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Hello Internet! I'm MatPat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!

But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.

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Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed

Game Theory: FNAF, The New Breed

2 месяцы таму

  1. Justin da Silva

    Justin da Silva14 годин таму

    I thought the thumbnail was the Wall of Flesh.

  2. Shlok Waghela

    Shlok Waghela14 годин таму

    I want to play this game so bad, but I could not afford an Oculus rift

  3. Voxthetvdemon

    Voxthetvdemon14 годин таму

    An surprise to be sure but a welcome one

  4. Oliver Storz

    Oliver Storz14 годин таму

    Can you make a video about the story of minecraft so fare?

  5. Jack Potter

    Jack Potter14 годин таму

    12:08 Shirtless Funtime Freddy is nightmare fuel

  6. Jose Chong

    Jose Chong14 годин таму

    I like this theory

  7. Arnold Bieniasz

    Arnold Bieniasz15 годин таму

    I was reminded of the 1998 movie "Phantoms" :p

  8. Sniperking Alex

    Sniperking Alex15 годин таму

    The People that are disliking are such Assh*les sorry but that's how it is

  9. lucario

    lucario15 годин таму

    What if ash greninja

  10. Cat Craft

    Cat Craft15 годин таму

    Pokémon journeys came out with a new season so you should check that out


    MUHAMAD YASRUL AL FARIS15 годин таму

    Apaan ?

  12. Hamburglar the exiled

    Hamburglar the exiled15 годин таму

    3:31 the flood was also very important in the bible, like it says literally in the definition of the word

  13. Kyra Jill

    Kyra Jill15 годин таму

    So what I'm heading is that Asexuals have the power to take over the world. Knowing my aroace cousin, yup, that checks out

  14. Dylan Cooper

    Dylan Cooper15 годин таму

    Best intro

  15. Jademonas S2

    Jademonas S215 годин таму

    "carrion is pretty cheap" my country because of inflation: 50$ take it or leave it

  16. Story Crawford

    Story Crawford15 годин таму

    I so want to bring out my headset right now

  17. KevanJack OP

    KevanJack OP15 годин таму

    this video is 3020's rona viruses origin story xD

  18. Cvullo

    Cvullo15 годин таму

    Do Friday Night Funkin

  19. ger bro

    ger bro15 годин таму

    someone see a scp-610 to? really i think is the scp-610 before is spread to the specific area in russia.

  20. 「bugboop」

    「bugboop」15 годин таму

    Wait so WHO are we playing as in help wanted

  21. cyber punk

    cyber punk15 годин таму

    Wow... One tiny milk is the answer of a huge question

  22. Erdi

    Erdi15 годин таму

    I like this chill Austin type of "Science of..." video a lot.

  23. Wassana Wassana

    Wassana Wassana15 годин таму

    ติดต่อ​ 1234567888

  24. AleronAlienFingers R

    AleronAlienFingers R15 годин таму

    The game and studio never said that the monster was an alien. Also the game tried to make it clear that the monster was from earth with the flashbacks and ending

  25. TONK_reatomizzed

    TONK_reatomizzed15 годин таму

    rispck woman ! =D

  26. Anarki471

    Anarki47115 годин таму

    My name is Jason Worried me for a second there

  27. TONK_reatomizzed

    TONK_reatomizzed15 годин таму


  28. Derpalerp

    Derpalerp15 годин таму

    Matpats intros:Creepy and Scary Austins intros:Classical music and Screaming

  29. Arefqi Hairal

    Arefqi Hairal15 годин таму

    Matt This is frickin cool

  30. Yağız Kerim Çınar

    Yağız Kerim Çınar15 годин таму

    hey u said carrion is completely fiction cuz it would be very hot for all biology things inside at 15:00 but its not like any animal or plant it has hundereds of mouth lung or what ever makes more surface area and its not a solid cube it can change its shape from a big blob of flesh into a caterpillar like flesh

  31. Joshua Hadcroft

    Joshua Hadcroft15 годин таму

    Why are they doomed to die though?

  32. Matthew Schimmell

    Matthew Schimmell15 годин таму

    14:31 Before 0:20

  33. Sniperking Alex

    Sniperking Alex15 годин таму

    Why are people disliking this is just disrespectful and they are Assh*les sorry but that's waht it is

  34. Awang Khalid

    Awang Khalid15 годин таму

    I have a theory... That's an scp

  35. SuperBoss Giovanni

    SuperBoss Giovanni15 годин таму

    Wasn't there a flash game that had an alien with a very similar power set?

  36. Le renard orange mais pas roux

    Le renard orange mais pas roux15 годин таму

    Imagine if ballon boy was the awnser to fnaf

  37. Calleighs fnaf corner

    Calleighs fnaf corner15 годин таму

    I think you got mixed up but you know the guy with the foxy mask that’s Michael Afton do you know the crying child that’s his younger brother so Elizabeth is still michaels younger sister

  38. pebblesnek

    pebblesnek15 годин таму

    I ove fnaf

  39. / Discomender

    / Discomender15 годин таму

    Show your real name old man

  40. Mage Gamer

    Mage Gamer15 годин таму

    We're all here just for the music

  41. DawuDaGama

    DawuDaGama15 годин таму

    Not blue Purple

  42. Cale Jacobs

    Cale Jacobs15 годин таму

    But I’m 12 so I can’t play carrion

  43. petike nvák

    petike nvák15 годин таму

    other theory (my theory): when the flood happen a LOT of years ago, the entities that died to the flood DIDN'T die couse they have been mutated into one creature

  44. • Serenity •

    • Serenity •15 годин таму

    Video released when I was two years old that's going back

  45. Satan's Bird.

    Satan's Bird.15 годин таму

    Before I Finish the video I'll drop my opinion on the Monster Of Carrion. The Monster Is Most Likely Multiple Entities From Earth That Have Been Experimented On And Turned into The Fleshy Blob That Is Carrion, And the Items We Collect Around the Game Are Also Other Carrions, Which Are Different From Us Hence The New Abilities

  46. DeificArtor

    DeificArtor15 годин таму

    Lets be honest matpat, youre just making these lore videos because telltale games shut down and mcsm s3 wont happen.

  47. Oni Chan

    Oni Chan15 годин таму

    If females were in the game..well I think we all know what was gonna happen

  48. Large Avocado

    Large Avocado15 годин таму

    You can’t have ptsd if you are ptsd

  49. Chaplain Mihgros The Wrathful

    Chaplain Mihgros The Wrathful15 годин таму

    Floyd should start fighting and stop running

  50. That one Pokémon guy

    That one Pokémon guy15 годин таму

    We’re you using the old top five gaming song or is that just me

  51. Secondary _159

    Secondary _15915 годин таму

    The thumbnail reminded me of Peaceful from Geometry Dash

  52. JoeJoe Animates

    JoeJoe Animates15 годин таму

    Hey! it’s me! A U S T I N

  53. Jowan

    Jowan15 годин таму

    but what if the netherite is on the molecular scale weaved with the diamond if so then if the diamond shatters there will be a barrier on both sides keeping the diamond together it might have indents but it will be solid beacuse nethrite could be a carbon alloy and carbon carbon bonds are strong so no leakes

  54. Yağız Kerim Çınar

    Yağız Kerim Çınar15 годин таму

    14:36 ''right behind u jason'' I just wanted that music ( ) to be there

  55. Ender!Sans Recentes

    Ender!Sans Recentes15 годин таму

    I have played carrion *AND I FEEL LIKE I WANT TO MURDER* but I got banned from using my mom's pc and that's like the only pc I can use QwQ

  56. Void_Box

    Void_Box15 годин таму

    I was thinking it was like an ancient evil that they found somewhere in the bowels of the earth. So, I'm glad to hear Austin also thought it came from earth.

  57. Greg Greg

    Greg Greg15 годин таму

    wait if the Carrion monster would be BURNING from all the growth in biomass, wouldn't it just realize that water can cool it down and start living in the ocean? hunting all sorts of fish? what if it ate a whale in the arctic? would it become a whale-sized monstrosity that would produce as much heat as a nuclear power plant?

  58. Spectra

    Spectra15 годин таму

    LOL ❤

  59. Yağız Kerim Çınar

    Yağız Kerim Çınar15 годин таму

    ME: writes my own theory also me: starts with saying ''Hi its me a new theorist'' (I didnt even knew there r comics until I watched this vid so I talk about game) Well I think there was always a human inside ''carrion'' cuz it has flashbacks inside those machines and I dont get memories of eating grass when I eat meat so its probably carrion's own memories while being a human. And what if our ''monster'' just wanted to be a human again or in other words it was half-human half-monster (a human's consciousness inside a tentacle body) this also explains its high intelligence and knowledge of ''human engineering'' (like how to open a door or using levers). And we dont have an ending that u see a SCP-610 infected city But our ''monster'' became a human and now it's just walking at street like anyone which is a not an apocalypse ending a flexible ending that makes you (use ur imagination and) choose what ending u want: if u want to kill every human : Congratulations now ur a spy among humans and u can kill as many as u want if u think like me and say ''there was a victim, a human victim'': U win he became a human and lives a [relatively] normal life. And we dont get dna ''upgrade'' from anywhere in game we just get bigger with eating. U just ''upgrade'' with eating things that is inside a tube looks like u. BTW dont understand me wrong video is good and I just talk about my own theory ''carrion is human'' BUT HEY THATS JUST A THEORY A FAN THORY

  60. PercyKqvOwO

    PercyKqvOwO15 годин таму

    the people who read The Hero's of Olympus and Trial's of Apollo: The Burning Maze, would've flinched at the mention of Jason's name

  61. Tannic gaming

    Tannic gaming15 годин таму

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  62. Sixto Bobadilla

    Sixto Bobadilla15 годин таму

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  63. Wriggle Nightbug

    Wriggle Nightbug15 годин таму

    6:58 Hah. Loser.

  64. John Arnel Watin

    John Arnel Watin15 годин таму

    i have a request can you do genshine impact like if you agree😃😃

  65. Nitefall

    Nitefall15 годин таму

    the carrion monster is called rupert. absolutely 100% true, dont question it, dont look it up

  66. Phantom doom

    Phantom doom15 годин таму

    I saw. An ad about that

  67. Revin Sotalbo

    Revin Sotalbo15 годин таму

    Matpat please make a little nightmares 2 theory😭

  68. Bewilderment

    Bewilderment15 годин таму

    Plot Twist: The body in the dumpster was actually a theorist who had solved the lore, but Scott had to silence him because he wanted Mat to do it on his own.

  69. Diamanté Lomax

    Diamanté Lomax15 годин таму

    The kids back

  70. Channing Pennartz

    Channing Pennartz15 годин таму

    i searched it and it said chris afton

  71. Pikashru

    Pikashru15 годин таму

    Did Matpat mention Tesco's are they a thing in the us

  72. a Thing

    a Thing15 годин таму

    I made a little mini theory of my own if you want ultimate custom night and jump scared by or if you even can jump scare you the voices of him will be Henry Mike help have you considered that that was William Afton in hell crying for help think about it we know that Mike is William Afton son and Henry is his work partner so it makes sense if William Afton is old man consequences stuck in HE double hockey sticks or in some kind of a bit video game or some torture by the one you should not have killed I have full evidence it’s a literally everywhere to the screams of help you wouldn’t said it yourself William Afton is like Separated so technically that could be a piece of William Afton stuck in some kind of video game or torture or whatever for naff can give us so that’s my little mini theory

  73. fernando farias

    fernando farias15 годин таму


  74. Gothix

    Gothix15 годин таму

    Austin. YOU. ARE. AMAZING! I love your videos. Keep them coming!

  75. Ryan Fork

    Ryan Fork15 годин таму


  76. Andrew Blachly

    Andrew Blachly15 годин таму

    I think he’s challenging us mad scientists to go and make Carrion a reality

  77. Smartboi87

    Smartboi8715 годин таму

    Dude how long have you been at this for?

  78. San

    San15 годин таму

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    Dm0pt15 годин таму

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    Bruh15 годин таму

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