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Galaxy A52 5G: 4K video footage test
  1. Anurag Prathyush

    Anurag Prathyush9 годин таму

    That commentator tried to sound like shez excited about his boss going to space... Is it only me who felt that shez trying to over react and get good marks from his boss 😂😂😂 so unreal 😂😂

  2. Zezzy J

    Zezzy J9 годин таму

    Virgin galactic - a beautiful glide back down to the runway in a plane Blue origin - dumped into the middle of the dessert with three parachutes like some sort of unwanted turd

  3. Vijay Nisargandh

    Vijay Nisargandh9 годин таму

    Omg what a incredible movement

  4. Chemp.

    Chemp.9 годин таму

    These billionaires be making rockets like we needed more ozone depletion...

  5. Qwerty

    Qwerty9 годин таму

    But how they are making video from outside at such a great height

  6. Ravi Trivedi

    Ravi Trivedi9 годин таму

    Rocket that swings ...

  7. Kunal Dutt

    Kunal Dutt9 годин таму

    All hype no Show - JUST SETTLED - ONEPLUS

  8. NewWave- Arts

    NewWave- Arts9 годин таму

    Social engineering and reform A PSYOP on the people ready for the "Vaccine" to work its evil magic on people which will create a Transhuman population and their new owners will be the Elite who will go down in history as our only God and no longer will we be Governed the laws of nature nor recognise our Spiritual selfs of God the creator

  9. theimmortalyogi

    theimmortalyogi10 годин таму

    Welcome back to earth , they didn’t even go anywhere 😂😂

  10. Anthony G.

    Anthony G.10 годин таму

    Hope it falls out of sky!

  11. double slit

    double slit10 годин таму

    Look at all these haters in comment sections... 😂😂😂 Must be Amazon employees

  12. Shahzad Ahmad

    Shahzad Ahmad10 годин таму

    Who is the richest person in the world? Me: Bernard Arnault & family Because Jeff Bezos is more in this world, he is in the space 😂

  13. Federico Ferrario

    Federico Ferrario11 годин таму

    So childish !!!! and misleading, but anyway it's a business.. so.. be it but cut the crap that you are going to explore mars and whatever is silly.. the world does not needs this .. we need more intelligence and respect in our planet..

  14. Morten Hansen

    Morten Hansen11 годин таму

    One thing is for sure; Computer graphics has come a loooong way.

  15. Никита

    Никита11 годин таму

    Как это было все великолепно. Скучаю по временам iOS 5

  16. ᜰꫀꪶꪶꪑꪮ

    ᜰꫀꪶꪶꪑꪮ11 годин таму

    На Марсе кислорода нет) Удачи

  17. M & S

    M & S11 годин таму

    What space you talking about????? This is it???? A normal plane can do this. The thing that the capsule didn’t stay more than 10 mn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Agent Fletcher

    Agent Fletcher11 годин таму

    Wally Funk sucks

  19. Mandeep Kasnia

    Mandeep Kasnia11 годин таму

    Why it is bouncing🤣

  20. axel axe

    axel axe11 годин таму

    Clearly you can tell it'a a sort of crash test dummy sitting by that window. Fake!

  21. Chennai Boy

    Chennai Boy11 годин таму

    Glad it’s flying really high. Else they might look at all the poverty around the world and feel disgusting with that kind of money. I don’t blame them. They worked hard honestly and earned it but it’s a matter of fact

  22. Clutch Powers

    Clutch Powers11 годин таму

    I at least expected a circumcision of the earth..!

  23. sandeep kumar

    sandeep kumar11 годин таму

    Good marketing

  24. Ronald Van leeuwen

    Ronald Van leeuwen12 годин таму

    All the fuzz for 90km up in ,,space,,

  25. Marvin A

    Marvin A12 годин таму

    WTF? :)

  26. Cocky Rooster

    Cocky Rooster12 годин таму

    "it looks like a giant .........Willy" ~ Austin Powers

  27. 小武

    小武12 годин таму

    When will dump bitcoin?i know u,i think tomorrow would dump so hard

  28. Jenny Smith

    Jenny Smith12 годин таму

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  29. Humble Guy

    Humble Guy12 годин таму

    Congratulations guys

  30. Vovas Romas

    Vovas Romas13 годин таму

    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 First of all, historic flight happened more than 60 years ago on April 12, 1961, when Yuri Gagarin actually went to space and circled the Earth. Second, this is one badly made animation. Apparently, they have no clue how to properly draw propulsion jets. Check the recent Russian Proton start and how real propulsion jets look like. Laughable and pathetic.

  31. Nanise Puia

    Nanise Puia13 годин таму

    I cant imagine how much fun they had

  32. Nanise Puia

    Nanise Puia13 годин таму

    Who wants a skittle lmao

  33. MrMelgibstein

    MrMelgibstein13 годин таму

    I hope Elon Musk goes up in his own spaceship before peoole start calling him a chicken.

  34. Elliot Alderson

    Elliot Alderson13 годин таму

    Neil Armstrong is unfortunate for not experiencing a "REAL" spaceflight 🥺😢 prolly hates the sands they used to when they faked the Moon Scam thingy

  35. Tepuranga Heremaia

    Tepuranga Heremaia13 годин таму

    That Bezo creep needs too be trashed.

  36. Big Todd

    Big Todd13 годин таму

    lol so fake


    WARREN BUFFET13 годин таму


  38. Tohri malah

    Tohri malah14 годин таму


  39. Tony Horler

    Tony Horler14 годин таму

    Never though I would see a phallic symbol being launched I to the sky.

  40. h c

    h c14 годин таму

    looks like a giant dong

  41. Matt Jasa

    Matt Jasa14 годин таму

    9:07 It sounds like a toot.

  42. NerdCuddles

    NerdCuddles14 годин таму

    We live in a Cyberpunk Dystopia

  43. Bradfairbridge

    Bradfairbridge14 годин таму

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  44. number 1 enemy of the useless

    number 1 enemy of the useless15 годин таму

    Too an anis and beyond.....

  45. James Bond

    James Bond15 годин таму

    When see it flying have feeling like this thing is not complete, like something is missing... like somebody cut the balls off.

  46. FlattenTheStupidityCurve

    FlattenTheStupidityCurve15 годин таму

    Did the rocket really come back or did they hey just rewind the film?

  47. jfan4reva

    jfan4reva15 годин таму

    Welcome to the brave new world where a few rich people can do things that only governments were able to do before. This is the good edge of that two edged sword. We haven't yet felt the bad edge (although it may have been cutting us for some time now.)

  48. Stace Parsons

    Stace Parsons15 годин таму

    Yeah, why no interior "crew" capsule camera? Overall, not impressed. 👎

  49. Admiral General Aladeen

    Admiral General Aladeen15 годин таму

    It is too round of the top, it needs to be pointy.

  50. Vara prasad Gunda

    Vara prasad Gunda15 годин таму

    Going to space and coming back to earth with in 10

  51. Sebastian Marino

    Sebastian Marino15 годин таму

    space vibr4tor.......!!

  52. Walter Tomaszkiewicz

    Walter Tomaszkiewicz15 годин таму

    Biggest lie in 2021 !

  53. S

    S15 годин таму

    What space? Bezos who sold his soul enslaving and killing people is now involved in continuous brain watching scam of the glob earth.

  54. HYDRA YT

    HYDRA YT15 годин таму

    Jeff: Who WaNtS A SKiTTLe

  55. Igor

    Igor15 годин таму

    The product seems to be a great ANC TWS, but this ad is just bad.

  56. palio470

    palio47016 годин таму

    Had Arab sheik returned from space bunch of wives would have been on ground to welcome him...Poor Jeff...

  57. Donald Ross

    Donald Ross16 годин таму

    What is she really talking about she sounds really excited for some reason hummm Must be the subconscious

  58. S D

    S D16 годин таму

    Wait! Wasn't there 5 in the crew when we took off?!

  59. Donald Ross

    Donald Ross16 годин таму

    Ram that ship up the atmospheres rear

  60. jim walker

    jim walker16 годин таму


  61. jumpship88

    jumpship8816 годин таму

    Is it just me or is space getting shorter as is gets older


    THE ENGLISH WIZARD16 годин таму

    A complete waste of a huge sum of money just for fun......That amount could help a lot of underprivileged people to get vaccinated in this epidemic...........That would really be a noble cause...........

  63. Eric J

    Eric J16 годин таму

    You ♤€N!$ is $t!|| the $|○pp¥ second!

  64. Shane Tharle

    Shane Tharle17 годин таму

    He did not go into space he went into sub- orbit they are not wearing astronaut suits that is a clear giveaway it's a hoax


    IOXAN PHENOMENON17 годин таму

    BOOM 💥💥💥

  66. William Bonney

    William Bonney17 годин таму

    Nice high altitude flight.. I don’t care what is said.. upper atmosphere flight with some low g experienced on apogee ... 2+2 always equals 4 no matter what is said..

  67. Dan Braun

    Dan Braun17 годин таму

    Do they eject from the tip?

  68. Humayun Nayeem

    Humayun Nayeem17 годин таму

    Stop type of work/journey. Effect 😭😭😭

  69. Carlos Morales

    Carlos Morales17 годин таму

    Perverted rocket

  70. 17 годин таму

    this monkey is better than me in pong 🥲

  71. EM VIDS

    EM VIDS17 годин таму

    That sound 7:38 ❤

  72. E W

    E W17 годин таму

    Maybe its his way of coming out of the closet.......??

  73. E W

    E W17 годин таму

    Jeff bozo and the dickcraft

  74. Stonewall Jackson

    Stonewall Jackson17 годин таму

    Well, that rocket has an unfortunate design. But, if it works, it works.

  75. Doug Weeks

    Doug Weeks17 годин таму

    Establishment Oligarch.

  76. 7oh2TrailBlazin

    7oh2TrailBlazin17 годин таму

    "SPACE"👀. Momma how come i can still see them in "space". Totally different from what I was indoctrinated as a kid of what space is. Man keep feeding this "SPACE" to the new Generation