Hermitcraft 8: A New Hermit has Arrived! Episode 1


  1. Nathaniel Eudaily

    Nathaniel Eudaily40 хвілін таму

    So happy that you are going to be graduating college

  2. Keira Conway

    Keira Conway4 години таму

    My starter house: a weird dirt hut Gem’s starter house: an absolute master piece

  3. BreatheOfFire

    BreatheOfFire8 годин таму

    You dont sound Newfinese at All! you must of grew up in sin jawns. People from st johns don't sound like they've been raised like wild ski doos

  4. DarkGlitch01

    DarkGlitch0110 годин таму

    I'm sure u already knew this, but u could've gotten bones from fish, there's a possibility of fish dropping bones, so ye.

  5. D4rkrays

    D4rkrays10 годин таму

    I'm watching this week's after the start of the season. Gotta say I love to see this perspective of things

  6. Izzy Bolyard

    Izzy Bolyard12 годин таму

    My most hated enemy birch Forest The reason is I can't escape them they last forever 😃✌️

  7. Kasen Luminais

    Kasen Luminais12 годин таму

    I love you house so much 😻it looks so nice

  8. lucky duhoon

    lucky duhoon15 годин таму

    At 31:49 you missed amethyst clusters

  9. lucky duhoon

    lucky duhoon15 годин таму

    But you have got them later also, my bad

  10. Nathan Ma

    Nathan Ma20 годин таму


  11. Charli and more

    Charli and more21 годину таму

    I'm so early and new episode yay

  12. Adalynn Krajangwongmendez

    Adalynn Krajangwongmendez22 години таму

    my sister forced me to watch you, I don't regret listening to my sister

  13. zafiah wilson

    zafiah wilson23 години таму

    You started your youtube canal 2 years before I was born

  14. Achilles Pacleta

    Achilles PacletaДзень таму

    I totally love Gem! Her personality adds a nice contrast with the other Hermits

  15. Haley Anne

    Haley AnneДзень таму

    Did anyone else see her pass a geode?

  16. Haley Anne

    Haley AnneДзень таму

    It was in the mine right in a tunnel next to a chest in a mine cart

  17. Fallen Spades

    Fallen SpadesДзень таму

    Wowie, New Found land! Dude, I could visit you XD jk

  18. Amber Winborn

    Amber WinbornДзень таму

    It’s really hard to tell whether Gem is sarcastic or not

  19. eva woods

    eva woodsДзень таму

    honestly i love your voice and your laugh 🥰❤️

  20. Vipekk

    VipekkДзень таму

    Meanwhile Grian and the crew create a cult

  21. Vipekk

    VipekkДзень таму

    How much fps is Gem's Minecraft running? I have so much fps but it never quite runs as smoothly even on optifine...Can someone help me?

  22. Shashank Shekhar

    Shashank ShekharДзень таму


  23. 66plus22

    66plus22Дзень таму


  24. snak1ty

    snak1tyДзень таму

    give me your gender

  25. Mossy Raven

    Mossy RavenДзень таму

    Wanna say I love Stress's accent

  26. spidermonkey’s Gaming

    spidermonkey’s GamingДзень таму

    My brother doesn’t like birch and thinks the birch forest is terrible but he’s crazy. Birch forests are beautiful, I prefer dark oak or spruce but love birch planks to add contrast

  27. Leo Fernandes

    Leo Fernandes2 дні таму

    I love her voice soo muchhh

  28. Hinata Naki

    Hinata Naki2 дні таму


  29. Hinata Naki

    Hinata Naki2 дні таму


  30. Midnightcat

    Midnightcat2 дні таму

    gem in empires: umm Joel why do you have all those heads.... gem in hermitcraft: ya so I have like all the heads in the game and most of the other players ones

  31. Thea Eberhardt

    Thea Eberhardt2 дні таму

    Watching everyone’s videos to try to catch up and hearing “hey everyone I paid Cleo to kill Bdubs come watch!” never gets old 😂

  32. solarcat

    solarcat3 дні таму

    for some reason since im a girl i love watching other girl creators and hermitcraft has a lot of those. I guess I don't feel as alone on youtube or minecraft

  33. Gavlar

    Gavlar3 дні таму

    You are now my favourite hermit, hope you get a few more million subs from this

  34. Adnan Alam

    Adnan Alam3 дні таму

    Umm Build Something With help of Grian Maibi ...

  35. some dude that has no life

    some dude that has no life3 дні таму

    you are now my new comfort youtuber (with grian ofc)

  36. Isabella Bostwick

    Isabella Bostwick3 дні таму

    gem i've never watched you before today and i figured i'd give you a try and oh wow i love you so much, definitely my new comfort youtuber

  37. Dave Edison

    Dave Edison3 дні таму


  38. Dave Edison

    Dave Edison3 дні таму

    Wait,I forgot to say welcome to hermittcraft

  39. Dave Edison

    Dave Edison3 дні таму

    No,the mooshroom biom is the best cuz hostile mobs can't spon on Mysilium

  40. Riley Lancaster

    Riley Lancaster3 дні таму


  41. Mad_man

    Mad_man3 дні таму

    dont get sad mumbo and G are gust prankesters

  42. Gianni Aerts

    Gianni Aerts3 дні таму

    You’re a hermit niw that’s amazing! Congratulations! =D

  43. TheAccountOfFunStuff ForstNameBasocallySumsItUp

    TheAccountOfFunStuff ForstNameBasocallySumsItUp3 дні таму


  44. weaselbees

    weaselbees4 дні таму

    i’ve never watched gemini tay before, but i saw your base over on grian’s channel and i’m in love. gem is definitely going to be my new comfort youtuber

  45. Kiernan Scanlon

    Kiernan Scanlon4 дні таму

    So funny seeing your guys perspective in the beginning from the hole after watching other POVs 😂 welcome to hermitcraft!☆

  46. Ben Crosby

    Ben Crosby4 дні таму

    this as made my day gem xx

  47. RainbowMissSophieP

    RainbowMissSophieP4 дні таму

    You have a great BYpic channel and I hope you continue your empires smp

  48. Niko Borromeo

    Niko Borromeo4 дні таму

    You are the first youtuber I've ever watched from Newfoundland

  49. mxlk_bear

    mxlk_bear4 дні таму

    my dad reccomended i watched you because i love cottagecore, im in love

  50. Super Kami Guru

    Super Kami Guru4 дні таму

    Earlier in the video: BDub jumped me for diamonds. Later in the video: Isn't BDub the nicest?

  51. Caleb Torres

    Caleb Torres5 дзён таму

    maxx doodles should join hermitcraft 9 copy and paste this to make this happen!!!

  52. David Shorey

    David Shorey5 дзён таму

    I know I’m a month late, but I just caught a stream of yours and LOVED your build style! Welcome to Hermitcraft!

  53. Sleepy Metalhead

    Sleepy Metalhead5 дзён таму

    Wow there's a Newfie on Hermitcraft holy cow

  54. SunnyMonsterMC

    SunnyMonsterMC5 дзён таму

    17:04 I literally said JEEZ as well...

  55. Samantha Morter

    Samantha Morter5 дзён таму

    i like your tree transition

  56. Redsalt

    Redsalt6 дзён таму

    Finally another person who likes Birch forests

  57. DinosauurX DinosauurX

    DinosauurX DinosauurX6 дзён таму

    I love you gem but this is so chaotic

  58. ChAnTeL GaM1Ng

    ChAnTeL GaM1Ng6 дзён таму

    3 boys fighting over gem😂

  59. ChAnTeL GaM1Ng

    ChAnTeL GaM1Ng6 дзён таму

    Yay u should make alot of time there its fun!

  60. Jayziel Fehr

    Jayziel Fehr6 дзён таму

    You missed a amethyst in the mineshaft

  61. Galaxy Gaming

    Galaxy Gaming6 дзён таму

    Her voice is so soft play calming😋😋😋😀😀

  62. der da

    der da6 дзён таму

    poor little enchanted apple... -.- he's doing his best, you know!

  63. int3rnxt

    int3rnxt7 дзён таму

    As someone who stopped watching you for a few months i can see how much you changed maybe you’re very tired these days or you’re tired of the same things…i love you gem🙍

  64. Glittercanyon 3

    Glittercanyon 37 дзён таму

    I am from nl too, I have subed to you for a while and had no idea

  65. ♡NOT☆ALONE◇

    ♡NOT☆ALONE◇7 дзён таму

    I watched since you hit 300k love your videos

  66. Pizza 3345609

    Pizza 33456097 дзён таму

    Not be Rude But Hermitcraft Is NOT Smp GeminiTay Its One of Oldest Servers Back in Season 1 - Season 7

  67. Pizza 3345609

    Pizza 33456096 дзён таму

    @GeminiTay ohh Ok.

  68. GeminiTay

    GeminiTay7 дзён таму

    SMP means survival multiplayer, this is definitely survival multiplayer lol

  69. Anika Upadhyay

    Anika Upadhyay7 дзён таму


  70. Carson Deaton

    Carson Deaton7 дзён таму

    Did anyone else hear a British accent? 27:10

  71. Roland Attinelli

    Roland Attinelli7 дзён таму

    I like how she tries to match BdoubleO's energy. It's very cute.

  72. kamenzilla

    kamenzilla7 дзён таму

    hey gem i love your vids and i just wanna say thank you cuz if it wasn't for you i wouldn't of met some of my closest friends, (ps.keep up the great videos and builds :D)

  73. Offbrand Mannequin

    Offbrand Mannequin8 дзён таму

    Birch is best wood. Fight me.

  74. zeni

    zeni8 дзён таму

    1:06 when you walk into the wrong class

  75. Rachael Cho

    Rachael Cho8 дзён таму

    2:27 is that a dead bush in the middle of a swamp-

  76. Jessica Hibbard

    Jessica Hibbard8 дзён таму

    You mist a amethyst Giode in the minechaft

  77. Jessica Hibbard

    Jessica Hibbard8 дзён таму

    Never mind you went back

  78. Vency Kuh Rufino

    Vency Kuh Rufino9 дзён таму

    Gem there was a amathest cluster in that mineshaft pls check it again

  79. FN. Fritz

    FN. Fritz9 дзён таму

    I started watching you and was like I love her videos I love you guys like katherine and all of you guys that's how I got ur channel off of Katherine channel I cant wait to watch another hermitcraft

  80. Rique Oak

    Rique Oak10 дзён таму

    A great new addition to the Hermits and your voice is so nice and confy =D

  81. Cat a Cantaloupe

    Cat a Cantaloupe10 дзён таму

    Good job getting to 1m!

  82. Tasty

    Tasty10 дзён таму

    Congrats on 1 mil! You're quite witty and the interactions with the other hermits was absolutely hilarious

  83. Feynyx

    Feynyx10 дзён таму

    Congratulations new hermit!!!

  84. The Kid

    The Kid10 дзён таму

    Damn I want to be part of the server ☹️

  85. Weirdo_Wolfie

    Weirdo_Wolfie10 дзён таму

    I love the gasps of false and stress when gem show them the powers of the moss lol

  86. Andrew Bloom

    Andrew Bloom10 дзён таму

    12:20 "this isn't how you make friends" lol

  87. Dan delion

    Dan delion10 дзён таму

    The most adorable hermit of season 8 :)

  88. Mr. NameTM

    Mr. NameTM10 дзён таму

    25:32 as shes talking about getting distracted she gets distracted

  89. Gameboyatron 1

    Gameboyatron 111 дзён таму


  90. Bryson Holloway

    Bryson Holloway11 дзён таму

    "My ego isn't that big" a-game 2021


    SIDRA FF GAMING11 дзён таму



    JHAYPEE TV11 дзён таму

    Hi gem! New subscriber here!😊 I love ur vids.

  93. sam♡

    sam♡11 дзён таму


  94. Theaverageanimator

    Theaverageanimator11 дзён таму

    She's deffenitly a new hermit :) she's so nice.

  95. sam♡

    sam♡11 дзён таму

    it was kinda scary when everyone looked down into the hole xD

  96. Deebee

    Deebee12 дзён таму

    The girls: Just chilling and talking. The boys: B O A T E M P O L E

  97. Atilla Korucu

    Atilla Korucu12 дзён таму


  98. Carmen Sampang

    Carmen Sampang12 дзён таму

    Yes, I have been waiting since season 6 started from grian.good luck!!

  99. Markaiser

    Markaiser12 дзён таму

    I havent played minecraft in like 5 years now but I was having a great time back then. And today out of nowhere the yt algorithem recommended me this vid, I know the content is intended for kids but I actually found myself enjoying the hole idea of the project and your kind personality. So yeah Im hooked now and hyped for more. Haha keep up the good work.

  100. Lucas2394

    Lucas239412 дзён таму

    that is one of the best custom trees I've ever seen :o

  101. M&M Brothers

    M&M Brothers12 дзён таму

    Jam congratulations on 1m subs so pleased and you definitely deserve it

  102. Limeythekind

    Limeythekind12 дзён таму

    Been watching the other Hermits for years, so cool to have such an awesome new member to watch! Sub well and truly earned with that beautiful tree and enchanting room!

  103. Ricky Russouw

    Ricky Russouw13 дзён таму

    Geminy u know u like bdubs U 2 are a good match

  104. Checkered Apple Codes

    Checkered Apple Codes13 дзён таму

    Oh my god I love your voice- Excited to start watching you 😊