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  1. Beatriz Romero

    Beatriz Romero6 годин таму

    My favourite is eleven of course!!!

  2. Vera

    Vera6 годин таму

    AAAH MUSIC FROM 'DE STAAT'!!! so exciting

  3. Halamadrid21

    Halamadrid216 годин таму


  4. ceb

    ceb6 годин таму

    Formula 1 : drive to survive

  5. Sara

    Sara6 годин таму

    Anyways, bring The Society back. Thanks.

  6. A Tuna Si

    A Tuna Si6 годин таму


  7. Ojan Moss

    Ojan Moss6 годин таму

    😪 he’s gonna ruin spike

  8. epicwhat001

    epicwhat0016 годин таму

    He is not a nice Night Stalker like Kolchak!

  9. Daniel 7

    Daniel 76 годин таму

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

  10. Byron Hamel

    Byron Hamel6 годин таму

    I loved this. Hilarious.

  11. Λ_DV

    Λ_DV6 годин таму

    4:35 thank you for that comment... I guess

  12. Afzal sanaulla

    Afzal sanaulla6 годин таму

    Stranger Thhings season 4 when is coming..

  13. Anya-Willow O' Brien

    Anya-Willow O' Brien6 годин таму

    Disguised as Dana Carvey 💀✨

  14. BvtterflyCake

    BvtterflyCake6 годин таму

    Anyone still waiting for dont look up? 🤧

  15. Ibrahim

    Ibrahim6 годин таму

    Hey please realease daybreak season 2.

  16. FILMA HD

    FILMA HD6 годин таму

    All boring stuff.

  17. Hazel Mwandurah

    Hazel Mwandurah6 годин таму

    Goodness gracious this is damn cool Netflix

  18. Giorgos Papatsoris

    Giorgos Papatsoris6 годин таму


  19. -

    -6 годин таму


  20. John Michael Sotto Meorom

    John Michael Sotto Meorom6 годин таму

    Amazing God's creation! ❤️

  21. palzıwhy

    palzıwhy6 годин таму

    YESSSS feminist masterpieace

  22. Josephine Sachi Devi Rianzares

    Josephine Sachi Devi Rianzares6 годин таму

    Yeah true josenifa yeash ericka is so weird and very shy and happy so weird

  23. Keira Fitzgerald

    Keira Fitzgerald6 годин таму

    It looked like a big plastic slinky is on Trixie's head... at least to me

  24. nvelet koslin

    nvelet koslin6 годин таму

    the things these demon times have me watching 👁👄👁

  25. LaDonna Coleman

    LaDonna Coleman6 годин таму


  26. Sami Rehman

    Sami Rehman6 годин таму

    I wanna be soo damn happy like the motorbike scene 🖤

  27. Jason Frazier

    Jason Frazier6 годин таму

    Well, that's 2 months in a row with nothing worth watching from Netflix for me. Hopefully April will have something better.

  28. The Cat in the Hat

    The Cat in the Hat6 годин таму

    When are y’all gonna make a better movie that portrays me correctly

  29. Dank’ntrans

    Dank’ntrans6 годин таму

    Take people’s right and call them terrorists when they retaliate

  30. saffwan nyzam

    saffwan nyzam6 годин таму

    Best quotes from bear.."in the wild you can't depend on the technology you can only rely on your survival knowledge and suvival skill.."

  31. The Joker

    The Joker6 годин таму

    Yay another month with nothing to be excited for who would have thought

  32. The real Nancy wheeler

    The real Nancy wheeler6 годин таму

    I really wish they didn’t cancel this show.

  33. The Joker

    The Joker6 годин таму

    @4:50 i thought that was Cody Ko lmao

  34. Joenevie Almonte

    Joenevie Almonte6 годин таму

    Yumeko eyes when she's insane is kinda like sasuke mangekyu sharinggan But when she's insane she's so so so creepy

  35. Ioana Daniela M.

    Ioana Daniela M.6 годин таму

    Peyton List left the chat...

  36. Kayla Marieee

    Kayla Marieee6 годин таму

    Sooo when is icarly coming out with more seasons 🤔

  37. brandonisonline

    brandonisonline6 годин таму

    MARCH 1st

  38. x_OQ

    x_OQ6 годин таму

    Part 2?

  39. Chill Soul

    Chill Soul6 годин таму

    Where is green eggs and ham???? Or am I the only one?

  40. Diego Ledezma

    Diego Ledezma6 годин таму

    I’m convinced Netflix just likes to cancel the good stuff and produce stuff nobody asked for

  41. TheNormalPigeon

    TheNormalPigeon6 годин таму

    when netflix got this movie pitched i bet they only saw a 6'1 girl made entirely out of cash

  42. 4evafly J

    4evafly J6 годин таму

    I’m 21 min 🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭she makes me sick 🤮

  43. Michael Stramboli

    Michael Stramboli6 годин таму

    I'm waiting for the movie....women in the window....can't wait to see that thriller but yea this month I'll be switching over to hbo max for sure

  44. Bishop White

    Bishop White6 годин таму

    Ahh look. More pilfered material from talentless hacks.

  45. Luecis Turner

    Luecis Turner6 годин таму

    Tired of Netflix releasing shit in different languages. This is America not Jamaica or African. Keep in American please Netflix

  46. Lostneru

    Lostneru6 годин таму

    so it's THE 100 but CYBERWAR


    HANAFIY MEDIA6 годин таму


  48. Gavin Campbell

    Gavin Campbell6 годин таму

    The Goat of rapping

  49. jujia7

    jujia76 годин таму

    "what is this vape?''!! I feel like it's getting bigger every shot!" 🤣🤣

  50. whatdoyoumeanbro

    whatdoyoumeanbro6 годин таму

    88k likes and 2.2M dislikes LMFAO

  51. Aja Cenaé

    Aja Cenaé6 годин таму

    Finally nailed it is back it’s been a year

  52. suleman ahmad

    suleman ahmad6 годин таму

    I wish they keep making new seasons.. Every show is like a movie ❤❤

  53. Oliver Clifford

    Oliver Clifford6 годин таму

    Unsolved is good on Netflix, all about biggie and pacs murders

  54. Sheena p Moffett

    Sheena p Moffett6 годин таму

    Not good. You would think she'd got caught after doing wrong to all the innocent people

  55. KRYSS

    KRYSS6 годин таму


  56. Typical Kai

    Typical Kai6 годин таму


  57. Ambika Raje Singh

    Ambika Raje Singh6 годин таму

    After Johnny Depp's....captain jack sparrow It's lana's....larr jean.......character where i love both actor and character totally

  58. Dee Jay

    Dee Jay6 годин таму

    this was all doodoo wheres Better Call Saul S5

  59. SethCoC

    SethCoC6 годин таму


  60. Rowan Lockwood

    Rowan Lockwood6 годин таму

    I am SO glad nailed it is coming back

  61. David Elliott

    David Elliott6 годин таму

    This show is amazing

  62. Emma Koiner

    Emma Koiner6 годин таму

    I have one question: WHERE'S LANA???

  63. Superboyhype 1002

    Superboyhype 10026 годин таму

    I really want the cuphead show is anyone excited for that show

  64. goodtimebear1

    goodtimebear16 годин таму

    The truth is that this kind of thing happens a lot and that are government let's it happen to elders mainly because they don't care and that there greed knows no end and these horrible people that commit these crimes should be force to watch as they them selfs lose everything and are locked away. But in my opinion that too good for these people and they should lose there life's there is no reason way the tax payer should have to pay to keep people like this in jail and government should do a better at protecting elderly people and not put the elderly in nurseing home that they are useing to keep people that when confirm to have covid-19 and the only reason the people like this get away with it is because we the American people let them get away with it are government dose not care about us we are just there money machine and thing well all way be that way until the American people stand up and say no more.

  65. Juan torres 001

    Juan torres 0016 годин таму


  66. Todd Petro

    Todd Petro6 годин таму

    Maybe they should have added to this awesome documentary the fact that Africa sold its own people into slavery for a buck and how about the black plantation owners that were crueler in some cases than the white plantation owners. My ancestors fought in that war to free the slaves. We all stand together when we stop seeing the color we inhabit.

  67. Stay Alive For Me

    Stay Alive For Me6 годин таму

    I need season 5 for “F is for family “

  68. Stellarspace

    Stellarspace7 годин таму

    Every Cliche Possible, But Foreign the Movie

  69. Ranjith Rajeshawar

    Ranjith Rajeshawar7 годин таму

    thomas jeffery hanks. that's all.

  70. Nigeljij Johnson

    Nigeljij Johnson7 годин таму

    Please Disney dinosaurs please😖🙏

  71. Lil Spray

    Lil Spray7 годин таму

    Yoo he looks like the notorious big

  72. patty nava

    patty nava7 годин таму

    miguel nails s purple xd

  73. Cereal4Rio

    Cereal4Rio7 годин таму

    I am sooo excited for a week away!!, the dancing and soundtrack!🕺💜

  74. Ray Murray

    Ray Murray7 годин таму

    Time to cancel netflix

  75. KXOM 77

    KXOM 777 годин таму

    This gentleman taught me that the sky is the limit! His music is very special to me. We love and miss you Christopher, May the Lord have you in his eternal glory❤️

  76. Ana Carolina Murad

    Ana Carolina Murad7 годин таму

    You go, girl! 💕❤️💕❤️💕😍

  77. Raven Rav

    Raven Rav7 годин таму

    i hope everybody behind the atrocity called cuties gets the justice they deserve.


    SALVEE BALDIVIA7 годин таму

    Is this will have season 2?