таму

    i want jackson to take me on a ride with his bike 11,309,600

  2. Jung Hoseok

    Jung Hoseok37 хвілін таму

    Whenever I see the mv, it always makes me sad because of how the girl would lead him on, like girl don’t do that if you have a manz. Jackson doesn’t deserve that pain :,)

  3. Kclsn Dcklckc

    Kclsn Dcklckc53 хвіліны таму

    P, Jackson

  4. IGot7 Forever Kuhu

    IGot7 Forever Kuhu2 години таму

  5. C Richards

    C Richards2 години таму

    Got a new fan here 🥰

  6. Natalia Silva

    Natalia Silva2 години таму


  7. ieann fafa

    ieann fafa3 години таму

    what a best song ever

  8. Enna Le

    Enna Le3 години таму

    wha- I only saw this right now for the first time... why havent I seen this earlier??? A masterpiece! I nearly cried

  9. ᗷindie ᗷree

    ᗷindie ᗷree3 години таму

    You gotta love everything about this man ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  10. Nenia Quezada

    Nenia Quezada3 години таму

    I really really LOVE JACKSON WANG handsome awesome.. Kindhearted gentleman.. all in one. 😘😘😘

  11. devya Rai

    devya Rai3 години таму

    If you don't feel it too what ever you don't leave me loving you 💘😌💗

  12. Gmail Gmail

    Gmail Gmail4 години таму

    Got 7 you are the best

  13. pp tdtd

    pp tdtd5 годин таму

    สุดๆ เฮียเก่งมากๆ nice guy 💕💕TEAM WANG✌✌

  14. Angie Maldonado Ramirez

    Angie Maldonado Ramirez5 годин таму

    Primero que nada, excelente video, bonita historia ☺️ los felicito. Segundo, siento que eso mismo me pasa con los que me gustan, me ilusiono mucho y ni me toman en cuenta 😅.

  15. Meenakshi Kukreti

    Meenakshi Kukreti7 годин таму

    Just imagination it was...

  16. Lisa March

    Lisa March7 годин таму

    Love your solo career Jackson !!! You made us proud ! Friends texted from USA & said they heard you over the radio, I'm so proud !!!

  17. Eric Yap

    Eric Yap7 годин таму

    Sad ending....😔😔

  18. Lisa March

    Lisa March8 годин таму

    The sound is so pleasant & catchy !!! Jackson I love your MV. You look amazing !

  19. Iscel Lo Juntilla

    Iscel Lo Juntilla8 годин таму

    Stan talent. Stan perfection. Stan Jackson Wang. Stan GOT7. Kings! Legends.

  20. autumnllow

    autumnllow8 годин таму

    Go to a Chinese restaurant 📝

  21. Lostairpodsandjams

    Lostairpodsandjams8 годин таму

    Was this a movie , this was song lit fr-

  22. ッッ

    ッッ8 годин таму

    Es que este chico simplemente es... Perfecto

  23. Trisha 10

    Trisha 1010 годин таму

    So handsome my Baby !

  24. Onizuka Sorimachi

    Onizuka Sorimachi11 годин таму

    Power la lu

  25. li villeda

    li villeda12 годин таму

    Qué buen video y canción, me encantaron!

  26. Gellie Nyoung

    Gellie Nyoung12 годин таму


  27. Estefany Cancino

    Estefany Cancino12 годин таму

    Vengo acá después de ver los ep's de know me a ver todos los detalles que Jackson le puso a ese vídeo; que perfeccionista y detallista es mi varon ; llegarás aún más lejos mi amor tremendo crack

  28. Kclsn Dcklckc

    Kclsn Dcklckc13 годин таму

    Good morning

  29. Trisha 10

    Trisha 1011 годин таму

    Morning :))

  30. brenda ccana

    brenda ccana13 годин таму

    Jackson sabe lo que necesitamos

  31. Jinnie

    Jinnie13 годин таму

    Esto es ARTEEEEEE 🥺💗

  32. Marygrace Torrejas

    Marygrace Torrejas14 годин таму

    this song is wow.... go jackson wang...

  33. Alexis Ando

    Alexis Ando15 годин таму

    This is now my fave song.

  34. Jerry Sun

    Jerry Sun15 годин таму

    When can I meet Jackson in the restaurant 😭

  35. Trisha 10

    Trisha 1011 годин таму

    Everyday here :))

  36. Sha Ann

    Sha Ann15 годин таму

    So... Was it all his imagination?

  37. Trisha 10

    Trisha 1011 годин таму

    Yes ...lol... poor boy he dont get the girl (lucky us ...lol...)

  38. M wgp

    M wgp15 годин таму

    Day 14 of me listening to LMLY for 1 year. 🌞

  39. karen sarzuri

    karen sarzuri15 годин таму

    siento que la chica jugo con los sentimientos de Jackson por que pasa tiempo con el de una forma especial y después termina casándose con otro dejándolo a el amándola y obvio tiene sentido ya que va con la canción y de eso se trata pero hasta me dolió a mi ´´dont leave me loving you´´ osa no me dejes amandote significa en fin me encanto la cancion y como se esfuerza Jackson

  40. Jiyan Doske

    Jiyan Doske16 годин таму

    How jest till me how she can stand be with someone else 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭

  41. Lisspe Vlogs

    Lisspe Vlogs17 годин таму


  42. Samanta Samanta

    Samanta Samanta18 годин таму

    Is it okay to love the song but still feel sad too? Unrequired love it's sad though. I can see that JW is really talented and I'm happy to found his music. YT knows what to recommend :D :D :D

  43. Z R yedek kulübe

    Z R yedek kulübe19 годин таму

    Alone ..

  44. Laverne Liburd

    Laverne Liburd19 годин таму

    The song so addictive. It just pops into my head ever so often. From China to Ohio. Loving it!

  45. María Rivera

    María Rivera20 годин таму

    Sin duda Jackson es un rapero formidable, pero se han detenido a escuchar su vocal(?. Es mucho más que un chico apuesto y desborda talento en cada uno de sus proyectos. Por favor, acompañen me a apreciar sus obras de arte.

  46. Jocelyn Velásquez

    Jocelyn Velásquez20 годин таму


  47. cybotjoe20

    cybotjoe2020 годин таму


  48. sweet lullaby

    sweet lullaby20 годин таму

    MV is so perfect for the song

  49. Xylia

    Xylia21 годину таму

    still obsessed with this song. Jackson only have masterpieces in his discography

  50. Jazz Raynor

    Jazz Raynor21 годину таму

    Ughhhhh I love this song it needs to be longer

  51. Priya Negi

    Priya Negi21 годину таму

    I just found this today and this song is all in my mind now😭😭😭 am i obsessed??? Whatever i don't regret🤷‍♀️❤💜💚

  52. Feyza Ortaöz

    Feyza Ortaöz21 годину таму

    1 haftalık tatil var.

  53. Feyza Ortaöz

    Feyza Ortaöz21 годину таму

    Bugün deneme sınavım var. ^^

  54. Angelyn Balquiedra

    Angelyn Balquiedra21 годину таму

    ayy kinikilig ako waaaa

  55. Feyza Ortaöz

    Feyza Ortaöz21 годину таму


  56. Merve ŞENGÜL

    Merve ŞENGÜL21 годину таму

    such a magical like wong kar wai movies. i felt that

  57. Blue grey

    Blue grey22 години таму


  58. Sanaa Park jinyoung

    Sanaa Park jinyoung22 години таму


  59. Su Wai

    Su Wai23 години таму

    I am so proud to be an Ahgase

  60. MikasaAK.

    MikasaAK.23 години таму

    _Por que en latinoamerica no hay meseros como el:c _ me encanto esta canción Jackson es la vida :3

  61. Asawari

    Asawari23 години таму

    This song makes me want to live in Hong Kong

  62. 猴子D路飞

    猴子D路飞23 години таму


  63. 猴子D路飞

    猴子D路飞23 години таму

    well done 贾克深,破费!

  64. A Aa

    A Aa23 години таму

    The music is very good.💚💚


    ABBY LIONGДзень таму

    love it ~💕

  66. Kclsn Dcklckc

    Kclsn DcklckcДзень таму

    Best song

  67. Joey

    JoeyДзень таму


  68. UPOMA biswas

    UPOMA biswasДзень таму

    I wont stop loving you promise💕💕

  69. def: ur leadernim

    def: ur leadernimДзень таму

    hi king 。^‿^。

  70. سُـرى

    سُـرىДзень таму

    I come back here every time jackson post something.

  71. Nanda Putri

    Nanda PutriДзень таму

    ganteng bgt woi pas ga pake makeup 😭😭😭

  72. vanessa aguiar

    vanessa aguiarДзень таму

    i’ve seriously been listening to this song nonstop

  73. isha p

    isha pДзень таму

    He's just not real he's magical.

  74. Alisia Baghdasaryan

    Alisia BaghdasaryanДзень таму

    I love this song and this clip 💕👏🏻

  75. Grey Hsiung

    Grey HsiungДзень таму

    Imma sad twerking to this song

  76. Ahgase LovesGOT7

    Ahgase LovesGOT7Дзень таму


  77. Avila Santiago Karen Elena

    Avila Santiago Karen ElenaДзень таму

    Jackson king

  78. -dìdi gēge 7

    -dìdi gēge 7Дзень таму


  79. Beatriz adriana Ramirez santiago

    Beatriz adriana Ramirez santiagoДзень таму


  80. Angelissa Achica

    Angelissa AchicaДзень таму

    Loved it👍💕... I want to see what happens next music video ..if the characters find love..

  81. Prativa Garai

    Prativa GaraiДзень таму

    This song always gets me every time in the saddest way possible

  82. Bxhbx Zjbzzbzbll

    Bxhbx ZjbzzbzbllДзень таму

    Don't leave me loving you ❤️ Really emotional song 😢 Lovely 🌹

  83. PerfectlyImperfectMae

    PerfectlyImperfectMaeДзень таму

    damn this hurt loving someone who doesn't love you back but the worst part is? it's all in his imaginary mind.

  84. estloves

    estlovesДзень таму


  85. Roshni Magar

    Roshni MagarДзень таму

    Creative masterpiece

  86. Bích Ngọc Bùi

    Bích Ngọc BùiДзень таму

    I love Jackson so much

  87. tony montana

    tony montanaДзень таму

    any nepali fan

  88. Roshni Magar

    Roshni MagarДзень таму

    Yaa me tooo

  89. 小安

    小安Дзень таму


  90. Divya GOT7 skrrt

    Divya GOT7 skrrtДзень таму

  91. Nallely Michelle Flores Cruz

    Nallely Michelle Flores CruzДзень таму


  92. Missa Magda

    Missa MagdaДзень таму

    ♡ this song, on repeats..

  93. onstyle diary

    onstyle diaryДзень таму

    its so saaadddd

  94. Tereza Cruz Mamani

    Tereza Cruz MamaniДзень таму


  95. Lee Victoria

    Lee VictoriaДзень таму

    Jackson Wang🙌🙌🙌👑👑👑

  96. juliana damiano

    juliana damianoДзень таму

    she is soo baad :'(

  97. Jayesh Wagh

    Jayesh WaghДзень таму

    Why Jackson's character never tell her that he love her. How could she know.

  98. Suraiya Bueto

    Suraiya BuetoДзень таму


  99. فايوليت RM

    فايوليت RMДзень таму

    جاكسون ياقلبي انت

  100. فايوليت RM

    فايوليت RMДзень таму


  101. فايوليت RM

    فايوليت RMДзень таму

    1:48 خرهبيك شنو هل نضره من يمي خجلت هففف

  102. Adeline Miller

    Adeline MillerДзень таму

    reporting here daily

  103. Mikka Malano

    Mikka MalanoДзень таму

    Don't leave me loving you, babe!

  104. Kclsn Dcklckc

    Kclsn DcklckcДзень таму

    Good morning Jackson good day for you

  105. Yosselin Muñoz

    Yosselin MuñozДзень таму

    I really can't stop listening to this little gem 👌

  106. نتاال تااةال

    نتاال تااةالДзень таму

    Here we go again marathon listening to all of your songs my baby