Hermitcraft 8: Episode 2 - POTATO BOY


  1. Bo Chen

    Bo Chen14 годин таму

    Your villager’s inventory is gonna be filled with poison potatoes!

  2. Aleksandr Stinchcomb

    Aleksandr Stinchcomb17 годин таму

    That’s a megatree morty! Do you know what a megatree produces?

  3. Robi Tron

    Robi Tron18 годин таму

    Hey Mumbo, did you know that if you plant a 2x2 block of potatoes, then a single row of carrots around the potatoes, then bone meal them all, you will summon the Carrotato?

  4. William Brewer

    William BrewerДзень таму

    Mumbo has become the new Technoblade.

  5. Daniel Marquez

    Daniel MarquezДзень таму

    If mumbo-jumbo sells potatoes and is a potatoe is he selling his own kind for people to eat........ And he said he was all for peace love and plants......

  6. Dan Toad

    Dan ToadДзень таму

    Anti simp farm

  7. K I R B O

    K I R B O2 дні таму

    Me questioning how he got wool, then not caring

  8. Plexil

    Plexil2 дні таму

    Technoblade: finally, a worthy opponent!

  9. Seema Agrawal

    Seema Agrawal2 дні таму


  10. LeloMen

    LeloMen2 дні таму


  11. Farzaam Shahid

    Farzaam Shahid2 дні таму

    20:12 never have I heard any hermits actually admit this, they are so good at the game they don't even need to show the ender dragon fight or their first end bust. Bunch of Pros

  12. Happy Duck

    Happy Duck2 дні таму

    Or as Americans say, MATH 🤠

  13. Sleepy

    Sleepy3 дні таму


  14. Cutie_pie904 5M SUBS

    Cutie_pie904 5M SUBS3 дні таму

    I’m learning

  15. ironsans gaming

    ironsans gaming3 дні таму

    We have got potato war 4 or 4

  16. Tuxedo Dogs

    Tuxedo Dogs3 дні таму

    mumbo = technoblade????

  17. Some random human

    Some random human3 дні таму

    potato mumbo jumbo: *exist* technoblade: look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power squidkid!

  18. Michael

    Michael3 дні таму

    Does that potato farm still work?

  19. EmoAdam0312

    EmoAdam03123 дні таму

    5:37 Mumbo channels his inner simpons Springfield mayor. ;p

  20. YoungDaggerDick

    YoungDaggerDick3 дні таму

    Mumbo: "You don't mind right?" Villager: "can I go home-" Mumbo: "You don't mind right? 🔫"

  21. SomeOldGuy

    SomeOldGuy3 дні таму

    Nothing compared to Technoblade lol

  22. DuWaffle

    DuWaffle3 дні таму

    Who else tried “Windows Key” + “Period” after BDubs put it in the chat?

  23. Teku

    Teku3 дні таму

    He turns himself into a potato. Funniest shit I’ve ever seen.

  24. Adam Hill

    Adam Hill4 дні таму

    *Technoblade would like to know your location*

  25. Gaidan24

    Gaidan244 дні таму

    Why doesn't he use, cookers instead of furnaces?

  26. Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano

    Tomas Alexander Sabella-Capuano4 дні таму

    13:59 he remade sugarcane pillar I love it

  27. Dio Brando

    Dio Brando4 дні таму

    Mumbo: I would never kill an innocent creature, not even mobs Also mumbo: the factory must grow, the workers can still be exploited for profits

  28. kaboem gaming

    kaboem gaming4 дні таму

    Technoblade:I have finally done it i am the potato ki there’s another one technoblade:😶

  29. Masterboa

    Masterboa5 дзён таму

    21:19 EDDSWORLD

  30. NotTheReiVax

    NotTheReiVax5 дзён таму

    *Mumbo puts on suit* now he's Mr. Potato

  31. Madelyn Daubney

    Madelyn Daubney5 дзён таму

    Omg it’s the season where the creepers climb ladders more

  32. Ultimistic Weeb

    Ultimistic Weeb5 дзён таму

    I made the same farm but the farmer is not dropping the potato to the fletcher

  33. AshLemon

    AshLemon5 дзён таму

    Ahh yes you were a good person and rather than killing a cow, you steal from Grian

  34. Selah Wells

    Selah Wells5 дзён таму

    I bet it was grian

  35. EthanTheRunner

    EthanTheRunner5 дзён таму

    i wish there will be a potato war between techno and mumbo and who ever loose will have to beat I'm squid kid

  36. EthanTheRunner

    EthanTheRunner5 дзён таму

    technoblade vs mumbo jumbo

  37. Elinora Godfrey

    Elinora Godfrey5 дзён таму

    @Technoblade Mumbo is coming for your potato brand!

  38. cavegirl04

    cavegirl045 дзён таму

    Mumbo: *explaining complicated red stone* Me: I like your funny words magic man-

  39. weaponeer

    weaponeer5 дзён таму

    who else thought it would be even better if he was selling fish and chips...

  40. Tatiana Corellas

    Tatiana Corellas5 дзён таму

    first thing i thought when i clicked on this was TECNOBLADE

  41. eitan

    eitan5 дзён таму

    episode after: "tree war" hey potato boy i think u got the wrong war

  42. Jayna Seraph

    Jayna Seraph6 дзён таму

    21:08 Mumbo goes through and then- WHAT! IS THAT!?

  43. Jayna Seraph

    Jayna Seraph6 дзён таму

    patato. patato. pamumbo

  44. Nuttyknight 42

    Nuttyknight 426 дзён таму

    I've been trying to watch all you guys' video.

  45. Nestoons

    Nestoons6 дзён таму

    Mumbo Jumbo you are A- potato

  46. RadBrad Music Artist

    RadBrad Music Artist6 дзён таму

    Grian: what is going on here Me: thinking hes found out about what mumbo did to his base

  47. Swedish_banan

    Swedish_banan6 дзён таму

    Will you replant the potatoes?

  48. Lily Brand

    Lily Brand6 дзён таму

    Peace love and plants...and also questionable slavery of your local farmer, but they seem happy so we will ignore it 😉

  49. Ashton Vermont

    Ashton Vermont6 дзён таму

    I have no idea why but "oh my goodness I've got a lack of legs" killed me, I have simply perished from laughter

  50. Jack Shafer

    Jack Shafer7 дзён таму

    It would be hilarious if mumbo and technoblade had a potato war

  51. aperture science Research Facility

    aperture science Research Facility7 дзён таму

    Im a Potato

  52. Fefe the Pug

    Fefe the Pug7 дзён таму

    Me: sees title My brain: MUMBO TATO

  53. Red Panda Plays

    Red Panda Plays7 дзён таму

    Hey Mumbo, I just thought of something even BETTER than Potato Boy. Here it is: SPUDDER-MAN!!!

  54. fefe gxcc

    fefe gxcc7 дзён таму

    the boatem hole thats were the sinners go

  55. Lord Of Anime

    Lord Of Anime7 дзён таму

    mumbo should collab with technoblade and make loads of efficient potato farms

  56. Benjamin Gates

    Benjamin Gates7 дзён таму

    Well that was hugely unsuccessful but it was successfully unsuccessful in that it was so unsuccessful that it became successful again because it was so hilariously unsucsessful. MumboJumbo 2021

  57. A Jordin Kersh

    A Jordin Kersh7 дзён таму

    4:54 almost thought he said something else.😉 Had to listen to it a few times.

  58. Hexbug

    Hexbug7 дзён таму

    did he really just take the potato vending machine idea from Michael reeves

  59. Queen Moo 🤗

    Queen Moo 🤗7 дзён таму

    Mumbos laugh Ha. Ha. Ha Grians laugh. Hbsigjhsghjsgsjyvsjdv Love u guys content

  60. Eli Sondecker

    Eli Sondecker7 дзён таму

    This is the move that made tecnoblade cry

  61. brendan harper

    brendan harper7 дзён таму

    Did he rob grians villagers?

  62. Joshua David

    Joshua David7 дзён таму

    I feel like by around the middle of the season everyone is going to hide all their animal material from mumbo

  63. the phone reacts

    the phone reacts7 дзён таму

    Mumbo is a god of redstone

  64. Numiigan

    Numiigan7 дзён таму

    23:00 its such a small and subtle detail but that cut from "naw but i can stand around and watch u" then immediately to mumbo following iskall, is like my favorite moment lol the timing was so good

  65. TewTots

    TewTots7 дзён таму

    tree griefing

  66. MrGaminDuck

    MrGaminDuck7 дзён таму

    Technoblade would like to know your location

  67. TheHippieDrood

    TheHippieDrood8 дзён таму


  68. Thundervirtual

    Thundervirtual8 дзён таму

    Peace love and promoting slavery

  69. Fangy Does Art

    Fangy Does Art8 дзён таму

    PLEASE GIVE US MORE "Or as Americans say; X" JOKES PLEASE

  70. Rose S

    Rose S8 дзён таму


  71. Stillminator

    Stillminator8 дзён таму

    I like a note block song is so cool in last episode

  72. Goat Ninja

    Goat Ninja8 дзён таму

    Texhnoblade wants to know your location

  73. MrElephant

    MrElephant8 дзён таму

    7:20 lol

  74. TowndefenderYT

    TowndefenderYT8 дзён таму

    Peace, Love, and no *P A N T S*

  75. Catorxy

    Catorxy8 дзён таму

    I’ve learned a valuable lesson from mumbo… don’t kill cows rob grain instead

  76. Jazz Mask Guy

    Jazz Mask Guy8 дзён таму

    I laughed so hard when mumbo tried to use a American accent “MaEtH” 😭

  77. SirNoobles

    SirNoobles8 дзён таму

    Me sees how many potatoes he has: (starts crying) my child ima proud

  78. BiofishGaming

    BiofishGaming8 дзён таму

    So your a cannibal. Your a potato and you eat potatoes and sell potatoes. So Mumbo is a cannibal. And he sells his own kind!

  79. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin8 дзён таму

    You should keep the tree and expand it

  80. Exo

    Exo9 дзён таму

    I love how the villagers live in a hole

  81. Bending Cousins

    Bending Cousins9 дзён таму

    15:48 don’t mind me...

  82. Brian Allen

    Brian Allen9 дзён таму

    Techno blade is coming for your potato boy title you have been warned⚠️⚠️⚠️

  83. Bossboy_A1

    Bossboy_A19 дзён таму

    I was so surprised and I felt so old when Iskall said 1.13 was 4 years ago...

  84. Rblx_OverLord

    Rblx_OverLord9 дзён таму


  85. Black&White Rooks

    Black&White Rooks9 дзён таму

    15:46 "Maths! Or how Americans say it, 'meth!'" I mean... It is horrible for you... But, uh, not quite

  86. R. Anema

    R. Anema9 дзён таму


  87. GarlicK Bread

    GarlicK Bread10 дзён таму

    Mumbo: POTATO BOY *Technoblade joined* Mumbo: *Sweats*

  88. ElysetheEevee

    ElysetheEevee10 дзён таму

    US: We're all Southern and speak like Britney Spears. I find it hilarious that the easiest American accent to imitate is usually the Southern one. You almost always hear people from the UK and other places doing a Southern accent. I wonder what specifically makes it easier lol. Very interesting.

  89. notyouagain 27

    notyouagain 2710 дзён таму


  90. mr turtle shorts

    mr turtle shorts10 дзён таму

    in like 2 years mumbo is gunna come to his testing world and see a potato vending mashin

  91. ariya khalge

    ariya khalge10 дзён таму

    why you didn't have shader

  92. Ghoul ML

    Ghoul ML10 дзён таму

    "No wax, Just an axe" *Circus music* killed me🤣

  93. Drake Brown

    Drake Brown10 дзён таму

    8:42 someone, quick, meme that mumbo noise, that was a very interesting noise he made, I don’t know how how he did that, he sounds like a galactic space canon charging up for a shot.

  94. Drake Brown

    Drake Brown10 дзён таму

    Is Mumbo a fan of Ringo Starr or something

  95. Hunter Playz

    Hunter Playz10 дзён таму

    Technoblade will be proud

  96. Arham Ansari

    Arham Ansari10 дзён таму


  97. Ian Johnson

    Ian Johnson10 дзён таму

    Dude literally Scars house has a mullet. Business in the front. party in the back.

  98. A5HT3N

    A5HT3N11 дзён таму

    *pig noises intensifies*

  99. Jrlopez

    Jrlopez11 дзён таму

    He turned himself into a potato, funniest shi* I’ve ever seen

  100. Panda396

    Panda39611 дзён таму

    Did the way he said math tick anyone else off?