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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


  1. Oliver Rojas

    Oliver Rojas12 хвілін таму

    So much going on in this trailer, I like it!

  2. Emiliano Redondo

    Emiliano Redondo14 хвілін таму

    3:19 Why, then, was the law given at all? It was added because of transgressions until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come. The law was given through angels and entrusted to a mediator.

  3. Communist Bugs Bunny E

    Communist Bugs Bunny E18 хвілін таму

    3:12 “Trickshot Breathing, Battlefield Form, Rendezook”

  4. David

    David21 хвіліна таму

    To all the people that put "cringe" in the live chat, are you okay?

  5. you gain brouzhouf

    you gain brouzhouf35 хвілін таму

    Yeah this is cool and all but WHY DID EA TAKE DOWN THE BF2142 MULTIPLAYER PROJECT HUH?

  6. NOVI

    NOVI42 хвіліны таму

    battlefield is back.

  7. Mrs. Kigami

    Mrs. Kigami47 хвілін таму

    Just noticed there were penguins in 1:46

  8. Devendra S

    Devendra S36 хвілін таму

    NooterField 20-Nooty-Two

  9. Integrity Entropy

    Integrity Entropy52 хвіліны таму

    Too bad they didn’t put this kind of effort into battlefront

  10. Ryan Reilly

    Ryan ReillyГодину таму

    I can’t wait for the new battlefield

  11. Hassan Raad

    Hassan RaadГодину таму

    PUBG MOBILE is much better 😍

  12. Cika Gaming

    Cika Gaming22 хвіліны таму

    @Slushy WHY YOU AGAIN

  13. Hassan Raad

    Hassan Raad46 хвілін таму

    @Slushy chill out im joking duh

  14. Slushy

    SlushyГодину таму


  15. JoatXI

    JoatXI2 години таму

    I totally forgot this was a game trailer

  16. iBehold Oblivion

    iBehold Oblivion2 години таму

    Best of bf3 and bf4 with its unique mix. Definitely getting next generation just for the player count size

  17. Mr. Killjoy

    Mr. Killjoy2 години таму

    Now hopefully by October 22nd, I'll have been able to buy a new GPU so that I can play this game how it was meant to be played.

  18. Goku.10

    Goku.103 години таму

    This will the best game released if they bring back bf3 mechanics, similar or better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. willyam oliver

    willyam oliver3 години таму

    Nunca vi um treiler tão ruim , zero vontade de jogar

  20. シPARZIVAL_0w0_

    シPARZIVAL_0w0_3 години таму


  21. Mister Meg

    Mister Meg3 години таму

    Well, considering how tech is going. I do not think that in anyway that would be even close to what we will see. But hey, back in the day we looked forward. Now we are locked in place by the elite. Contempt at what is given to us. That is not humanity prosperred.

  22. Redsauce 57

    Redsauce 574 години таму

    2:59 to watch THAT scene

  23. Kurkop

    Kurkop4 години таму


  24. nolimitjoshy

    nolimitjoshy4 години таму

    I have a problem. This is my 7th time here this week.

  25. Stephen7764

    Stephen77644 години таму

    I wasn't this excited for a Battlefield game since Battlefield 3

  26. Destroyer Rekt

    Destroyer Rekt4 години таму


  27. Butter Beam

    Butter Beam4 години таму

    Satou-san from Ajin Would love this 😏

  28. e1n3r

    e1n3r5 годин таму

    how many dlc and micropayment to split the community?

  29. Ice wallow Come

    Ice wallow Come4 години таму

    Couple dozen

  30. Jordan Bahamondes

    Jordan Bahamondes5 годин таму

    Habrá alguien que hable español 🤣

  31. Jose Zendejas

    Jose Zendejas5 годин таму

    The final boss is climate change?

  32. Playboy_rowdyy

    Playboy_rowdyy5 годин таму


  33. Moltkeys

    Moltkeys5 годин таму


  34. Moltkeys

    Moltkeys4 години таму

    @Playboy_rowdyy oh

  35. Playboy_rowdyy

    Playboy_rowdyy5 годин таму

    October 22

  36. Caden Bowman

    Caden Bowman5 годин таму

    I hope the news outlets don't put pressure on the developers of this game to make it political, because the fans don't want that.

  37. Mohammed Alfaleh

    Mohammed Alfaleh5 годин таму

    My game My battlefield

  38. Armando Fourzan

    Armando Fourzan5 годин таму

    I can't stop watching this trailer, that music with the action-packed scenes are so Battlefieldesque.

  39. Mateusz Str.

    Mateusz Str.6 годин таму

    3:08 hehe nice

  40. Em C

    Em C6 годин таму

    highly sensitive journalists are gonna say this game doesn't have diversity, I can already predict that.

  41. gzi -

    gzi -6 годин таму

    Youd think that by 2042 instead of guns they would use chemicals so a chemical warfare

  42. Miguelito PlaysBr

    Miguelito PlaysBr6 годин таму

    I just love how the music goes in 4:12, I can't stop rewatching

  43. MURGA MEDINA Tadeo

    MURGA MEDINA Tadeo6 годин таму

    F 0:29

  44. Mr Clyde7

    Mr Clyde76 годин таму

    hello fellow daily trailer watchers

  45. Leonard Harding

    Leonard Harding6 годин таму

    Stunning 👌🏾

  46. Metal Ost

    Metal Ost6 годин таму

    yeah, only one chance to hit Russian plane that having in your pocket RPG, ha ha true story.

  47. Meçi Careca

    Meçi Careca6 годин таму

    *Esse Bf Vai tá de Cria Se Loko pena que tá caro e meu PS4 vai cagar pra rodar essa maravilha*

  48. Null Null

    Null Null7 годин таму

    Battlefield 2 was the last Battlefield I played, and it remains so.

  49. Kenneth Atriano

    Kenneth Atriano7 годин таму

    This is the dumbest trailer ever tf are y’all hyped about

  50. Jesus Nevarez

    Jesus Nevarez7 годин таму

    Was that Motlëy cruë

  51. Playboy_rowdyy

    Playboy_rowdyy5 годин таму


  52. Anorexicc—

    Anorexicc—7 годин таму

    I’ve never been this hyped for a battlefield before‼️

  53. Playboy_rowdyy

    Playboy_rowdyy5 годин таму


  54. Tom

    Tom7 годин таму

    Is there multiple teams vs each other now or just 2 teams per game?

  55. Hugo

    Hugo8 годин таму

    Just Whoua, this trailer is incredible !

  56. Nikolai Reznov

    Nikolai Reznov8 годин таму

    The only thing i realy care Is KILL KILL BLOOD KILL

  57. Akhil Kumar

    Akhil Kumar8 годин таму

    Soldiers : why are we fighting in the middle of a storm mate

  58. skippythecat

    skippythecat8 годин таму

    why is there a 4 wheeler on the roof?

  59. osama Kareem

    osama Kareem8 годин таму

    I felt the huge power when I clicked like it became 1m

  60. うちはマダラ

    うちはマダラ8 годин таму

    Lol from this moment 3:29 to 3:43 I counted 12 times soldiers falling down

  61. osama Kareem

    osama Kareem8 годин таму


  62. Darth Canteen

    Darth Canteen8 годин таму

    Sorry I thought I was on the just cause 4 announcement trailer

  63. Riddle MeThat

    Riddle MeThat8 годин таму

    (Featuring 2wei) Oh boy an EPIC TRAILER THEME is going to drop at some point. Can't wait for tha--*BWOOOOOOOORRRRM*

  64. Trevor R.

    Trevor R.8 годин таму

    Anyone else notice the family of penguins just chillin at 1:46?

  65. Daniel Valencia

    Daniel Valencia8 годин таму

    No main villain, no narrator, no played out music, just violence, going to get old real quick

  66. Sp3cialForceツ

    Sp3cialForceツ8 годин таму

    This is my 420th time watching this.

  67. Playboy_rowdyy

    Playboy_rowdyy5 годин таму


  68. LMM

    LMM8 годин таму

    I've never bought a battlefield game myself, but I've alway had a blast when I have gotten a chance to play one. That could change with this release

  69. Ace

    Ace8 годин таму

    Where are the legends who watched this live?

  70. Carl Weeks

    Carl Weeks8 годин таму

    3:43 nobody: Florida when summer hits

  71. Cord Farrar

    Cord Farrar9 годин таму

    to everyone that disliked this stop it get some help

  72. MooNs MuziK

    MooNs MuziK9 годин таму

    I still think battlefield 1 is the best. WW1, nothing fancy... just pure skill with a rifle and a shovel. It was very immersive, felt real.

  73. Elite

    Elite9 годин таму

    Someone needs to remove this trailer off BYpic or something I can’t stop watching it. I haven’t been excited for a Battlefield since BF4.

  74. 064678543

    0646785439 годин таму

    4:13 What a day! What a *LOVELY **_DAAAAAAYYYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!_*

  75. Pensi0nar

    Pensi0nar9 годин таму

    Made by DICE and EA...yeah, not interested!

  76. Michael Funder

    Michael Funder9 годин таму

    Wow Battlefield 2042 trailer already have more views than battlefield 5 trailer in 1 week

  77. If you read, Hey.

    If you read, Hey.9 годин таму

    imagine if there was a campaign it would be epic

  78. Fawkes Inc.

    Fawkes Inc.9 годин таму

    I need a movie

  79. Brodisaurusrex At Joe’s

    Brodisaurusrex At Joe’s9 годин таму

    Brooo the dude screws his team in the cargo container with his flashlight

  80. M.Almotawa Qtr

    M.Almotawa Qtr9 годин таму

    0:18 BF3 legend map action ... never forgotten

  81. Oskar kwiatkowski

    Oskar kwiatkowski9 годин таму

    ale rozpierdol już mi sie podoba brawa dla DICE

  82. Jeremyahz Cantero

    Jeremyahz Cantero9 годин таму

    Ha vuelto

  83. Dominick Puleo

    Dominick Puleo10 годин таму

    Fighter jet scene is the greatest thing I’ve seen

  84. RobinWrath16

    RobinWrath1610 годин таму

    Tickrate - 30hz at console Tickrate - 60hz at PC

  85. Ethan Schaeffer

    Ethan Schaeffer10 годин таму

    I just noticed that in this part 4:24 it says “Why Walk. When you can Fly” while they are in the tornado. 😂

  86. Dominick Puleo

    Dominick Puleo10 годин таму

    Greatest trailer ever

  87. Linkers Poul

    Linkers Poul10 годин таму

    Не хватает экзоскелетов

  88. Sean Hua

    Sean Hua10 годин таму

    This is basicly like just cause 4

  89. Victoria

    Victoria10 годин таму

    See you on the battlefield soon guys!

  90. Giovanni Pio La Riccia

    Giovanni Pio La Riccia10 годин таму


  91. SHOOTER3258

    SHOOTER325810 годин таму

    Omfg!!yes...yes... finally !!

  92. Zepheus

    Zepheus10 годин таму

    I never played Battlefield 3 on its glory days. But that Rendezook clip while playing the iconic trailer music is soooo vivid in my memories. It tears me up that I can also see my childhood even when I didn't play it. That clip alone holds the memories of that time.

  93. dario nughes

    dario nughes11 годин таму

    Bo2 but better

  94. Blake Pauley

    Blake Pauley11 годин таму

    It would be cool if they did veitnam

  95. Blake Pauley

    Blake Pauley10 годин таму

    @Drink me I know I mean a new one

  96. Drink me

    Drink me10 годин таму

    they did

  97. Plebtile

    Plebtile11 годин таму

    But muh pandering social justice.

  98. Long Johnathan

    Long Johnathan11 годин таму

    Well they're blatantly doing that yet again this go around, the difference being they didn't put a fundamental emphasis on it in their first two trailers...

  99. TyphoonJayBay

    TyphoonJayBay11 годин таму

    Feel like that’s how the world will be by 2042. Maybe it’s indoctrination

  100. Captain Fordo

    Captain Fordo11 годин таму

    I see damage indicators from battle field five Some vehicles from 4 and the bad company series And battlefield 1's beautiful scenery

  101. Keddemann

    Keddemann11 годин таму

    That tank on ice looks like the tesla cybertruck with caterpillar tracks.

  102. Golden 0987

    Golden 098711 годин таму

    We have a whole year until we get to play it :/

  103. Long Johnathan

    Long Johnathan11 годин таму

    Try 4 months kid...

  104. bod son

    bod son11 годин таму

    Les uniformes ont pas l'aires si futuristiques pour un l'an 2042

  105. Pranasik Chatterjee

    Pranasik Chatterjee11 годин таму

    Can't believe, gaming graphics are getting so real to life..!!

  106. Ice wallow Come

    Ice wallow Come4 години таму

    @Long Johnathandon’t forget how they always down grade the graphics compared to the e3 gameplay trailers

  107. Long Johnathan

    Long Johnathan11 годин таму

    Don't forget this is a pre-rendered CGI trailer without a shred of actual gameplay..

  108. 이준혁

    이준혁12 годин таму

    3:01 이부분이 가장 핵심적인 장면이에요, 기대하겠습니다!!

  109. Pal Jacobsen

    Pal Jacobsen12 годин таму

    Is de game on ps4?

  110. Mystic Shado

    Mystic Shado10 годин таму

    Yea, but it only has 64 players instead of 128

  111. Islantay

    Islantay12 годин таму

    I feel like this is literally a bf4 DLC...

  112. - m7k0z7 -

    - m7k0z7 -12 годин таму

    Why not the F22 instead of the F-35? It has a smaller body compared to the T-50 JET.

  113. SunSet Sun

    SunSet Sun12 годин таму

    it make sense

  114. - m7k0z7 -

    - m7k0z7 -12 годин таму

    Anhedonia. This trailer seemed (meh) for me, didn't move my emotions, and I didn't get exited about it, although I was a big BF3 and BF4 fan, and now a warzone fan.

  115. For something ONLY

    For something ONLY12 годин таму

    3:17 Trick shot

  116. KoTe2014

    KoTe201412 годин таму

    Мне кажется или США через игру компании DICE опять бахвалится: "мы крутые, мы лучше всех, все остальные - говно" и т.д.? Я о показанном в трейлере.

  117. Yami_413

    Yami_41312 годин таму

    Love the little Kickstart remix they did got goosebumps 🤘🏼

  118. Moist Pelican

    Moist Pelican12 годин таму

    I’m definitely getting this