Why I'm Coming Back To YouTube
The End.

The End.

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  1. Oby Wan

    Oby Wan3 години таму

    Is this a pc game cause I can’t find it on ps4

  2. GhostIshi05

    GhostIshi053 години таму

    Noah bro, why you gotta call us out when you asked who turned the volume down....i mean ofc i did i hate horror but love it when you get scared

  3. Josh924

    Josh9244 години таму

    Man I’ve been watching you for years. My father took his own life yesterday. Watching your videos have helped me take my mind off of it. Please don’t leave YT. You do a lot for people that you don’t even know.

  4. Kim Eriksen

    Kim Eriksen4 години таму

    Welcome back, we missed you 🎉🥳

  5. Gadiel Loya

    Gadiel Loya4 години таму

    2:42:00 I like how it says “collect rose 2/4” 💀

  6. lily jeon

    lily jeon4 години таму

    your expression when mommy turn into monster is such a mood

  7. Weeb-Keys

    Weeb-Keys4 години таму

    I'm so confused the last thing I saw from Noah was he was going

  8. i CHIMP

    i CHIMP4 години таму

    it's not creepy anymore but why is it scary?

  9. This account is useless

    This account is useless4 години таму

    I don’t have friends to do it :(

  10. CrossThe Boss

    CrossThe Boss5 годин таму

    I thought this try hard was done gaming with his farewell video lol 😂

  11. lil Apollo vert

    lil Apollo vert5 годин таму

    Noah I’m the worst at horror games also noah cracked my guy 😩

  12. njb

    njb5 годин таму

    What is the acronym for Pawg? He says it a ton.

  13. Sid Art Gallery

    Sid Art Gallery5 годин таму

    55:19 Thank me later👀.

  14. lovedaniel

    lovedaniel5 годин таму

    When he didn't get the riddle a piece of my soul died and I lost faith in humanity


    95TURBOTEGGY5 годин таму

    Thanks for the walkthrough! I watched both parts after work! Looking forward to part 3.

  16. Aarplane

    Aarplane5 годин таму

    His screams 😂😂 also I’m really happy other people play this game because I would never have the balls to play them...

  17. Trace Taylor

    Trace Taylor5 годин таму

    I absolutely love this guy’s content and commentary

  18. thechoas kingman

    thechoas kingman5 годин таму

    He risk it all

  19. Gravy

    Gravy5 годин таму


  20. Chase Pebelier

    Chase Pebelier5 годин таму

    This is what you call empathy thank you so much for everything you do and all you done for me and all the other people watching this again thank you so much and we love you Noah

  21. Nameless Doctor

    Nameless Doctor6 годин таму

    "The same things that make us laugh, make us cry..." -Big Smoke

  22. GumpyCat116 Game's

    GumpyCat116 Game's6 годин таму

    Ya gonna look for the demon killer dagger

  23. Fihs Nakless

    Fihs Nakless6 годин таму

    Cracks me up Game: "Here gamer take this literal pipe bomb right before you face three enemies at once" Noahj: "Thats alotta ammo" *proceeds to juke enemies and miss out on all of the loot* Also noahj: "Imagine I just use the pipe bomb to unlock this easy to lockpick drawer"

  24. Austin Crotteau

    Austin Crotteau6 годин таму

    U got some "Ballz of Steel" Noah because I had to put my finger on my phone's speaker

  25. David Romine

    David Romine6 годин таму

    Dimitrescu just turns into a Bloodborne boss, alright

  26. Spotlight Exotic

    Spotlight Exotic6 годин таму

    Noah you gotta inspect everything you pick up

  27. Lucas Parlow

    Lucas Parlow6 годин таму

    I cant wait to get it

  28. Hotaru Haganezuka

    Hotaru Haganezuka6 годин таму

    So we’re just not gonna talk abt how the grave was locked from the other side? ok bet.

  29. Dumfuks Like you

    Dumfuks Like you6 годин таму

    Noah can I get your ps5 name please

  30. Daddy

    Daddy6 годин таму

    Summary of video: “I need money”

  31. Fihs Nakless

    Fihs Nakless7 годин таму

    Guaranteed 100% legit free Ray gun from the merchant!! Just follow these simple steps. Aim at face with pistol for exactly 3 seconds, 360 while jumping 2 times, crouch and melee in is order face face, crotch crotch, left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, arm (either arm), belly, then press start. If done correctly the merchant explodes and leaves a ray gun that one shots everything.

  32. Bryson Culshaw

    Bryson Culshaw7 годин таму

    Directors cut tomorrow

  33. Chad Debuff

    Chad Debuff7 годин таму

    This is what I'll be playing. Cold war is in the garbage I my opinion.

  34. AvelXBL

    AvelXBL7 годин таму

    Started watching this in the bo3 era wish I could go back and watch the 24 hour streams of ee hunts lmao I’m glad ur back

  35. bongoboyj

    bongoboyj7 годин таму

    1:29:00 _"Never doubt the pooper."_ NoahJ 2021

  36. Mario Spruill

    Mario Spruill7 годин таму

    I love Noah 😂😂😂😂

  37. zcythx

    zcythx7 годин таму

    Day 6 of asking Noah to notice me

  38. Mario Velasquez

    Mario Velasquez7 годин таму

    That hair cut


    KV2 SOVIET TANK7 годин таму

    I see zombies boss fight the thumbnail being the cyberdemon

  40. Skrinzz

    Skrinzz7 годин таму

    some grapes would hit different rn

  41. Steven Boan

    Steven Boan7 годин таму

    Man...ngl I thought Noah was about 5'10"....damn

  42. RaymondM2323

    RaymondM23237 годин таму

    Mommy went full Ahamkara 😍😍😍

  43. Lillian Magee

    Lillian Magee7 годин таму

    Noah “how do we go down” Me “just go down the hall of pleasure and you shall see” 😂😂

  44. Gaming_Reaper289

    Gaming_Reaper2897 годин таму

    im never having kids after watching this. nope. never.

  45. Strik3r

    Strik3r8 годин таму

    28:07 when your tells you to take the trash out at night and your garbage can is on the side of the house 😐👋😵

  46. Tyler Lindholm

    Tyler Lindholm8 годин таму

    His I’m sorrys at the beginning reminded me of the scene in Zathura when the little brother hit the older one with a baseball😂

  47. Hugo Zeng

    Hugo Zeng8 годин таму

    Pog pog pog!!!

  48. parker stott

    parker stott8 годин таму

    I’m so happy you’re still here Noah!

  49. Xxmontoya530xX

    Xxmontoya530xX8 годин таму

    you should start uploading in 4k........ please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please please please pleaseplease please please please please please please please please please please please

  50. Easton Hester

    Easton Hester8 годин таму

    you made a god out of bloodhounds.

  51. the real GNSS_sniper

    the real GNSS_sniper8 годин таму

    This confuse me it looks like bo3 has the HUD of bocw but has the characters and stuff from bo3 ??

  52. Skredbeam

    Skredbeam8 годин таму

    12Tea Bags, was kinda over kill😭😂 That doll level got me looking forward to the next Bosses!

  53. JUMA

    JUMA8 годин таму

    Nice 👍🏻

  54. The Yuca-clan

    The Yuca-clan8 годин таму

    Damn your not going away man that’s a bummer oh well what can you do it is what it is I guess

  55. covinha shit

    covinha shit8 годин таму


  56. Myles Garrett

    Myles Garrett8 годин таму

    2:04 🤣🤣🤣

  57. TheMazieman

    TheMazieman9 годин таму

    I tried to play this map, but I got to overwhelmed in the first room. This is a whole campaign, not just a map. It's pretty crazy what this guy created.

  58. Momo Kreepin

    Momo Kreepin9 годин таму

    Is this Cold War? Custom zombies map?

  59. Chris

    Chris9 годин таму

    This was gold lol

  60. dbcooper003

    dbcooper0039 годин таму

    Legend has it Noah just uploaded fire bow tutorial

  61. Emilio Gamboa

    Emilio Gamboa9 годин таму

    Love watching this game so far

  62. Scott Messick II

    Scott Messick II9 годин таму

    Why is Ethan always missing fingers in these games, and then magically getting th back the next game.

  63. reign drop

    reign drop9 годин таму

    people watching in 2021..

  64. Joel B

    Joel B9 годин таму

    That was quick

  65. -_--_-

    -_--_-9 годин таму

    damn i sure will miss the voice actors and the zombies story shit broke my heart when they said goodbye.

  66. YunaLuvGamez

    YunaLuvGamez9 годин таму

    I just started playing RE8 as well! I AM SO HYPED it takes so much inspiration from Resident Evil 4 and that's my favorite game! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! 😊💞

  67. Peashooter master

    Peashooter master9 годин таму

    Im glad your not leaving I have been watching your streams for sence like gta 4 streams your a legend and dont let anyone say that your not

  68. Lixxl

    Lixxl9 годин таму

    Didn't know Luiza was an Apex Legend.

  69. Somebody Alive

    Somebody Alive9 годин таму

    Zombie: Takes 3 shotgun blasts to the head Noah: "It's okay, these guys die pretty easily."

  70. I Was Watching YouTube

    I Was Watching YouTube9 годин таму

    Go back

  71. Michael Kennedy

    Michael Kennedy10 годин таму

    Should have taken the hanging things off the pistol and shotgun 😭

  72. Kelly

    Kelly10 годин таму

    missed a goat on the bridge.

  73. lava syth

    lava syth10 годин таму

    wow only 2 days in and already 10k likes

  74. Shadow Dragon

    Shadow Dragon10 годин таму

    It Felt Like He Spent Most On His Time On The Merchant

  75. Shadow Dragon

    Shadow Dragon10 годин таму

    I Know Yall Thought Of Doing That Too: 1:32:45

  76. TheWinner Arb

    TheWinner Arb10 годин таму

    We’re u guys playing Cold War

  77. Mr Chai

    Mr Chai10 годин таму

    RE 8 Village? More like how many times can Ethan hurt his hands in one game.

  78. James Douglas

    James Douglas10 годин таму

    That was not price that was WOODS!!!!!!!!!

  79. PitchBright

    PitchBright10 годин таму

    This is why I don’t use PlayStation lol