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Snowshoer rescued after 30+ hours
Prep Rally Honor Roll (2/23/21)
  1. Chris Gilpin

    Chris Gilpin9 годин таму

    Can't run from police

  2. Nomoretime

    Nomoretime9 годин таму


  3. Shelly Blanchard

    Shelly Blanchard10 годин таму

    It is strange how they blame the death on an underlying conditions before taking vaccine. 😒

  4. gabox01

    gabox0110 годин таму

    AOC was right, there should be no more air traffic to Hawai.

  5. Ron Adams

    Ron Adams10 годин таму

    Looks like everything worked as it was designed to. No breach of the engine casing into the cabin, and no major damage to the wing or other systems. Pilots followed their checklists, and landed the plane safely.


    AJIB MEMES10 годин таму

    Perception 69420

  7. HotRod Mama49

    HotRod Mama4910 годин таму

    Thank goodness we are not Texas. What a frickin' train wreck that Republican state is. Colorado is currently down 70% with COVID. Texans were so proud of the money they save, want to secede from the Union. Now they didn't do their power grid right, and they brag about their taxes, but have up to $16,000 power bill from their outages. Let's see if they fix their power grid. Or the Republican way. Let people die that cannot make it.

  8. Alexthefancollector Walker

    Alexthefancollector Walker10 годин таму

    0:05 It looks like it spat out a submarine.

  9. A Bcde

    A Bcde10 годин таму

    INSIDE JOB, the only people to not believe this are uneducated, brainwashed clowns or people that know it but don't want to admit to it as they are scared of losing their white-privilege card.

  10. High Kage

    High Kage10 годин таму


  11. JumpinJimmyjack

    JumpinJimmyjack10 годин таму

    Really starting to sweat at 1:15 when he seen his truck backing into the garage...that's when he stuffed the bodies in the back.

  12. Mobile Cod zombies guy

    Mobile Cod zombies guy10 годин таму

    Imagine if this happened 5 hours in! Over the ocean where there is nowhere to land.

  13. David Jansen

    David Jansen10 годин таму

    A vaccine for a virus that is not likely to harm you if you are healthy and below 70. No excess deaths , well strange that the majority of people who died over the past 12 months didn't get normal flu but died WITH Covid not FROM covid but reported as a covid mortality.

  14. Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas10 годин таму

    The swines love earning the hate, but, wait until all the hate starts coming after them.

  15. KAT vig

    KAT vig10 годин таму

    do the same to them, bastards

  16. elijah vcv

    elijah vcv10 годин таму

    Watta s ' like' doesn't know anything about the familys dissapearance , like dont u understand like?

  17. Joe Edwards

    Joe Edwards10 годин таму

    If I was the cop I would say my gun accidentally went off

  18. Donna murray

    Donna murray10 годин таму

    They are going to bring in the vaccine passport. What then??

  19. c a m i l l a

    c a m i l l a10 годин таму


  20. Emo Frog

    Emo Frog10 годин таму

    Calling this a "hate crime" is the actually offensive thing here. These people clearly have no fucking idea what actual hate crimes are. This was a playground joke, nothing more.

  21. Allan Durning 3rd

    Allan Durning 3rd11 годин таму

    Great 👍 videos Army AL

  22. Gregory Wright

    Gregory Wright11 годин таму

    Hell yeah trucker for the win, put the booze down and grab that wheel

  23. Conor James

    Conor James11 годин таму

    I react like that around horses!

  24. troy

    troy11 годин таму

    My respect for this guy just about completely disappeared as soon as he used the word "magical" about meeting celebrities William and Kate....ugghhhh........but still, that Yosemite climb....awesome.

  25. chiawoo

    chiawoo11 годин таму

    Why is California NOT prioritizing the elderly?

  26. Eyad Qasem

    Eyad Qasem11 годин таму

    Islam is the solution to this madness

  27. Kenziegaming 12

    Kenziegaming 1211 годин таму


  28. dean woolston

    dean woolston11 годин таму

    That plane will be back in the air, in less than a month. This plane is over 26 years old, with tens of thousands of air miles on it's engines. Something's gonna break eventually. Great job by the pilots for getting the aircraft safety on the ground.

  29. Katherine Burton

    Katherine Burton11 годин таму

    1:14 Yeah I have been Getting cash with 𝗣𝗔𝗬𝗡𝗘𝗧𝗝𝗢𝗕.𝗖𝗢𝗠 $700 in a month is reachable είναι ένα εργαλείο εργασίας για όλους

  30. Brian B

    Brian B11 годин таму

    Great job Pilot people!!! Who's leg was it?

  31. Laurel Bozman

    Laurel Bozman11 годин таму

    The mother and children got a death sentence. He should have gotten the same.

  32. America& Dunya

    America& Dunya11 годин таму

    2:19 when I got tears 🥺

  33. Waikiki Me

    Waikiki Me11 годин таму

    Has anyone been able to prove a causal effect between the vaccine and death, or is this based on speculation?

  34. Rochelle Murray

    Rochelle Murray11 годин таму

    Tissue anyone 😭

  35. Quagmire Davis

    Quagmire Davis11 годин таму

    Hope air Israel cleared the runway Before they landed and all lights were on runway. . And beer truck Standing by ... lol

  36. Terry Mckiernan

    Terry Mckiernan12 годин таму

    yet they have drug thats been around for 40yrs and has been shown great reuilts to stop covid dead in its tracks .and refuse to use it pending on more test, but pushes out a vaccine in a few months and says yeah its ok . I will never take another vaccine again this varruse has been a real eye open on how big money is running our heath system

  37. max medlin

    max medlin12 годин таму

    As a petrified flyer, that would be the end for me.

  38. James Williams

    James Williams12 годин таму

    Stanford University to Study Medicine is the story!

  39. Claire Wilson

    Claire Wilson12 годин таму

    Such lovely couple xxxx

  40. im not amelia

    im not amelia12 годин таму

    i mean imagine being nicole she must feel really bad being the cause of that

  41. nate levinson

    nate levinson12 годин таму

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  42. Ahmed Monir

    Ahmed Monir12 годин таму

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  43. --

    --12 годин таму

    any vaccination of any kind can kill you if you've had a virus within 4 weeks of taking it because of a wekened immune system. If a person was just on/off antibiotics that will have screwed up their defense system too.

  44. Kurt Holloway

    Kurt Holloway12 годин таму

    If I die after the vaccine I will be vey upset and seek legal action.

  45. Starlight Barking

    Starlight Barking12 годин таму

    Probably an anaphylactic reaction. This is serious and life threatening adverse effect that can be caused by vaccines and just about every other drug that exists on the planet.

  46. David Schmidt

    David Schmidt12 годин таму

    I like this guy.... it's not about turning into some hippy dippy weirdo but becoming passionate about the great outdoors and admiring it's beauty ....beats most TV to me......stuff like this is what our kids need....not a PS5 with all the games

  47. Sara Girma

    Sara Girma13 годин таму

    Hoping he was hunting predators

  48. Dave Rudabaugh

    Dave Rudabaugh13 годин таму

    Dude HOW long are we gonna talk about this? Holy shit. It’s everywhere.

  49. Star Anise

    Star Anise13 годин таму

    Compared with vaccines, the I-MATH+ Prophylaxis is 100 times cheaper, has decades more safety data, is safer and less harmful, more effective, logistically easier without refrigeration, and does not require protecting the vendor from liability. Spending public funds on vaccines instead of I-MATH+ could be considered gross misuse of public funds. Please review the World Wide Web site with root name: EXSTNC in the COM Domain.

  50. yaliso gioouy

    yaliso gioouy13 годин таму

    Said the United Airlines engine tech, "Hey Stosh, I'm missing a piece from my socket set. Have you seen it?"

  51. robert matt

    robert matt13 годин таму

    Poor GE90, but amazing work to the all the crew. And amazing to see the amount of care and maintenance on every bird, as this was a older 777 airframe and it did exactly what is was supposed to in this situation, get on the ground safely.

  52. Jun Gleno

    Jun Gleno13 годин таму

    Stewardess, I’ll have another drink...make that three.

  53. IskalkaQuest2010

    IskalkaQuest201013 годин таму

    If the man had previously been infected with Covid, he did not even need the vaccine. Why are they not telling people this??? Obviously, all that is really wanted is to sell vaccines. Covid will go down as the grestest governmental and medical debacle in modern history. Get a vaccine and still lock down. Still mask up. Still avoid gatherings. These people just want to change humanity into frightened, maleable subjects who will do anything demanded of them. Follow the money and follow the sociopathy.

  54. Dawn Chapman

    Dawn Chapman13 годин таму

    What was Kelsey's last words ?

  55. acbulgin2

    acbulgin214 годин таму

    Two fire bottles discharged in it and it was still burning on touchdown, I would think very hazardous, you don’t want to be in a burning plane. I’m sure the engineers have sought to prevent engine fires from spreading to other parts of the airplane though. The other danger apparently is caused by the separation of the cowling that seems to be a common denominator in these fan blade failures. Especially at high cruising speed, it causes excessive and naturally asymmetric drag and vibrations, causing sudden serious control problems for the pilot, e.g., autopilot disengagement and sudden steep bank angles. Scary. Pilots have had to fight to control their planes when the sudden one-sided drag, loss of power and vibrations arise. But that’s why these airline pilot jobs require such highly experienced pilots with good “aviation aptitude” and well-informed instincts. I think they are mainly paid to react properly when everything goes to hell in a handbasket, but airline flying also poses many day-to-day challenges. Some of those landings and go-arounds in high, gusty crosswinds look harrowing.

  56. Anthony Castellano

    Anthony Castellano14 годин таму

    I can touch the net . I wonder if my video will go viral.

  57. Max doubled

    Max doubled14 годин таму

    I'm a left leaning independent. Just fyi.

  58. Max doubled

    Max doubled14 годин таму

    Dont let those things back in CO. I see one ill put it down.

  59. James McKay

    James McKay14 годин таму

    My brother served in the Army in WW 2. He watched an American Anti Tank Crew shoot at a German Tank in France. Their Anti Tank Gun was a 37 mm cannon ( 3 inch). He said they fired one round which went down the barrel of the German Tank and detonated a round in its barrel. The tank blew up. True story..

  60. M Dominique

    M Dominique14 годин таму

    I can't watch the whole video of this poor young man killed ny these assholes cops, where is justice for these people😔 My heart goes to Elijah's family. God Bless your soul Elijah💔

  61. Septimus Williams

    Septimus Williams14 годин таму

    Will they reveal the truth...?

  62. Blue Jazz

    Blue Jazz14 годин таму

    Kudos to the entire crew for a safe ending! ❤

  63. Carol Cowels

    Carol Cowels14 годин таму

    If our police officers are so fearful of the general population, maybe they are in the wrong profession?

  64. Nikifuj908

    Nikifuj90814 годин таму

    Wonder if anyone found a pink teddy bear

  65. Pegg O

    Pegg O14 годин таму

    W O W


    INTIMIDATOR5.0 DFWM14 годин таму

    So the restrictions are delaying funerals, but how about Deaths?

  67. gris186

    gris18614 годин таму

    Money, money, money. The one with the most money and the best team of lawyers wins the court room in the US.


    INTIMIDATOR5.0 DFWM14 годин таму

    hahaha, so desperate for news 30 days is lost 30 hours is a Walk in the park, 😂

  69. Cassidy Osborn

    Cassidy Osborn15 годин таму

    Something isn’t right about her. I do believe in the supernatural. I believe in god the devil, angels, and demons, and I think there is something VERY dark about her. Not saying she’s possessed. Idk, but there is just something VERY, VERY dark about her.

  70. Phil Jackson

    Phil Jackson15 годин таму

    Face diapers while playing a sport. This so wrong in so many ways. It us a form of child neglect

  71. Adam Leventhal

    Adam Leventhal15 годин таму

    Looks like the pylons had been burned a bt

  72. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith15 годин таму

    Nice haircuf

  73. John Gnipper

    John Gnipper15 годин таму

    sumtin wrong wit dee motor

  74. Adventures of an old Seadog

    Adventures of an old Seadog15 годин таму

    Surprised they didn't evacuate the plane immediately on landing. In a fire risk situation I'd expect that to be the case.

  75. Lorelei Lazuli

    Lorelei Lazuli16 годин таму

    "There was a biohazard in the house". Well thats what happens when someone is dead there for almost a year 🙄

  76. Biggus Dickus

    Biggus Dickus16 годин таму

    This is the first non partisan story I've heard in forever and it's about guns. Good stuff!

  77. David Jenkins

    David Jenkins16 годин таму

    Wow 😳

  78. goodgoodbud

    goodgoodbud16 годин таму

    Burger planet

  79. peach tea

    peach tea16 годин таму

    Notill- "This Is The Way"

  80. Jeff Cromwell

    Jeff Cromwell16 годин таму

    Great effort! Whew!