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In 2018 we welcomed Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to our judging panel, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host. Congratulations to our 2019 American Idol, Laine Hardy!

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  1. Trey Enriquez

    Trey Enriquez6 годин таму

    FOX should bring back American Idol

  2. Boomer Burns

    Boomer Burns6 годин таму


  3. Dusty Hughes

    Dusty Hughes6 годин таму

    she not really good at singing

  4. Cassandra Dews

    Cassandra Dews6 годин таму

    What a beautiful voice she is good and so soulful

  5. Zachary Collins

    Zachary Collins6 годин таму

    We better see him in the finale that’s what I’m saying 😍😍😍😍🙌🥺

  6. Raad Issa

    Raad Issa6 годин таму

    This is America 💯💯👌👌🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌

  7. Naturallyashley86

    Naturallyashley866 годин таму

    Holy crap! She’s got that voice at 15 with zero training?! I’m blown away!

  8. Cassandra Dews

    Cassandra Dews6 годин таму

    He sung that ok ok he learned his lesson go baby go baby

  9. MrStonedBuddha

    MrStonedBuddha6 годин таму

    Next Florence Welch!! Incredible.

  10. David Sweeney

    David Sweeney6 годин таму

    I want to hear him now -- that Keytaur!

  11. Jessica VanWinkle

    Jessica VanWinkle6 годин таму

    I would download this in a heartbeat. WOW!!!

  12. Cheyenne Life

    Cheyenne Life6 годин таму

    I used to not believe in reincarnation, but now, after seeing this kid, he reminds me of so many of the old Appalachian country singers.

  13. John Putman

    John Putman6 годин таму

    You're gonna want the volume up for this. Amazing!

  14. tyrell solomon

    tyrell solomon6 годин таму


  15. Cassandra Dews

    Cassandra Dews6 годин таму

    I love his sound

  16. Maureen Wagg

    Maureen Wagg6 годин таму

    I'm so disappointed....I was hoping for Aman Amarth.

  17. Kandi Adams

    Kandi Adams6 годин таму

    I love LR's reaction to him <3 this guy has a great gift.

  18. Tian Richards

    Tian Richards6 годин таму

    THEEE ONE TO BEAT! Her, Nia and Willie will be the ONES this season!

  19. Cheyenne Life

    Cheyenne Life6 годин таму

    I wonder now how many times I've seen this boy out there in the convention circuit in the South. My parents are Appalachian music royalty.

  20. Xymphs

    Xymphs6 годин таму

    she lives in my friend’s neighborhood, crazy bro

  21. funeralswifi

    funeralswifi6 годин таму

    Bro this girl has been in every fucking singing competition 😂😂😂

  22. Dulce Ivonne Rodriguez

    Dulce Ivonne Rodriguez6 годин таму

    I’m laughed a bit too he’s at this. This was amazing. His attitude is so on it.

  23. Willian Sthormes

    Willian Sthormes6 годин таму

    Wow! Talento

  24. Anna Rolo

    Anna Rolo6 годин таму

    You go man!! No, run for it! This is so much fun and your voice is like dry smoked whisky doing the macarena. So cool. Really enjoyed it.

  25. Julio Marte

    Julio Marte6 годин таму

    So proud amandaaaa !!!1

  26. Maureen Wagg

    Maureen Wagg6 годин таму

    She sure had me at Motley Crue. She didn't need the Sarah Vaughan part. She's young. Let her rock out. Skid Row....Monkey Business with the band live. Killah. I love blues too....Beth Hart and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Sarah Vaughan is grandma's music.

  27. Diana Rodriguez-Ruvalcaba

    Diana Rodriguez-Ruvalcaba6 годин таму

    I am obsessed. No further words.

  28. The Fantastic Mr. YAMS

    The Fantastic Mr. YAMS6 годин таму

    How can such a young woman know how to so sing sad and beautiful?

  29. Cheyenne Life

    Cheyenne Life6 годин таму

    Stevie Wonder-esque voice, go with it!

  30. Island Qŵëëëñ

    Island Qŵëëëñ6 годин таму

    She's so incredible, she sounds like a recording or just her playing on the radio. She's great!

  31. EZ M

    EZ M6 годин таму

    Taylor Swift.. hear me.. HE IS YOUR NEXT JUSTIN VERNON!!!!! 🔥✨

  32. Barbara Tibbets

    Barbara Tibbets6 годин таму


  33. Julio Alves

    Julio Alves7 годин таму


  34. Menna Kidane

    Menna Kidane7 годин таму

    run that back turboooo! sheesh

  35. S G

    S G7 годин таму

    Hes got a great story. Too bad his voice is sub par. Bit American idol doesn't want to make people mad so he gets special treatment.

  36. Menna Kidane

    Menna Kidane7 годин таму

    no THANK YOU willie....danggg fam

  37. Brenda Bodwin

    Brenda Bodwin7 годин таму

    I love her sound. Something a little preset up here though. Hmm, 🤔 Something not right here. How did Lionel know she could play the Piano? She didnt say that. Are you musical isnt can you play the piano. How did he know? Hmm 🤔

  38. Benedictsaint

    Benedictsaint7 годин таму

    Don’t mess this up American Idol!

  39. thewatsons915

    thewatsons9157 годин таму

    What a great audition! Congrats!! And can’t wait to see more of you and a few other competitors. It’s going to be an amazing show!! Can’t wait to see more

  40. Amanda T

    Amanda T7 годин таму

    I saw this guy years ago on Instagram, and ever since I have been waiting for this moment and he KILLED IT 🥰

  41. Virgi Dombrowski

    Virgi Dombrowski7 годин таму


  42. Humbaba_

    Humbaba_7 годин таму

    This is what is looks like when someone recognizes their gift & nurtures it.

  43. m shah.h

    m shah.h7 годин таму

    wowwww her voice is really nice and unique

  44. Julio Alves

    Julio Alves7 годин таму

    Beautiful voice

  45. too tea

    too tea7 годин таму

    Que voz maravilhosa e emocionante! Que história linda...seu pai está orgulhoso de você Grace🥺❤

  46. Summer Nulty

    Summer Nulty7 годин таму

    she doesnt look 22 i thought she was 16 like me haha

  47. Santia Steadman

    Santia Steadman7 годин таму

    Omg this so needs to go viral i was touched by every single word can a mother be ok leaving scars on her children😭😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥.

  48. Tatianna Mendoza

    Tatianna Mendoza7 годин таму

    Do you think she would get an chairs turned for her on the voice?

  49. praise Fortunate

    praise Fortunate7 годин таму


  50. Jem Henry

    Jem Henry7 годин таму

    He deserved to go through. This was NOT fair. It was so sad to see him tear up and walk away but his mom is an amazing parent. He’s gonna make it further than this ❤️

  51. Marlon

    Marlon7 годин таму


  52. Lisha Marie

    Lisha Marie7 годин таму


  53. ElitismIs Fascism

    ElitismIs Fascism7 годин таму

    She should have paid him 10x the amount to help him invest in his future! For that jacket!

  54. Amine Lightbourn

    Amine Lightbourn7 годин таму

    I love his voice and his spirit, I follow him on fb. He's gonna get it!!!!!

  55. F dL

    F dL7 годин таму

    I don't think this guy has a good ear, pitch was all over the place.

  56. Barbara W.

    Barbara W.7 годин таму

    I love this guys voice! Hopefully he WILL take it seriously because he seriously needs to record some beautiful music. And he's so handsome! Just needs a shorter hair makeover.

  57. Abigail Grimes

    Abigail Grimes7 годин таму


  58. Dean Hedge

    Dean Hedge7 годин таму

    Sucks tobe anyone else in the competition!

  59. sarah bishop

    sarah bishop7 годин таму

    Instant tears

  60. Tefo Phenyego

    Tefo Phenyego7 годин таму

    Please win it 😪

  61. Ameejill Whitlock

    Ameejill Whitlock7 годин таму

    Grace!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Yasss..with that big voice and hips!! Wish you all the best...cheering for you

  62. Peanut

    Peanut7 годин таму

    That was beautiful

  63. Anil

    Anil7 годин таму

    Is that a girl trying to be a boy?

  64. Kari Fleming

    Kari Fleming7 годин таму

    The next American Idol!

  65. Stephanie Muise

    Stephanie Muise7 годин таму

    Holy tear fest! She was wonderful. And these are the best judges this show ever had! Positive, encouraging and supportive!

  66. gamu mujajati

    gamu mujajati7 годин таму

    This guy is really a worrior, i hope he wins

  67. Daneile Brown

    Daneile Brown7 годин таму

    I remember when I just started following him on IG so happy to see him here .

  68. Chato Pierides

    Chato Pierides7 годин таму

    The judges needed some stretching to do. Wow! Whatta Voice!

  69. Charles Soto

    Charles Soto7 годин таму

    I love this new star in the making he is it

  70. Chato Pierides

    Chato Pierides7 годин таму

    Wow Wow Wow!

  71. j k

    j k7 годин таму

    Can't understand a word he says

  72. Zipperneck

    Zipperneck7 годин таму


  73. Fisoulinii

    Fisoulinii7 годин таму

    That’s my favorite addition

  74. Matthew Ong

    Matthew Ong7 годин таму

    A lot of work girl and a lot of luck you will need.

  75. liya zulu

    liya zulu7 годин таму

    Forget the shenanigans I’m just touched by her dad’s emotions towards his daughter that gets a golden ticket for me .. I think she needs a lot of work she does have a nice tone and voice but it’s abit all over the place for me

  76. Heidi Root

    Heidi Root7 годин таму

    She is a winner

  77. Jackie Legz

    Jackie Legz7 годин таму

    YESSSS I've been waiting for him to go into a competition! His voice is so beautiful and just full🥰🥰 he's already a star👏🏽👏🏽

  78. Newton Nawaz

    Newton Nawaz7 годин таму

    Love one😘😘

  79. The Messenger

    The Messenger7 годин таму

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  80. KauaiboysAK

    KauaiboysAK7 годин таму

    That made tears come to my eyes. Amazing voice!!!!