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Blake VS Mikasa w/ Commentary
Heihachi VS Geese w/ Commentary
Doctor Doom Rules DEATH BATTLE!
Shadow VS Ryuko w/ Commentary
Yoda VS King Mickey w/ Commentary
Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!

Trusts in DEATH BATTLE Yoda Does!

2 месяцы таму

  1. Matt Say Yay

    Matt Say Yay20 годин таму

    Did they mention Blake's voice actress in here? (I'm too lazy to watch the whole thing)

  2. jdng86

    jdng8620 годин таму

    And yet I'm still not interested in watching RWBY. Funny that.

  3. Ethan Mejia

    Ethan Mejia20 годин таму

    Plz do Henry Stickmin VS Red (Puffballs United VS Mondo Media)

  4. mason man coffey

    mason man coffey20 годин таму

    Spawn versus hell boy

  5. Temar Wallen

    Temar Wallen20 годин таму


  6. Max K

    Max K20 годин таму


  7. Knight of Archery

    Knight of Archery20 годин таму

    I still would say Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Qrow Branwen would be an awesome matchup. Like swordscythe vs swordscythe... ^^

  8. Charlie Slater

    Charlie Slater20 годин таму

    This seems kind of an unfair fight. They’re roughly the same in skill but blake has a better arsenal and superpowers. Mikasa is still better that all of RWBY when it comes to how good of a character is though.

  9. Konton

    Konton20 годин таму

    1. Usagi Tsukino vs Pegasus Seiya (Sailor Moon vs Saint Seiya) 2. Shulk vs Lightning (Xenoblade Chronicles vs Final Fantasy) 3. Sakura Kasugano vs Shingo Yabuki (Street Fighter vs King of Fighters) 4. Sash Lilac vs Shantae (Freedom Planet vs Shantae) 5. Erza vs Saber (Fairy Tail vs Fate/Zero-Stay Night) 6. Killua Zoldyck vs Yuma Kuga (Hunter × Hunter vs World Trigger) 7. Satou vs Kirito (Death March vs Sword Art Online) 8. Vilgax vs Zarkon (Ben 10 vs Voltron: Legendary Defender) 9. Android 17 vs Cyborg (Dragon Ball vs DC Comics) 10. Issei Hyoudou vs Basara Toujou (Highschool DxD vs The Testament of Sister New Devil) 11. Makarov Dreyar vs Hiruzen Sarutobi (Fairy Tail vs Naruto) 12. Phoenix Ikki vs Vegeta (Saint Seiya vs Dragon Ball) 13. Akuma vs Yujiro (Street Fighter vs Grappler Baki) 14. Himiko Toga vs Genocider Syo (My Hero Academia vs Danganronpa) 15. Cell vs Zygarde (Dragon Ball vs Pokémon) 16. Neo Cortex vs Dr. Nefarious (Crash Bandicoot vs Ratchet & Clank) 17. Naofumi Iwatani vs Hajime Nagumo (The Rising Of The Shield Hero vs Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest) 18. Kai vs Laval (Ninjago vs Chima) 19. Garchomp vs Terrafin (Pokémon vs Skylanders) 20. Atrocitus vs Asura (DC Comics vs Asura’s Wrath) 21. Hisoka Morow vs Ferid Bathory (Hunter × Hunter vs Seraph of the End) 22. Eris vs Jet Vac (Chima vs Skylanders) 23. Chop Chop vs Aegislash (Skylanders vs Pokémon) 24. Steven vs KO or Finn (Steven Universe vs OK KO Let's Be Heroes or Adventure Time) 25. Anos Voldigoad vs Rimuru Tempest (The Misfit of Demon King Academy vs That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) 26. Sailor Venus vs Andromeda Shun (Sailor Moon vs Saint Seiya) 27. Dai vs Natsu (Dragon Quest vs Fairy Tail) 28. Venusaur vs Camo (Pokémon vs Skylanders) 29. Dan Kuso vs Gingka Hagane (Bakugan vs Beyblade)

  10. Trev Da Healer

    Trev Da Healer20 годин таму

    Canaan vs revy ever?

  11. tonybuk70

    tonybuk7020 годин таму

    i hate this video. dante is only tough in cuscenes in game he is the world weakest pussi assed character ever who dies in 2 hits. making this video pure BS

  12. matt manfredi

    matt manfredi20 годин таму

    Homelander vs omni man

  13. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    Kung fu Dino vs DragonBall

  14. ultra rage

    ultra rage20 годин таму

    No matter how many soldiers his wife lost, he almost killed her again.

  15. That One Guy

    That One Guy20 годин таму

    44:06 Ayyyyyyyy. Thanks for answering my question, guys.

  16. Atlas

    Atlas20 годин таму

    I'm still disappointed you thought Mikasa was a good idea

  17. Milo tweet gaming

    Milo tweet gaming20 годин таму

    Or u do sonic vs goku

  18. Ed Padilla

    Ed Padilla20 годин таму

    After Po vs Iron 👊 next up is kong vs oozaru (Monsterverse vs 🐉 ⛹)

  19. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    Moral kombat vs porkemon

  20. JackMackAttack 7

    JackMackAttack 720 годин таму

    Do more of these qna they were a lot of fun and interesting

  21. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    DragonBall vs marvel

  22. Milo tweet gaming

    Milo tweet gaming20 годин таму

    Can u pls do amethyst vs Jake pls

  23. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    Lex vs doom

  24. Robin Saini

    Robin Saini20 годин таму

    How about, Superman vs Robin Saini.

  25. Rapid Spirit

    Rapid Spirit20 годин таму

    1 Peter 5:7 “Turn all your anxiety over to God because he cares for you.” Jesus loves you dont give up on him!❤! Jesus is coming back soon , live4him

  26. The BLU Scout From Team Fortress 2

    The BLU Scout From Team Fortress 220 годин таму

    "She has two sets of ears, she must have four times the hearing." DeathBattle, the show about using math to calculate the probability of one character defeating another. Forgets how to use one of the simplest forms of math.

  27. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    Ben wolf vs goku

  28. Aurageyser Knight

    Aurageyser Knight20 годин таму

    Kankuro from naruto vs Lubbock from akame ga kill

  29. Roon Kolos

    Roon Kolos20 годин таму

    This next fight honestly sounds fun as hell

  30. Renamon 565

    Renamon 56520 годин таму

    I have 1 question when rooster teeth is bought by at&t will deathbattle still be a thing?

  31. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    Po vs iron 👊🤛✊🤜👊🤛

  32. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a Mustache20 годин таму

    If Eren was in danger, Mikasa would've gotten a power boost

  33. Honour's Place

    Honour's Place20 годин таму

    Finally, I've been waiting for more Qs for my As

  34. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    Android 18 vs cheetah DragonBall vs dc

  35. Roon Kolos

    Roon Kolos20 годин таму

    The odds of Mikasa winning sas as good as Lex beating Doom, let's not even pretend these last two were remotely close or fair

  36. Aurageyser Knight

    Aurageyser Knight20 годин таму

    Korra from avatar vs cetrion from mortal kombat

  37. frank almonte

    frank almonte20 годин таму

    Can you guys do Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer) vs Seras Victoria(hellsing) ?

  38. Gwenpool

    Gwenpool20 годин таму

    How do you guys feel about Texas?

  39. Brendan Bonmon

    Brendan Bonmon20 годин таму

    Spider-Man vs Beast Boy Generator Rex vs Blue Beetle Damian Wayne vs X-23 Rey vs Korra Eren Yaeger vs Ken Kaneki Geo Stelar vs Max Steel Randy Chunningham vs Jayden Shiba Kim Possible vs Sam Simpson Juniper Lee vs ??? Stitch vs ??? Dipper Pines vs ??? K.O. vs ??? Star Butterfly vs ??? Zak Saturday vs ???

  40. Eugene Godzilla

    Eugene Godzilla20 годин таму

    Hulk vs monster girl

  41. JOHNNY Walker

    JOHNNY Walker20 годин таму

    Mokap vs MokuJin ( Mortal Kombat Vs Tekken). Erron Black Vs Cad Bane ( Mortal Kombat Vs Star Wars). Ashrah vs princess Deirdre mystic knightof Air ( Mortal Kombat Vs Mystic Knight). Nitara vs Morrigan ( Mortal Kombat Vs Darkstalkers). Kira vs Pink Pyscho Ranger ( Mortal Kombat Vs Power Rangers). Sareena Vs Hokoto ( Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter).

  42. JOHNNY Walker

    JOHNNY Walker20 годин таму

    Ferra & Torr Vs Little Sister & Big Daddy ( Mortal Kombat Vs Bioshock). Tremor Vs Onua Uniter Of Earth ( Mortal Kombat Vs Bionicle). Kotal Kahn Vs Hawlucha ( Mortal Kombat Vs Pokemon). Takeda Takahashi vs Spiderman ( Mortal Kombat Vs Marvel). Kung Jin Vs Green Arrow ( Mortal Kombat Vs DC ). Cassie Cage Vs Gia Moran ( Mortal Kombat Vs Power Rangers).

  43. Sun and Moon

    Sun and Moon20 годин таму

    It's time for powerful goku to pick up the win in the next battle. Give me a part 3 already so the boy scout can get destroyed.

  44. Extreme Force

    Extreme Force20 годин таму

    I love JLU Lex Luthor, listen to that cartoon's intro whenever I can..

  45. Carlos Daniel Andrade Fierro

    Carlos Daniel Andrade Fierro20 годин таму

    DEKU (Boku no hero VS ASTA (Black clover)

  46. JK Network

    JK Network20 годин таму

    I honestly don’t see the big deal. They made Yang’s blood yellow after Adam cut her arm off for whatever reason. I just didn’t look too deep into Blake’s blood being purple on the death battle.

  47. beow cheng Kan

    beow cheng Kan20 годин таму

    A really good question one that I asked myself when I first saw it.

  48. Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan20 годин таму

    Day 3 of asking death battle to make a battle using Warhammer 40000 characters

  49. Jasper Liles

    Jasper Liles20 годин таму

    Po vs Iron Fist has me more hyped than ever! Thank you so much for letting it happen!

  50. Hollow Donkey

    Hollow Donkey20 годин таму

    Shuma Gorath vs Cthulhu (Marvel Comics vs Cthulhu Mythos)

  51. Ana Maria Roa

    Ana Maria Roa20 годин таму

    ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ'.....

  52. Jorge Raya

    Jorge Raya20 годин таму

    Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja vs Marinette Dupain-Cheng: The Ladybug (Disney vs ZAG Entertainment)

  53. king kuro neko

    king kuro neko20 годин таму


  54. Undertal_e

    Undertal_e20 годин таму

    imagine walking through the streets at midnight and then you see this 12:10

  55. IronCatBrony

    IronCatBrony20 годин таму

    Giorno Giovanna vs Joker (Persona) Black Adam vs Apocalypse Noel Vermilion vs Aigis

  56. sy.m indie

    sy.m indie21 годину таму


  57. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Moment21 годину таму

    Saitama easily overpowered a beam that was going to destroy the entire earth. And he still wasn't even trying. Nobody actually knows how powerful Saitama is, but we know enough to know that Saitama beats Superman.

  58. Just Some Guy with a Hood

    Just Some Guy with a Hood21 годину таму

    Adam Taurus: RWBY vs Jetstream Sam: Metal Gear (Rooster Teeth vs Konami Digital Entertainment)

  59. Blazer Ball32

    Blazer Ball3221 годину таму

    Aya Brea (Parasite Eve) VS Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) live action. Mitochondria Eve (Parasite Eve) VS Lust (FullMetalAlchemists) in 3D.

  60. Fayt Leingod

    Fayt Leingod21 годину таму

    2 ears makes for normal hearing. 1.x But 4 ears means 4.x the hearing? Lulz Also apparently it's a weakness that Mikasa fights Titans but Blake fights ppl and monsters. Yet this didn't seem to matter when boba Fett fights Jedis vs Samus who fights dumb pirates and monsters.

  61. Lee

    Lee21 годину таму

    Would have been fun if they threw Izanagi or Izanami in the mix, would have heavily turned the tables in Sasukes favor

  62. Mega Dog

    Mega Dog21 годину таму

    Ranga vs Dante


    DEADPOOLII21 годину таму

    they forgot about the anchor

  64. Healthbars battle vídeo

    Healthbars battle vídeo21 годину таму

    Mikasa cut blake's arm

  65. Robert

    Robert21 годину таму

    Why was Erza's meteor feat not included in her Zoro matchup? Wasn't her lack of speed and power the reason she lost? Rematch!

  66. Chaos Kumagawa

    Chaos Kumagawa21 годину таму

    The pure -concept- of this battle is incorrect. You would need to wait for One Piece to end if you -wanted- integrity. Plus, the only level that -should- count for the opponent is the end of the -base- series and nothing from the cash cow that is a continuation, even if the story was always bogged down by its creator and filler.

  67. AtOmAs

    AtOmAs21 годину таму

    dealt the final blow to eren ? HUH ?

  68. TheRickrossfat

    TheRickrossfat21 годину таму

    Blake still would have won but honestly if mikasa did get the opportunity to cut of a body part it would most definitely be the head

  69. Scorpio Jenkins

    Scorpio Jenkins21 годину таму

    you guys should do goku vs scorpion

  70. Arnell Long

    Arnell Long21 годину таму

    "Foot dive" 👣

  71. Heriberto Bautista

    Heriberto Bautista21 годину таму

    Superman strong no doubt in that. But if they somehow fought in a planet with red sun.. superman would be weak..knowing goku he'd let him go..but vegeta would ki blast him to dust

  72. FLMKane

    FLMKane21 годину таму

    I wanna see starscream vs zeta gundam

  73. Brandy Fabian

    Brandy Fabian21 годину таму

    The music though 👌

  74. Dark Kai

    Dark Kai21 годину таму

    Of course the cat girl succeeds. SHE'S A CAT GIRL!

  75. BOI

    BOI21 годину таму

    For a second there I thought leon was fucked due to how many weapons frank has, but my boi succeeded.

  76. Arklus

    Arklus21 годину таму

    'Intangible clones' 'propel herself'

  77. Bradly Merrin

    Bradly Merrin21 годину таму


  78. michael matthews

    michael matthews21 годину таму

    Ohma Tokita vs Baki

  79. Solar Kitsune

    Solar Kitsune21 годину таму

    The only one we need now is Ruby we have Yang vs Tifa Wiess vs Mitsuru and now Blake vs Mikasa