Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. Mike Panton

    Mike Panton22 години таму

    Jokic is being penalized because he looks like a janitor

  2. HR Paperstacks

    HR Paperstacks22 години таму

    This man Shannon Sharpe said "they couldn't play dead in a horror movie." 😭😭😭

  3. Kris Topher

    Kris Topher22 години таму

    I've been saying he's the best BIG in basketball but all everyone says to me is that's AD! AD is so fragile an egg would have a better chance at not breaking during an NBA game than AD. Joker is a complete player and deserves an MVP for this season with Curry getting 2nd place..

  4. Israel Marlo

    Israel Marlo22 години таму

    Skip didn’t have any comeback after Shannon brought up Lebron won back to back MVP in 09 & 10

  5. WWJD 2021

    WWJD 202122 години таму

    Shannon tries but he ain't got no dog in this fight.

  6. Thomas Wilson

    Thomas Wilson22 години таму

    I’m sick and tired of the curry slander. How does this conversation even come up. If you actually believe something like this I just don’t trust first of all your intelligence, but especially your basketball opinion.

  7. Marquez Jones

    Marquez Jones22 години таму

    Very good spade hand

  8. Gad

    Gad22 години таму

    No CP3. Dame, Stockton, Tbh Magic can't chat to the individual exploits of WB period

  9. Saad Khan

    Saad Khan22 години таму

    Skip talks nonsense most of the time but im with him on this one. People hate on kobe it’s ridiculous. If lebron fans say shaq carried kobe how many championships did shaq have withone kobe only one because dwade was playing lights out. Kobe had 2. Next, your really telling me the warriors in 15 were better than the big three celtics and bad boy pistons, gimme a break. Jordan for sure would of win the title with that cavs team. And yes Jordan would never lose to 2011 Mavericks and 2014 spurs with dwade and bosh. Don’t believe me watch the 1998 finals. Jordan literally carried that team to victory. These lebron fans are crazy smh

  10. Emerson Sortun

    Emerson Sortun22 години таму

    Jokic is having one of the greatest seasons of ALL TIME. And he is NOT all finesse. He uses his size to great effect under the hoop. Plenty of guys may look stronger than him, but you don’t always have to look strong to play strong.

  11. Reza Sanjari

    Reza Sanjari22 години таму

    Loool I love this topic, George Paul I give him a 1 outta 10 PROVE IT IN THE PLAYOFFS, otherwise like shay said Dennis this B4 , dude gonna flame out AGAIN when it matters most

  12. james evans

    james evans22 години таму


  13. Yunus ömer

    Yunus ömer22 години таму

    KD was not a winning basketball player thats why he went and join the gsw.. yall love to forget that Kd was on that 3-1 lead

  14. Albin Mermoud

    Albin Mermoud22 години таму

    The dude criticizes steph for not being clutch for ten minutes as his only argument and then says harden is better wtf

  15. Scisca

    Scisca22 години таму

    "Embiid can carry you further than Jokić". Embiid never made it out of the 2nd round, Jokić made it to the Conference Finals. Peak journalism

  16. Joe Hooker

    Joe Hooker22 години таму

    Indiana had 2 starters, role players and gleaguers

  17. Chase Butler

    Chase Butler22 години таму

    Skip literally has to bite his lips while Shannon talks 🤣

  18. Bruno Vieira Fairas

    Bruno Vieira Fairas22 години таму

    Who would have thought that I'd have enjoyed watching the Hornets games so much in the regular season. Man, every match up it's a playoff game for those commentators.

  19. Xavier t

    Xavier t22 години таму

    Not really objective when he screams at lebron for mistakes, but seems to whisper them for Kawhi or KD

  20. Issa Kevin

    Issa Kevin22 години таму

    Shannon really pulled out the fragments😩

  21. OldAssYoungBoi

    OldAssYoungBoi22 години таму

    Steph, Magic, Stockton, Isiah Thomas >

  22. Tyrone Rogers

    Tyrone Rogers22 години таму

    With what Jokic is doing without his counterpart Murray is amazing! He most definitely deserve the mvp this year!

  23. Get Right 2 it Podcast

    Get Right 2 it Podcast22 години таму

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  24. Brion Mc Mahon

    Brion Mc Mahon22 години таму

    Zion can enjoy not making the playoffs whilst Luka back in the playoffs again...

  25. Joseph Monroe

    Joseph Monroe22 години таму

    I agree with skip.

  26. Andres

    Andres22 години таму

    Lebron is just load managing

  27. bigtuck313

    bigtuck31322 години таму

    is skip sniffing coke in the background🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. Joshua Grant

    Joshua Grant22 години таму

    Skip is a 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  29. Evaristo De Jesus

    Evaristo De Jesus23 години таму

    I really believe that if they both (AD +LBJ)are not healthy LA ain't winning the ship.👩‍🦼👩‍🦼

  30. HalleluaDanceTroupe

    HalleluaDanceTroupe23 години таму

    Remember when 30% from 3 was good?!

  31. Kemuel Sanchez

    Kemuel Sanchez23 години таму

    Skip giving PG credit for a game winner... AGAINST TORONTO ffs the bottom feeding toronto raptors lmao

  32. Mahlon Thomas

    Mahlon Thomas23 години таму

    Skip is so full of stuff he stinks 😭😭😭🤣😆🤣🤣

  33. Naim Collins

    Naim Collins23 години таму

    Westbrook to the Lakers

  34. FBA Lifestyle

    FBA Lifestyle23 години таму

    Shannon is the dumbest person in sports media

  35. Dan Cic

    Dan Cic23 години таму

    Plus, as a PG...Zo has been undermined on his second year because he has a ball dominant teammate.

  36. bxprince mercedes

    bxprince mercedes23 години таму

    media doesn't care about jokic because he doesn't do a shimmy shake after every shot

  37. morlak rollon

    morlak rollon23 години таму

    Skip hatin cuz joker k.o'd clippers last year

  38. Mentle Gen

    Mentle Gen23 години таму

    Everyone knows Jokic is the MVP. It's only a discussion because shows like this have to fill time. To be fair, it worked, because I'm here watching and commenting, but I would be watching if this was just Skip and Shannon appreciating Jokic, or appreciating how good Embiid, CP3 and Steph have been in their own right. There's no need to pretend there's a real argument about the MVP though.

  39. Silent Grind.

    Silent Grind.23 години таму

    Curry 1, jokic 2, Paul 3 for mvp

  40. Alexander Walls

    Alexander Walls23 години таму

    And iverson is not a pg

  41. Alexander Walls

    Alexander Walls23 години таму

    Russ is top 5 or 3

  42. Jah Tillah

    Jah Tillah23 години таму

    If kd play the way he’s played these last couple games in the fourth and chokes that way in the playoffs I’ll never look at him the same no lie can’t use no excuses for this

  43. Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος

    Μέγας Ἀλέξανδρος23 години таму

    Lebron is a complete joke

  44. Stef T

    Stef T23 години таму

    "Embiid can carry you farther then Jokic can carry you.." Shannon with the great response, Skip again with the "mmh" knowing he loses yet again as a very bad reporter/analyses guy or whatever he thinks he is. Jokic for mvp and it's not even close.. maybe just debate who is the best of the rest

  45. Cornelius Mahone

    Cornelius Mahone23 години таму

    So nobody gone talk about Kobe playing on 2 sprained ankles in the same playoffs one ofem the same injury high ankle sprained the year dirk beat a healthy lebron

  46. Julian Smith Vlogs

    Julian Smith Vlogs23 години таму

    Jenny had to draw the line with Shannon and that Gerber baby stuff lollll

  47. Jason David

    Jason David23 години таму

    Kid made 6 rap albums 😂😂😂😂

  48. Eterday ClapZ

    Eterday ClapZ23 години таму

    Russ ain’t 2 wtf he good but he ain’t accomplished nothing curry #2

  49. Slime G.O.A.T

    Slime G.O.A.T23 години таму

    I’m not even a lebron fan but skip be Nitpicking I swea😂

  50. Keyshon Martin

    Keyshon Martin23 години таму

    This aged well 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  51. TheDarkHunter81

    TheDarkHunter8123 години таму

    Only took until Lebrons 18th year for Skip to admit he just wants to see Lebron lose

  52. j King

    j King23 години таму

    Lonzo shouldn't have went to the lakers. If he wouldn't had all that expectation think he would receive more love. Lamelo good but he on a young team, not the best player yet on that team, and nobody expects anything of them. They need a different coach...just hope lamelo actually grows and develops

  53. Beast

    Beast23 години таму

    Cp3 and Steph on the all time list before westbrook.

  54. Vinnay

    Vinnay23 години таму

    Just get big tall defenses. I cant stop these pass routes recievers are gunna catch the ball. How tall are reciever? Tall so get big tall defense to tackle them

  55. A K

    A K23 години таму

    Gonna be the first whiteboy to win mvp in a while

  56. Aniv

    Aniv23 години таму

    He had covid-13 on his team ffs

  57. Bido Caculba

    Bido Caculba23 години таму

    I wish logan win🙏

  58. Werner Foerster

    Werner Foerster23 години таму

    SS: "... fight over a piece of chicken" lmao

  59. Aniv

    Aniv23 години таму

    Why yall comenting about Jenny cant handle giving russ props

  60. Khemchan Persaud

    Khemchan Persaud23 години таму

    Shannon is money boi... Lmao

  61. Graham Roberts

    Graham Roberts23 години таму

    Have you guys noticed that Skip does not like Chris that much like he use too

  62. Big Boss Phil.

    Big Boss Phil.23 години таму

    Skip clearly deserves his 8Mpa salary. This show would flop with any other host.

  63. Donnie Meekins

    Donnie Meekins23 години таму

    Gronk isn't no Randy moss

  64. Tangibles

    Tangibles23 години таму

    Tht exact same game dame wave at pg 30+

  65. Ch K

    Ch K23 години таму

    At last, some "experts" started recognising Jokic. This guy Bay-less, is another one "expert" who really really hates Jokic.

  66. WWJD 2021

    WWJD 202123 години таму

    Totally on cubes side...MJ won with what were his side dishes. LB wins by design and is 3-6 in the finals while MJ is 6-0 and also when BOTH conferences were equal.

  67. Hero Carter

    Hero Carter23 години таму

    Bottom line for Russ. Shoot less, Pass more, Win more. 💯

  68. Shane Lincoln

    Shane Lincoln23 години таму

    I love when skip has no response then says “All I know is...” and changes the subject lol

  69. Hero Carter

    Hero Carter23 години таму

    Shot out to the lovely lady “Never question his work ethic” just beautiful words

  70. Sheed From da Smokestacks

    Sheed From da Smokestacks23 години таму

    Shannon a stone cold hater