Dream Music
  1. KrumKetZ

    KrumKetZ22 години таму

    Me:I hope this is going to be goo- 0:04: audio jungle

  2. Crown 😑

    Crown 😑22 години таму

    ppl are hating dream song but yalls needa understand he anit from a music industry he trying his best doesn't mean yalls could give a hate

  3. glow

    glow22 години таму

    lol k.

  4. Aaron Paul

    Aaron Paul22 години таму


  5. Crimson

    Crimson22 години таму

    The animation looks like those "bowling alley screens when you hit a strike" memes

  6. maid nagito

    maid nagito22 години таму

  7. lolyVM

    lolyVM22 години таму

    😎Red has vented😎

  8. ESomber

    ESomber22 години таму

    Why is the new GrubHub commercial so sad

  9. Tutaro

    Tutaro22 години таму

    Might as well be 2d

  10. Haley Gahooda

    Haley Gahooda22 години таму

    WHY DID I CRY!!!

  11. Atlas

    Atlas22 години таму

    "They think that I need glasses." truly an intellectual

  12. Omonke

    Omonke22 години таму

    Chubby asthma

  13. Angelo Zone

    Angelo Zone22 години таму

    Damn tough life he went through

  14. Lawrence

    Lawrence22 години таму

    Pretend to be happy and never get help.

  15. JohnCool

    JohnCool22 години таму

    Is this BEN 10 REMASTERED?

  16. Bear Games

    Bear Games22 години таму

    I'm pretty neutral on this song. To all the people hating on him though, please don't. Dream doesn't create music on the daily, and music is a form of self expression for many people so just stop. For the people worshipping this song (stans or whatever you call it) try and not put this on a pedestal, it's just a song, there's a lot of songs in the world so just chill.

  17. Mr.creeper :D

    Mr.creeper :D22 години таму

    Ngl the animation is kinda bad

  18. DuckyTV Duck

    DuckyTV Duck22 години таму


  19. Ni ma

    Ni ma22 години таму

    When Dream cries his tears look like grease due to all the soy he has consumed

  20. Bruhh

    Bruhh22 години таму


  21. Bad Neus

    Bad Neus22 години таму

    dream, you are an amazing creator and this world is lucky to have you. keep up the great content and wow.... i didnt know you could sing, this is an absolute BANGER. we all love you man

  22. Lil Zuko

    Lil Zuko22 години таму

    This song is a mood tho.

  23. Eleanor Zahrobsky

    Eleanor Zahrobsky22 години таму

    “You are not normal AND THATS OK” more people need to hear this ❤️

  24. le_salamander

    le_salamander22 години таму

    This makes a screaming cat sound like Oprah

  25. Si Allan

    Si Allan22 години таму

    Arcade craniacs

  26. Yep Mmm

    Yep Mmm22 години таму


  27. Squ ibs

    Squ ibs22 години таму

    This is so baf lmfao

  28. DolFinn

    DolFinn22 години таму

    I bet his hands work as well as the kid from Duck Season

  29. TheGoonMaster

    TheGoonMaster22 години таму

    I can see why arcade craniacs hates this song lmao

  30. noob man yeeets

    noob man yeeets22 години таму

    why is no one talking about how he can see through his mask

  31. Mohana valli

    Mohana valli22 години таму

    This is good

  32. Mohana valli

    Mohana valli22 години таму

    Why does this have so much dislikes

  33. Merx

    Merx22 години таму

    stick to mc

  34. hector

    hector22 години таму

    this has to be the worst music video/song ever

  35. strawme e

    strawme e22 години таму

    The animation is like the animated astro boy no cap

  36. Caleb Brandt

    Caleb Brandt22 години таму

    i thought this was a weird fan animation bc it all over tiktok but oh my god

  37. aspen

    aspen22 години таму

    dream- dream why are you throwing away my anti-depressants? dream what are you doing? what mask? dream- dream i payed for those dream, i cant get any until next month dream. dream- dream- stop it- HCK HGCK HF DREAM- DREAM PUT ME DOWN I CANT BREATHE STOP CHOKING ME DREAM

  38. 메리 kurisumasu

    메리 kurisumasu22 години таму

    the animator did not take the normal pills

  39. Chowdr

    Chowdr22 години таму

    I can relate so hard im 7 now 💯💯💯

  40. Arky

    Arky22 години таму

    Ayo 6x9ine is better then this thriller movie

  41. WimDaWinner

    WimDaWinner22 години таму

    Even my Blender donut render is better than this whole video.

  42. Croeser

    Croeser22 години таму

    Never specifically watched a dream video until this but god this is a masterpiece. I've been through something similar and his portrayal of emotion is spot on. Love this so much <3

  43. Kuladorx - BS

    Kuladorx - BS22 години таму

    Lmao why does this have so many dislikes?

  44. Jhun Sorema

    Jhun Sorema22 години таму

    Arcade craniacs was right about this song.

  45. Daunted Xtt

    Daunted Xtt22 години таму

    dogtrash lmao

  46. Pasta Deadman

    Pasta Deadman22 години таму


  47. jack starnes

    jack starnes22 години таму

    Was this made with rip off Xbox avatars.

  48. Vanesa Gonzalez

    Vanesa Gonzalez22 години таму

    I wanna cry myself to sleep cause of this song just like I did when I thought I had cancer

  49. Timmytom112

    Timmytom11222 години таму

    I think dream is trying to tell us he has depression lol

  50. Mr.shadow

    Mr.shadow22 години таму

    Wow dreams voice is so good :D

  51. itsokdontscream

    itsokdontscream22 години таму

    why is it so greasy

  52. Señor Cara de Hombre

    Señor Cara de Hombre22 години таму

    Why does the animation look like Ben 10 Also why does he sound like Ed Sheeran

  53. Aarya

    Aarya22 години таму


  54. Umbrella

    Umbrella22 години таму

    Wow, this was stupid

  55. Nathaniel Moore

    Nathaniel Moore22 години таму

    Dude really made a song where all he does is complain

  56. Kain Simon

    Kain Simon22 години таму

    Great meaning and video to show how you feel great job dream I hope you find more self confidence because you are amazing

  57. CrustyCrayfish

    CrustyCrayfish22 години таму

    Is this the joker origin story

  58. Online Piggy

    Online Piggy22 години таму

    If you want to be happy just become a meme lord


    CALEB JASIEL JITT Moe22 години таму


  60. DomDom

    DomDom22 години таму

    Is this for real dream

  61. RyanIsNoice

    RyanIsNoice22 години таму

    the animation design looks like something i made with play doh when i was 6

  62. BerdyYT

    BerdyYT22 години таму

    I'm crying my eyes out.

  63. phobos / comic

    phobos / comic23 години таму

    dont u hate it when u go to the doctors n they tell u ure not normal

  64. Joeyrony 1

    Joeyrony 123 години таму

    as a autistic teen that also suffers from severe anxiety and depression i have just this to say. take your normal pills they honestly help a lot, dont wear the mask because then you bottle up your emotions and end up having bursts of pain and anxiety you will regret, and finally in the video it shows him with the mask on talking to friends if they are truly your friends they wont judge you for how you look or feel they will just accept you for how you are. true friends dont judge on emotion or physical appearance, true friends judge on character and if your friends arent doing that you should reconsider whether they are actually your friends. TLDR this song and its visuals are unappealing, unpleasant, and set a bad example for literally every topic in its contents.

  65. Unbanned

    Unbanned23 години таму

    Credits says 2d artist Me the fuwk

  66. Justin Reidy

    Justin Reidy23 години таму

    Did a piece of paper ask him why he’s so sad?

  67. No Tengo Nada Que Subir

    No Tengo Nada Que Subir23 години таму

    What is gokng on with paper and cloth

  68. Unbanned

    Unbanned23 години таму

    Doctor says you’re not normal Normal pills i’m suffering aids and kidney failure

  69. An idiot sandwich

    An idiot sandwich23 години таму

    hello dream you don't know me but i was in a wheelchair for all my life and i finally got up to turn your music off.

  70. Brayan Camilo Gonzalez Niño

    Brayan Camilo Gonzalez Niño23 години таму

    This makes Video Brinquedo more like Pixar.

  71. GET STICK ROLLED Stick Stickerson The Fourth

    GET STICK ROLLED Stick Stickerson The Fourth23 години таму

    So your living a lie and ignore everything that makes you sad that could make you happy if you didnt ignore them and social media is what gives you your persona :/

  72. Max well

    Max well23 години таму

    1:44 "They think that i need glasses" *Eyes immediately pop out of head*

  73. princkleminckle

    princkleminckle23 години таму

    i love how people are roasting the animation rn

  74. vince cabanilla

    vince cabanilla23 години таму

    "thats the point of damascus"

  75. Ben Yerkes

    Ben Yerkes23 години таму

    Hey Dream. Whether or not you actually read this, I just wanna say, I don’t know if this is just a song or a sign. This song really touched my heart, and I can really relate inside, going through the same stuff. I just want u to know, you have beautiful voice, especially for singing, and I love the song and you! (If you are not Dream and reading this, please like it so he will read it : ) )

  76. Tristan Marroquin

    Tristan Marroquin23 години таму

    The shirt animation lmao 2:19



    Question. Did Dream sing this. 😶 it sounds so much like him. 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶 Dont come at me 😒

  78. Luella West

    Luella West23 години таму

    Kinda sad tbh