GachaLife TikTok Compilation #38

like 4 tbh


  1. Marissa Dania

    Marissa Dania54 хвіліны таму

    ⚠PLS PIN THIS, READ THIS, SHARE IT ⚠ Pls don't make gacha life tiktok compilation and trends. This is the reason why gacha community is dying‼ pls... I'm begging to you ‼ Many children under 12 probably watching your vids. And lastly I wanna say pls make some original content and if this comment hurt anyone else heart... I'm srry 🙏 #plsstopmakingtiktokcompilation andtrends❌ #savegachacommunity✔

  2. Luna.

    Luna.11 годин таму

    10:10 P E O P L E 👏👏 WE NEED ANSWERS

  3. Samantha AcevedodePaz

    Samantha AcevedodePaz2 дні таму


  4. Samantha AcevedodePaz

    Samantha AcevedodePaz2 дні таму

    26:59 *don’t put headphones at full volume-*

  5. Elmiro Emanoel

    Elmiro Emanoel3 дні таму


  6. Keren Cookie lol

    Keren Cookie lol4 дні таму

    Shrek’s is your soulmate!!

  7. Nieves Rosario

    Nieves Rosario5 дзён таму

    Como se llama la cancion plis contesta

  8. Toru Oikawa

    Toru Oikawa5 дзён таму

    35:44 *my teachers name is Mr. Anderson-* *but that sad for her that he passed away*

  9. •Sophie Avril•

    •Sophie Avril•6 дзён таму

    Y'all do realise some people are uncomfortable of people making gacha complications and not giving creds like bro give creds 😐

  10. Eimy Arias

    Eimy Arias6 дзён таму

    Miren ustedes sabian que gacha life tiene el diablo dentro

  11. Xiomi Kawaii

    Xiomi Kawaii6 дзён таму

    18:24 7w7 xd

  12. LÅ mîçą

    LÅ mîçą6 дзён таму

    _19:14__ "This is a cactus, this shit pricks, look, you touch it and- AAAAAAA"_ _27:45__ "aAa, die, die, die die, right now you'll see, diE_

  13. princess cheska cardano

    princess cheska cardano7 дзён таму

    oof as i say the sus is mother

  14. Adyson Folsom

    Adyson Folsom7 дзён таму

    What is the sound at 25:18

  15. Irvan Syah

    Irvan Syah8 дзён таму


  16. Waltef Nizama

    Waltef Nizama8 дзён таму

    Un like para el que hizo

  17. Waltef Nizama

    Waltef Nizama8 дзён таму

    Esto nunca lo había visto en mi vida

  18. Waltef Nizama

    Waltef Nizama8 дзён таму


  19. Waltef Nizama

    Waltef Nizama8 дзён таму

    Me encanta :D

  20. Olga Saldias

    Olga Saldias8 дзён таму


  21. Galo Negrete

    Galo Negrete9 дзён таму

    El video está bueno pero en la portada la próxima no le pongas a Jesús

  22. LUNA Lobo

    LUNA Lobo9 дзён таму

    El primer video que pusiste en este video me izo llorar

  23. BiRd P

    BiRd P10 дзён таму

    40:06 i like the edit and the song verry good👍👍👌

  24. • Sakura •

    • Sakura •10 дзён таму

    The second one was intense 😂

  25. K I M K A T OwO

    K I M K A T OwO10 дзён таму

    0:45 Name the song

  26. Olivia Brown

    Olivia Brown11 дзён таму


  27. Zahra offical

    Zahra offical11 дзён таму

    hi every wanted

  28. Stxrr _

    Stxrr _11 дзён таму

    Credit people next time. 😒

  29. ciezarlo

    ciezarlo12 дзён таму

    It's not yours and you dint give credit to :/

  30. Surat Seangtrong

    Surat Seangtrong13 дзён таму

    l just want to say why you dont give credits? that mean you steal(no hate)

  31. bông nguyễn

    bông nguyễn13 дзён таму

    sao mà lần đầu xem tức mà muốn vô uýnh luôn á

  32. юмка

    юмка14 дзён таму

    Тип того🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😒🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😝😝😝😝🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😢класс

  33. staryoutubewolf

    staryoutubewolf15 дзён таму

    Am I ugly? Watch one of my vids and comment here :(

  34. Bloody;_;Afton0 tolson

    Bloody;_;Afton0 tolson16 дзён таму


  35. Blue Albratroaz Wolf

    Blue Albratroaz Wolf16 дзён таму

    8:18 I can’t see that bruh .-.

  36. White Roses

    White Roses16 дзён таму

    0:01: White bullied 0:57: God or Satan 1:30: Soulmate color 2:19: Crying child 2:33: Middle finger 2:43: Money 3:01: Fake 3:45 Pass the phone 3:58: Animes 4:10: Rainbow colors 4:20: True loves kiss 4:38: gRaMmArLy 4:56: Let me down slowly 5:40: My sister is dead 6:05: Ghost 6:19: Dead friends 6:35: Royal Maid 7:24: Angels 8:20: Sibling fights 8:38: Kiss 8:49: Another one bites the dust 8:58: Made in him in my style 9:06: I think I'm dying 9:28: I like ___ 10:09: Who killed? 11:00: You have no talent 11:22: Shot 11:30: My son! 11:48: I kissed a girl 12:22: I get those goosebumps 12:41: Help me 12:52: No 13:16: Knife 13:32: Animals 14:29: Girl 14:47: Helpful girl 15:24: Nice to a homeless 15:36: Me cussing my friend out 15:50: Princess and poor 16:27: B*tch 16:40: Wing 17:08: What is your name 17:42: I love you so 17:54: Alive 18:05: Hot soulmate 18:31: Dance? 18:46: Glasses 18:54: Nice girl rude guy 19:14: Choosing 19:25: Fake soulmate color 19:50: I'm alive! 20:10: Frog :> 20:20: Wish we could turn back time 20:34: Look what you made me do 20:59: Someone bullied me 21:22: I said I hate you 21:37: Only human 22:36: idk anime? 22:55: Character 23:04: Heat art 23:16: wOw 23:46: Runaway princess 24:45: Friends in love 25:13: Singing 25:27: Candy 25:42: Thank you dad 26:41: Barbie 26:59: I want kids 27:08: Teen Titans Go! 27:23: Alley 27:36: God or Satan 2 28:01: Me and my bff doing an obby 28:11: Thanks 28:26: Who ______ 29:04: Glasses 29:20: You failed as a male 30:00: Whitty 30:55: My mom torments me 31:50: I wanna cosplay 32:11: left, right, up, down 33:05: Everyone knows 33:21: More animes 33:34: Even more anime 33:46: Roasts 34:12: Hunter x Hunter 34:35: I have a girlfriend 35:14: Fly high Mr. Anderson 35:59: TPN, Naruto, Kakegurui 36:11: Stop gacha heat 36:28: More animes 2 36:45: My Hero Academia 37:28: Take a look at my girlfriend 37:41: God and Satan 38:15: NO. 38:25: It's not like you tried to stay 38:43: Friday night funkin' gacha club 39:42: Dream! 39:55: I said that I hate you 2 40:07: I'll suck your teeth 40:29: Teen Titans Go! 2 41:09: God or Satan 3 41:37: Gaming 41:46: Truth Lollipops 42:44: TPN 43:07: Nope 43:17: Timmy Turner 43:27: Not your toy 44:15: Who killed them?

  37. Samantha AcevedodePaz

    Samantha AcevedodePaz16 дзён таму

    5:46 can this be real?? :>

  38. Samantha AcevedodePaz

    Samantha AcevedodePaz16 дзён таму

    29:10 *this is why I hate senpai in Friday night funkin.

  39. Samantha AcevedodePaz

    Samantha AcevedodePaz16 дзён таму

    18:24 *I seriously can’t-, but dang does shrek look fine in that skirt*

  40. Mr. Snowman

    Mr. Snowman17 дзён таму

    My ears are bleeding 0:58

  41. Rozy Mily_369

    Rozy Mily_36917 дзён таму

    Give credit to all those people thank you

  42. Maryan Aden

    Maryan Aden17 дзён таму

    11:33 I yell at my brother 3:00mt brother watches on his phone

  43. edgardo navarro

    edgardo navarro17 дзён таму

    4:39 is correct about everything;)

  44. Shayne Bularon

    Shayne Bularon18 дзён таму

    Hey do u even give credit to the people who made that?

  45. JULLIENNE MONIQUE Catenza benamera

    JULLIENNE MONIQUE Catenza benamera18 дзён таму

    Uhmmm credits?

  46. Eli Berms

    Eli Berms18 дзён таму

    Thats not even yours

  47. Skylar Strikes

    Skylar Strikes18 дзён таму

    Does anyone know the name of the meme at 13:18 because I don't and I've been trying to find out for ages to find the song ;-;

  48. Yachi Id10t ت

    Yachi Id10t ت18 дзён таму

    Hello may i ask?if so do you ask for permission to the owner of these video to repost it in your channel because when i see your tiktok complition i see no credits do they aprove it or you are stealing

  49. vividukiyo

    vividukiyo19 дзён таму

    8:23 what’s the audio?

  50. lia kamelia

    lia kamelia19 дзён таму

    Wit it S no way

  51. ꧁ ʟʊռǟ_ɢǟȶɛֆ꧂

    ꧁ ʟʊռǟ_ɢǟȶɛֆ꧂19 дзён таму

    15:57 what song is this i rlly like it

  52. daisy

    daisy19 дзён таму

    I like the hadal a beak

  53. Jason Pappacoda, Jr.

    Jason Pappacoda, Jr.19 дзён таму

    my favorite is at 41:36 it i like me and my friends

  54. Jason Pappacoda, Jr.

    Jason Pappacoda, Jr.19 дзён таму

    and the anmasions

  55. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano Aishi19 дзён таму

    41:10 was my fav tho

  56. Thắm Lê

    Thắm Lê19 дзён таму

    Music 23:47 35:18

  57. •bootiful gurl•

    •bootiful gurl•20 дзён таму

    I love it 😍😍😍😍

  58. Maria Eduarda

    Maria Eduarda20 дзён таму


  59. α υ я α#saveralph

    α υ я α#saveralph21 дзень таму

    # 20: which is the music in 19

  60. Mohammed Esmail

    Mohammed Esmail21 дзень таму

    Throw that middle finger

  61. Dream.simp2006

    Dream.simp200621 дзень таму


  62. Jahari Campbe

    Jahari Campbe21 дзень таму


  63. Kamren Hughes

    Kamren Hughes22 дні таму

    37:41-38:11 what's this song called?

  64. Luknė Pikturnaitė

    Luknė Pikturnaitė22 дні таму


  65. Salem Reed

    Salem Reed22 дні таму

    35:57 Fly high 😇

  66. Henry Lucca

    Henry Lucca22 дні таму


  67. Hαɾƙυιʅԃҽʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

    Hαɾƙυιʅԃҽʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ22 дні таму

    Sizin dil anlamadığım için hepsi "GÜZEL" diyom😐😅

  68. Claire Smeal

    Claire Smeal23 дні таму

    2:19 is my fav-

  69. Louis Tessier

    Louis Tessier23 дні таму


  70. ʚ Luly_chan ɞ

    ʚ Luly_chan ɞ23 дні таму

    someone tell me the name 38:16 plis

  71. Mrš: ¿Âftøn?

    Mrš: ¿Âftøn?23 дні таму

    20:11 2:19 3:58 4:22 5:50 6:06 4:54 22:39 23:41

  72. `•Карандаш•`

    `•Карандаш•`24 дні таму


  73. Deo Ratan Kejriwal

    Deo Ratan Kejriwal24 дні таму

    4:18 TELL. MEH. DA. NAMW. OF. DA. SONG. (this mah g.father's mobile so not my account/ not my name-)

  74. Саида Искандерова

    Саида Искандерова24 дні таму


  75. The Masked Master Gacha and Gaming channel

    The Masked Master Gacha and Gaming channel24 дні таму

    12:50 13:34 16:40

  76. Flaky

    Flaky24 дні таму

    38:25 HTF happy tree friends

  77. Gamer_Potato

    Gamer_Potato24 дні таму

    Can someone please tell me who made this?! Edit: 22:55

  78. Gamer_Potato

    Gamer_Potato24 дні таму

    I keep watching 22:55 over and over again.

  79. _Shairo_

    _Shairo_24 дні таму

    1:01 meme name please????

  80. Luka

    Luka24 дні таму

    6:06 🥲

  81. Rita Riles

    Rita Riles24 дні таму

    0:55 bro she got more power than her mom

  82. Alfred

    Alfred24 дні таму

    25:14 if you know where that audio is from please tell me :)

  83. hinata fofa

    hinata fofa24 дні таму

    Hi gas

  84. mary theodore

    mary theodore25 дзён таму

    There is no fixing Adrien at this point

  85. conny

    conny25 дзён таму

    42:45 tpn follows me like my mom got me the manga I keep seeing it in tiktoks i hear leslies song everywhere it’s killing me

  86. conny

    conny25 дзён таму

    35:58 I didn’t understand this until i saw Isabella Completely of subject but I was in Isabella cosplay and my friend took a photo of me with a Snapchat filter and now it’s a inside joke because it looked really dhocked

  87. FURBY 645

    FURBY 64525 дзён таму

    11: 24 cual es la cancion

  88. kati Rodríguez

    kati Rodríguez25 дзён таму


  89. Dani Clam

    Dani Clam25 дзён таму


  90. •Tu sugar Momy•

    •Tu sugar Momy•25 дзён таму

    1:20 me enamore del diablo😐

  91. poetwebs

    poetwebs25 дзён таму

    8:20 *Me and my brother be like*

  92. Pascal Logerot

    Pascal Logerot25 дзён таму


  93. Ohayō An'na

    Ohayō An'na25 дзён таму

    7:31 this is so cute and amazing 👏😍💖💗

  94. Karolyne Lima

    Karolyne Lima25 дзён таму


  95. Bella Altamura

    Bella Altamura25 дзён таму

    It's the mother

  96. Nevin İsil

    Nevin İsil25 дзён таму

    08:20 and 23:46 i love that song can someone give me the song name?

  97. Jessica Le

    Jessica Le25 дзён таму

    23:13 I'm sorry but *THE EDITING*

  98. ꧁вlυєfυяяу꧂

    ꧁вlυєfυяяу꧂25 дзён таму

    36:28 i like so much this part die gacha heat

  99. Hong Nguyen

    Hong Nguyen26 дзён таму

    6:05 What music is this ?

  100. Elisha Angel Manuel

    Elisha Angel Manuel26 дзён таму

    Music on my mind make me think about it

  101. Paul Lian

    Paul Lian26 дзён таму

    Page officials