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FLYING CAR in Need for Speed HEAT???
WE React to DUMB People in CARS!
Car Tik Tok is Cringe

Car Tik Tok is Cringe

7 дзён таму

WE React to FLOODED Road Car FAILS!!
WE React to the WORST Car Mods!

WE React to the WORST Car Mods!

21 дзень таму

  1. GSHYNE87

    GSHYNE874 години таму

    Karin calico gtf is the only car I use for the tuner races 🍾😉

  2. Freddie G

    Freddie G4 години таму

    This guy has no taste for cars he riced the car in another level

  3. Muppen Muppen

    Muppen Muppen4 години таму

    You can get slicks wheels if you mod it at the car meet

  4. Fantasma blek

    Fantasma blek4 години таму

    If u modify your car in ls car meet you are be able to set drift tires

  5. Shocked Hamster

    Shocked Hamster4 години таму

    What car im using ? No one cuz im not rich lol

  6. Bdbxbd Jdbdbxb

    Bdbxbd Jdbdbxb4 години таму

    Wouldn’t it be sick if they added more car meet locations and each location there would be a different theme, for example in sandy shores there would be rally cars and trophy trucks and each location would have a boss that controlled the meet and you would have to gain enough rep to race the boss and maybe win their car or you would have to race the bosses henchmen or something like that in order for you to be able to race the boss. This is all very generic car game stuff but I feel like it would fit so well with the atmosphere of the update


    MEXIKING SS5 годин таму

    This car is ass at turning.

  8. John Angelo Manuel

    John Angelo Manuel5 годин таму

    I think you grt banned because its a mod or its not

  9. Raphael-Sama 28

    Raphael-Sama 285 годин таму

    "Rolling dude no. 8" No way!! Is that tokyo xtreme racer references!?!?

  10. Streakiller6

    Streakiller65 годин таму

    its 4 wheel drive

  11. Ryan Crichton

    Ryan Crichton5 годин таму

    Raft of shite

  12. Tiger Yeet

    Tiger Yeet5 годин таму

    When I played payback I ran these but didn’t take off the top layer so my car would just have 18+ all over it lmao

  13. Timur Daniel

    Timur Daniel5 годин таму

    Youarenot playing the game man fuckyou

  14. Redified

    Redified5 годин таму

    3:14 The space jam song "lets get ready to rumble" i instantly recognized it and had nostalgia, specially because how bad space jam 2 is

  15. Propromas123

    Propromas1235 годин таму

    You need to download kino mod

  16. Arvid Skoglund

    Arvid Skoglund5 годин таму

    Lmao the way he almost called it an bmw in the start

  17. Nath connolly

    Nath connolly5 годин таму

    For me it's the Euros. Super Fun to drive if you can get used to the handling!

  18. Jimmy--SA

    Jimmy--SA6 годин таму

    Bro that star triggers me soo much🤣

  19. Jobless Gamer

    Jobless Gamer6 годин таму

    I wish you left the bumper off so we can see the other customisations

  20. jamie khan

    jamie khan6 годин таму

    this is an s3/rs3 saloon

  21. Muzzammil Usman

    Muzzammil Usman6 годин таму

    Isn't the 370z has a different engine than GTR? I think the 370z has VQ37 and GTR has VR38

  22. Em A

    Em A6 годин таму

    Wii version was good tbh

  23. Jmy

    Jmy6 годин таму

    Honestly this mad man’s sense of customization is getting worse

  24. Hydra11104

    Hydra111046 годин таму

    Controversially this is my favourite need for speed and i finished it 4 times as a kid and started replaying it recently xD. Just something abt the vibe of the game was different and i enjoyed this and prostreet so much.

  25. Niek Senders

    Niek Senders6 годин таму

    I mean yeah kids are playing this but its still 18+ so they have all the right to make that dialogue haha

  26. PolishCarHunter

    PolishCarHunter6 годин таму

    Do NOT buy the Karin Calico in GTA Online. Starting off with its traction or complete lack of it, this piece of WRX sounding like garbage does not handle at all!!! You're always forced to use the damn brake at each corner since it always slides outside like most FWD, overpowered cars do. It feels heavy, the suspension is way too stiff. It almost feels like a cardboard pushed by the wind, sliding onto the ice in the middle of frozen Ladoga lake. Moreover, there is too much hype going around this car. U might get a Comet SR that handles so well and does a better time at the test track or even or even the cheapest Coquette (the one that comes from the original game). U gotta look forward and face the facts guys. Calico is not worth spending money at all. It costs almost 1.5 mio! Who would spend all that cash for such misconception that does not have grip at all. Do not even consider that cause it is going to make you frustrated after the first turn. If you want to afford something reliable just go for something else than this piece of unsteerable utter garbage. This car does not make the racer better in any sense. It is still better to go for Pariah. At least it does have some traction and it is a pretty good choice for racing, once fully tuned. Just do not waste your time and money for the Calico cause you're gonna be dissapointed anyway, I'm certain. Have an great, entertaining day without the Karin Calico! Peace!

  27. Para Keet

    Para Keet6 годин таму

    WHO is still da 2021 Boi

  28. Villainous Vizuals

    Villainous Vizuals6 годин таму

    It's crazy I've been winning alot of reces in the 370z, and I dont see nobody really racing it. Once u know how to handle it, it's Unmatched. The speed it gets coming outta corners its crazy

  29. Just Coops

    Just Coops6 годин таму

    This man literally only hops on gta to do a video when new cars r available. Why bother 🤣

  30. AgroDog

    AgroDog6 годин таму

    btw bp you can make it a lot faster by lowering stance and using low grip tyres and this car also jumps and gaps pariahs (ex-fastest car)

  31. hapwn

    hapwn6 годин таму

    Does Heat have a Supra? Does Heat have an AE86? NO, it doesn't! 😎

  32. Jer E

    Jer E7 годин таму

    His line up was just fine. Check your eyes

  33. blaze flame

    blaze flame7 годин таму

    Payback killed nfs

  34. Angelo

    Angelo7 годин таму

    Why he never put armour upgrade?

  35. mouroulou kristos

    mouroulou kristos7 годин таму

    My life goal is to get a 99' skyline r34

  36. King Skoot

    King Skoot7 годин таму

    I could actually say people have been very respectful in the tuner races so far. I haven't run into much crash racers yet let's see how long that last💯💯

  37. charlie

    charlie7 годин таму

    bro you don’t how to make cars look good

  38. tony

    tony7 годин таму

    I wanna play GTA so bad, but my 1660 ti died and now I have no money for a new one :(

  39. Jer E

    Jer E7 годин таму

    You're so pefect

  40. Mr Tondas

    Mr Tondas7 годин таму

    What wheels did he use?

  41. EV

    EV7 годин таму

    At this point, I just want to frigging time machine back to 2002 and enjoy the good ol' days

  42. M_42emir

    M_42emir8 годин таму

    ZR-350 Is The Model From San Andreas That's Why Name Doesn't Match This Model, At San Andreas ZR-350 Was A Sports Car Maybe Even A Super But Now It's This Thing.

  43. Stu Henry

    Stu Henry8 годин таму

    mint F1 bro

  44. Oliver Pearce

    Oliver Pearce8 годин таму

    What are those wheels?

  45. Blaster Anonymous

    Blaster Anonymous8 годин таму

    Came here after Ar12 built his own version of Celica. I'm currently racing my Zentourno in GTA. 11:52 NFS is dead with the updates

  46. NoAh tHe GoD God

    NoAh tHe GoD God8 годин таму

    How do you get the mclaren one of the guys had

  47. Jenifon H.

    Jenifon H.8 годин таму

    Am i the only one that finds the euros absolutely hideous looking? xD

  48. Scepii vLoGz

    Scepii vLoGz8 годин таму

    bro under the roof option in the quick menu, you can stance it

  49. MCPunk55

    MCPunk558 годин таму

    In case you didn't notice, the Near Miss stunt during those races is bugged and doesn't work.

  50. Jack Evans

    Jack Evans9 годин таму

    We need another stream and car meet! Please Theo

  51. Coati

    Coati9 годин таму

    I am Japanese.🇯🇵 Japanese cars in the 90's usually rnu on public streets!!!!!!

  52. Kebiksons

    Kebiksons9 годин таму

    They shouldve added drift races, otherwise whats the point of low grip tires

  53. Dylan Brunning

    Dylan Brunning9 годин таму

    Hows it so grippy, ive got the car and it has so much understeer

  54. Luke Brown

    Luke Brown9 годин таму

    My ps4 is broken and I have all my shit on there so I ain’t gonna play this update man it sucks🤣

  55. TRICON

    TRICON9 годин таму

    I think gate type checkpoints would fir these races way more, because you could at least see where you can cut through corners to still pick it up, unlike these rings that are in the middle of the road and you dont know if youll pick it up or not when cutting

  56. My Man

    My Man9 годин таму

    Theo, in the street race series, there are shortcuts that help a lot. They are signed as like see threw checkpoints on the minimap. Great video btw

  57. ice bear

    ice bear9 годин таму

    Le levels of po po Level 1: Victoria and charger they the poo cops Level2; Rhinos the strong bois Level 3:cross gtr Corvette speed bois What to get radar distruop and repairs

  58. Navyadeepx _

    Navyadeepx _9 годин таму

    I wonder why they named the car futo

  59. Ben Dawes

    Ben Dawes9 годин таму

    If nobody knows you can easily get the prize car by racing one other person 3 times for 3 days in a row you don’t need to play public, I won the car after I was left in the race alone

  60. Carlos Caldwell

    Carlos Caldwell9 годин таму

    You should try to make a track maybe ? If they got that yet ?

  61. Simone Brugiatelli

    Simone Brugiatelli9 годин таму

    He speaks italian in some scenes?

  62. coilin daly

    coilin daly9 годин таму

    I have one

  63. mgk - metal gear kelly

    mgk - metal gear kelly10 годин таму

    "Enjoy your spotlight while it lasts, Toyota" - Sincerely, Porsche

  64. TheStingRay

    TheStingRay10 годин таму

    "the first proper drift car" Drift Tampa and Drift Yosemite: are we a joke to you?


    ALEYXYEL10 годин таму

    Is gta 5 a cross-platform game now?

  66. Fred John

    Fred John10 годин таму

    Is that a supra?!

  67. OMGDatBoyNice

    OMGDatBoyNice11 годин таму

    👍 you deserve it, keep up the 🔥 vids!

  68. FREE HK

    FREE HK11 годин таму

    Ricest car youtuber fo sho

  69. YungSimba 61

    YungSimba 6111 годин таму

    Im sorry but this dude sounds like kermit the frog

  70. Rari98

    Rari9811 годин таму

    spent 2hours racing in stanced mode hating my life, dont do that

  71. Top Bun

    Top Bun11 годин таму

    Sick Bentley!

  72. Pranav Op

    Pranav Op11 годин таму

    The calico is faster.than the supra

  73. Lindane Mnguni

    Lindane Mnguni11 годин таму

    They should give us the choice when you bet the boss whether to take his crew's or turn them in and go in missions with like in GTA5 stealing making money, cars and more making it Most Wanted 2 make it much longer to finish so you can Enjoy yourself

  74. Niv13

    Niv1311 годин таму

    Just call it the fireblade man.

  75. Rashad Rombley

    Rashad Rombley11 годин таму

    I played payback for thr first time in a while and man....nostalgia.

  76. Bryan Max

    Bryan Max11 годин таму

    How is camaro ss worse than challenger and mustang dumbfounds me. These cars are awesome

  77. StxnceUK

    StxnceUK11 годин таму

    The “broken boy” car scene on TikTok is just super annoying

  78. Beam Light

    Beam Light11 годин таму

    I feel like the Ford Focus fits more as a touring car.

  79. Honda Boy

    Honda Boy11 годин таму

    Launch pack is best DLC