Honest Trailers | Black Widow


  1. midwings00

    midwings003 години таму

    This should have been a tv series too....

  2. midwings00

    midwings003 години таму

    Taskmaster. Tony Masters. A readymade character but still they want to make a new one. Is this seriously because of all female cast thing? They did it with Ghost in Antman too. So both Ghost and Antman have no good background that the comics have in the movies.....what's next? The next Spiderman movie has a Male to female villain but without any of the good backstory from the comics?

  3. Nyneva Kyte

    Nyneva Kyte3 години таму

    'In Russian M Cs U' made me laugh way too hard

  4. MarianaR

    MarianaR3 години таму

    do superman and lois

  5. TinyViking

    TinyViking3 години таму

    My only complaint is I feel like Taskmaster was wasted

  6. Moshiko Bensimon

    Moshiko Bensimon3 години таму

    That movie sucked.

  7. Dawid

    Dawid3 години таму

    New He-Man plz!

  8. Andrew Pfau

    Andrew Pfau4 години таму

    Do Loki! I mean, if we all thought Leia kissing Luke was weird . . .

  9. Kevin Thews

    Kevin Thews4 години таму

    What a complete waste of time. MCU PC "woke" garbage.

  10. Abby Collins

    Abby Collins5 годин таму

    C'mon, do Loki for that crocodile's sake.

  11. Zach Schmitt

    Zach Schmitt5 годин таму

    His colossal stank 😂

  12. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqm4 години таму

    We need that Loki honest trailer, k? ok. 👌

  13. felipe_said_what

    felipe_said_what5 годин таму

    Jesus, they really need to stop doing the land/look up move... that got old right around guardians of the galaxy

  14. XxMeTa_Zr-0xX

    XxMeTa_Zr-0xX5 годин таму

    Do Last Evolution Kizuna

  15. Riley Studios

    Riley Studios6 годин таму

    Can you do Space Jam a new legacy. Please make fun of Pepe and the clockwork cameo

  16. Asjad Faridi

    Asjad Faridi7 годин таму

    Please do Loki honest trailer in your next video

  17. LiveLifeStrong

    LiveLifeStrong7 годин таму

    Y’all know you guys have to make a Space Jam 2 honest trailer now

  18. omkar anand

    omkar anand7 годин таму

    Do loki god damnitt

  19. Johnny D

    Johnny D8 годин таму

    Was anyone actually waiting?

  20. Easy Minecraft Tutorial

    Easy Minecraft Tutorial8 годин таму

    Do space jam new legacy pls

  21. Hassan Sardar

    Hassan Sardar8 годин таму

    Do into the badlands plz

  22. Gefilta Fish

    Gefilta Fish8 годин таму

    When your mom goes darth Vader.. Willbor… i find your lack of faith ..disturbing.. Yep. Best mom ever.

  23. Adewunmi Adeyemi

    Adewunmi Adeyemi8 годин таму

    That Harvey Weinstein joke 😂💀

  24. farbrorknark

    farbrorknark8 годин таму

    Loki > Black Widow

  25. manna

    manna9 годин таму

    Do spacejam 2, i wanna be in the looneytunes

  26. ronelm2000

    ronelm20009 годин таму

    We need that Loki honest trailer, k? ok. 👌

  27. Ayush Agarwal

    Ayush Agarwal9 годин таму


  28. Rodney Chan

    Rodney Chan9 годин таму

    Wait so the main villian is just a shitty discount killgrave?

  29. tubatony16

    tubatony169 годин таму

    I was so disappointed in this movie, I expected more. Not that it was bad….just not what I was expecting I guess

  30. uzernamechecksout

    uzernamechecksout10 годин таму

    Guess who's not getting invited to Disney's next red carpet event? Epic voice guy together with whoever wrote the script for this honest trailer...

  31. Virajas Kulkarni

    Virajas Kulkarni10 годин таму

    That Harvey Weinstein joke was on point!

  32. Krakan

    Krakan10 годин таму

    Why does Elina look lie Abbey foment Last of us 2?

  33. pav

    pav10 годин таму

    "the manservant's tale" "benes the menace" AHAHAHA im dying

  34. Skywalker

    Skywalker11 годин таму

    Really sad that we never got to and will never get to see 'Black widow will return' at the end of the movie.

  35. Subhas Nandy

    Subhas Nandy11 годин таму

    "Please DO Black Widow" ??? Umm, OKAY ! :3

  36. Richard II

    Richard II11 годин таму

    Cloudy with a chance of female assassin..

  37. fallenwings25

    fallenwings2512 годин таму


  38. Tres Guerzon

    Tres Guerzon12 годин таму

    Do an Honest Trailer for LOKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Aditya Agarwal

    Aditya Agarwal12 годин таму

    Pls do a Loki honest trailer

  40. Hadif Aiman

    Hadif Aiman13 годин таму

    "The most brutal murder in Black Widows history"

  41. Roberto Galan

    Roberto Galan13 годин таму

    i was disappointed, i tough it was an origin movie... wait for it to be free on streaming

  42. Jeremy C Barnhart

    Jeremy C Barnhart13 годин таму

    Lol I don't watch these ridiculous films. But these Honest Trailers are great. Lol

  43. Miranda Castro

    Miranda Castro13 годин таму


  44. f0ba

    f0ba14 годин таму

    Do Hathaway's Flash!

  45. Arun Kapil

    Arun Kapil14 годин таму

    Honest trailer loki when?

  46. Ephraim Phiri

    Ephraim Phiri14 годин таму

    Man you're hilarious!!!

  47. praveensoni.mp3

    praveensoni.mp315 годин таму

    5:18 best 😂

  48. Sharlene Kraus

    Sharlene Kraus15 годин таму

    Cant wait for all the fresh new Biden jokes..

  49. armancha23

    armancha2315 годин таму

    Oh geeze, you truly outdid yourself. I cant breefe LOLOLOLOLLLOLOLOLLLOLOLOOOLOLOLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. zny dragon

    zny dragon15 годин таму

    OMG please do a trailer for The Tomorrow War

  51. Amrit Dhal

    Amrit Dhal16 годин таму

    It's finally time for Marvel's best work lokiiiiii. pleaseeeeeeee do looooookiiiiiii🌝

  52. Joyful Journey

    Joyful Journey16 годин таму

    "The Man's Servant Tale" 😄😄

  53. Cesar Victoriano

    Cesar Victoriano16 годин таму

    Say in your epic voice “Cinematic Universe ending without proper villain to fight… why not Starro?”

  54. ScarJaiSero

    ScarJaiSero16 годин таму

    You should do dragon ball super Broly

  55. Joyful Journey

    Joyful Journey16 годин таму

    The red room must teach you how to fall really well. On a serious note, the movie was kind of a downer. Black Widow was a defeated character. I thought it was going to portray more of her fighting spirit and ingenuity.

  56. William Villasboa

    William Villasboa16 годин таму

    So, at the end all of the whamen in the movie were holding hands and singing Kum baya alltogether...I thought Natasha was a fearless assassin before joining The Avengers..."Remember Budapest"...

  57. Firelord

    Firelord16 годин таму

    I respect you black widow

  58. devlin rowe

    devlin rowe16 годин таму

    Mid af movie, but I will not here slander on that dope intro sequence

  59. Hrishikesh Dutta

    Hrishikesh Dutta16 годин таму

    What pisses me off is that they just made this movie to replace her.

  60. Rhian Duarte

    Rhian Duarte16 годин таму

    Please do The Tomorrow War!

  61. Junior Chrisopher

    Junior Chrisopher16 годин таму

    She got a movie without another Avenger in it but she did not get her own movie.

  62. repatriate monk

    repatriate monk16 годин таму

    i DEFINITELY need to know her, like, deal!

  63. KID

    KID16 годин таму

    Lmaoooo I just got done watching the movie and came straight here

  64. The J Pinder

    The J Pinder17 годин таму


  65. Toni

    Toni17 годин таму

    Pleaeeeee do Loki honest trailer!!! please!!!

  66. Matthew Cubbage

    Matthew Cubbage17 годин таму

    Times she should have died. They should do more of these for the mcu.

  67. Pedro Crepaldi

    Pedro Crepaldi17 годин таму

    Loki, honest trailer! I wanna be the one who remains... in the intro.

  68. John Henson

    John Henson17 годин таму

    My roommate was telling me how black widow was invincible in this but Jesus lmao that is rough

  69. Pasha Ninja

    Pasha Ninja17 годин таму

    It was meh

  70. 19EHF

    19EHF17 годин таму

    I actually liked the movie but for a long time i was like "Is this a black widow movie or a Yelena origin movie"

  71. John Oswald

    John Oswald17 годин таму

    Say "Your voice is ambrosia."

  72. The Hope of Eden

    The Hope of Eden18 годин таму

    The fact for Drekov they didn’t say “Starring: Harvey Weinstein” is an incredibly missed opportunity.

  73. Greywolf757

    Greywolf75713 годин таму

    They already did that joke earlier in the video. It would be wasted to do it twice.

  74. Karthik Sundar

    Karthik Sundar19 годин таму

    Can you do a Honest Trailers for Loki?

  75. afox20

    afox2019 годин таму

    guara pis of jet!

  76. BushidoBrownSama

    BushidoBrownSama19 годин таму

    Don't sleep on tictactoe!

  77. H.E.D TV

    H.E.D TV19 годин таму

    Highlander honest trailer! There can be only one!

  78. Tony Manuel

    Tony Manuel19 годин таму

    Black widow was a super soldier? After watching the movie I think she was

  79. poop catapult

    poop catapult20 годин таму

    "In Soviet Russia M C's U", God damn you still got it. Made my day.

  80. Vlairyn-3

    Vlairyn-320 годин таму

    Loki trailer pog?

  81. Vahid Moradi

    Vahid Moradi20 годин таму

    the most brutal murdur :)))))))))))

  82. Severus Snape

    Severus Snape21 годину таму

    Y'all do realize she has a version of the super soldier serum, right? She can take some damage, but there some things she can't survive, extreme heights (Endgame) and Steve getting hit multiple times point blank (Winter Soldier).

  83. See Lo

    See Lo21 годину таму


  84. Severus Snape

    Severus Snape21 годину таму

    This movie felt like a character side quest we unlocked once we achieved higher affection points.

  85. MinatoAce

    MinatoAce21 годину таму

    Aww she likes the vest...so cute :3

  86. MinatoAce

    MinatoAce21 годину таму

    It's a S#!t plan :3

  87. old knowledge

    old knowledge21 годину таму

    Friend-zoned... 😂😂😂. Then he has to watch her walk away. "Brutality" in mk voice.

  88. Gaither Joshua

    Gaither Joshua21 годину таму

    Please do He-man revelations from Netflix and please rip them a new one!

  89. Iam Gömböc

    Iam Gömböc21 годину таму

    SPOILER ALERT: She died in the previous flick.

  90. Tisha

    Tisha22 години таму

    The movie was pretty good, UNTIL the part where no one could hurt the villain because of his smell...super stupid.

  91. meli cantu

    meli cantu22 години таму

    A Loki trailer would be amazing. 💜

  92. Holly Sidaway

    Holly Sidaway22 години таму

    Please say: I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious porpoise.

  93. Holly Sidaway

    Holly Sidaway22 години таму


  94. Ahmed Abdel Aziz

    Ahmed Abdel Aziz22 години таму

    Do loki

  95. Lauren W.

    Lauren W.22 години таму

    “… Harvey Weinstein - I mean, Dreykov.” *smooth Honest Trailers…* 😂

  96. Anime Manga and more...

    Anime Manga and more...23 години таму

    This looks really good.

  97. Tradesman Jaegs

    Tradesman Jaegs23 години таму

    Say smack 'em yack 'em. Please.

  98. CB Thats Me

    CB Thats Me23 години таму

    Right? How is she not at least in the hospital? The injuries were so intense; but even with adrenaline, she isn't invincible.

  99. Ruud Muller

    Ruud Muller23 години таму

    This is the worst crap and waste of time in cinematographic history. YAAAAAAWWN !