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15 Minecraft Farms You Didn't Know Existed
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29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us

5 месяцаў таму

25 Genius Minecraft Tips to Save Your Time
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25 Very Satisfying Among Us Moments!

6 месяцаў таму

Pulling Off Illegal Jumps to Cheat at Parkour
  1. Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic The Hedgehog14 годин таму

    Well these are interesting. Never thought I would become smarter on minecraft. I thought I already was.. (┬┬﹏┬┬)

  2. Eeveerox

    Eeveerox14 годин таму

    I’m playing animal crossing while watching this. When I heard the Bunny Day music, my hearts dropped and I thought. Oh god please not again” Imagine my relief when I realized it was just the video and not my game

  3. tutacat

    tutacat14 годин таму

    But theres no minecraft tutorial..

  4. MrTeacherMan

    MrTeacherMan14 годин таму

    why do you keep changing your thumbnails

  5. IsmellBeans

    IsmellBeans14 годин таму

    6:41 amogus

  6. Hori

    Hori14 годин таму


  7. Hori

    Hori14 годин таму


  8. Hori

    Hori14 годин таму


  9. HeyImSabeena

    HeyImSabeena14 годин таму

    now THIS is epic.

  10. Abigail Borjas

    Abigail Borjas14 годин таму

    Why are the first few clips are from different BYpicr

  11. MochaGoneCray

    MochaGoneCray14 годин таму

    I’m flexing to all of you with my diamond sword in Minecraft survival 😎😎😎😎

  12. Donut

    Donut14 годин таму

    1:58 Iskall85 is really proud of you

  13. Landon Cain

    Landon Cain14 годин таму


  14. random_stuff _0123a

    random_stuff _0123a14 годин таму

    5:03 lol

  15. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi14 годин таму

    ᴵ ʷᶦˡˡ ˢᵘᵇ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇ ᵐᵉ ᵇᵃᶜ

  16. not hud 2.0

    not hud 2.014 годин таму

    Skipthe tutorial

  17. Tom Malte Niehus

    Tom Malte Niehus14 годин таму

    1:05 works Not in bedrock

  18. Gabriel Waldner

    Gabriel Waldner14 годин таму

    I serially used my ne to sub lol

  19. Toby Davidson

    Toby Davidson14 годин таму

    Can you make content aside from Minecraft, like you used to? I like Minecraft but I also like other games too

  20. Juju Feirreo

    Juju Feirreo14 годин таму

    In one of my worlds I found a nice boat that was mostly above ground so all I had to do was take care of some water. I built a little island around it and its a nice base. Surprisingly spacious

  21. Black Hawk

    Black Hawk14 годин таму

    Pork parachute 🙂😂😂

  22. eggul

    eggul14 годин таму

    I hear the super Mario maker 2 multiplayer versus ending screen

  23. 5⃣6⃣

    5⃣6⃣14 годин таму


  24. friendly kids gaming

    friendly kids gaming14 годин таму

    Bro just crouch and press q lol

  25. edgazx

    edgazx14 годин таму

    OR ender chest

  26. Beedumph

    Beedumph14 годин таму

    challenge done. subbed with knees. took me like 5 min bc i'm on mobile but yk

  27. Bela216

    Bela21614 годин таму

    3:54 pain

  28. ryan zheng

    ryan zheng14 годин таму


  29. Mario Villanueva

    Mario Villanueva14 годин таму

    12:28 SUSSY

  30. Dr. Davenport Lee

    Dr. Davenport Lee14 годин таму

    please stop begging for subs.

  31. Ethan Tuttle

    Ethan Tuttle14 годин таму

    The dragon on peaceful mode is still in the end but no endermen

  32. Pincapybara

    Pincapybara14 годин таму

    I found this weird thing on bedrock if you attack an iron golem in any difficulty except peaceful then you change it to peaceful when the golem hits you it doesnt do damage and if you keep getting hit it will give you gold hearts

  33. Bary

    Bary14 годин таму

    7:37: Is nobody gonna talk about that he just broke something as hard as netherite like breaking a log with a fist?!

  34. Homi

    Homi14 годин таму

    8:35 ah yes i love *CUT REDSTONE SLAB*

  35. DragonScale

    DragonScale14 годин таму

    Actually you can break a beacon with your hand and still get it back.

  36. Felix Andersson

    Felix Andersson14 годин таму

    Fun fakt haste is good for pvp because you can attack faster

  37. dreamnotfound

    dreamnotfound14 годин таму

    uhhh sea pickles onley giv elight when they are under water so torches are easier

  38. Jayden Arguelles

    Jayden Arguelles14 годин таму

    I did bout at the same time

  39. layla abla

    layla abla14 годин таму

    i figured the flint and steel enchant before this vid unbreaking and ending are the only enchants you can put on a flint and steel hint

  40. Remy Peewee

    Remy Peewee14 годин таму

    So in two updates,unicorns will exist in minecraft,emk

  41. S DAVIES

    S DAVIES14 годин таму

    Reply or I will delete your kneecaps

  42. Mr OwO klng

    Mr OwO klng14 годин таму

    0:15 they fan of tommyinnt

  43. крош придумал овердрайв

    крош придумал овердрайв14 годин таму

    06:42 hehe amogus

  44. Natty Gamer The Dark Kitty Cat

    Natty Gamer The Dark Kitty Cat14 годин таму

    I have a black cat and she's so sweet she never gave me bad luck

  45. no

    no14 годин таму


  46. Yon Yem

    Yon Yem14 годин таму

    This video is built exactly like that unclear commercial that was described by that one tumblr post

  47. ivo

    ivo14 годин таму


  48. Naomi Meyer

    Naomi Meyer14 годин таму

    0:30 Im I blind orrrr

  49. Boshir Ahamed

    Boshir Ahamed14 годин таму

    You have forced is to subscribe 😂🤣

  50. DoingTheJukes

    DoingTheJukes14 годин таму

    Even more pro gamer method for getting food: Get a bucket, find a bit of lava, and then burn the animals with that. Never runs out of durability and deals more damage so that they'll likely die from it even if they run too fast for you to hit them.

  51. Play Time Meyers

    Play Time Meyers14 годин таму

    Great video man

  52. 1ts3rick2tyles_69

    1ts3rick2tyles_6914 годин таму

    Guess who subbed with their knee

  53. Marlowe Mauer

    Marlowe Mauer14 годин таму


  54. Enderpaw090

    Enderpaw09014 годин таму

    please no why in #8 the music i can't you can't play unwavering emotions without me crying

  55. Puggy

    Puggy14 годин таму

    The fact that minecraft made the toast thing in game is so sweet.

  56. John Weber

    John Weber14 годин таму

    10:18 unfortunately for my friends, I am that friend.

  57. michelle Little

    michelle Little14 годин таму


  58. LavaGlacier

    LavaGlacier14 годин таму

    What if you put shulker boxes inside of each other

  59. Godly Gamer

    Godly Gamer14 годин таму

    12:05 technoplaannneeeee

  60. Fryer Gurothad

    Fryer Gurothad14 годин таму

    you know, I thought for sure I would have known at least three on this list, I've never come across any of these farms, mostly likely because they are ridiculous

  61. MEESA

    MEESA14 годин таму

    Bruh, Core is basicly roblox, it even has the Tower of Heck from Roblox, what a rip off.

  62. savageocto83

    savageocto8314 годин таму

    The glitch in the super flat has happened to me on normal worlds

  63. Fire Boy09

    Fire Boy0914 годин таму


  64. Ahmed Wael

    Ahmed Wael14 годин таму

    Me: seeing saudi arabia stuff my mind guessing its one of the countries that banned this map also my mind: wait I live in a country next to it and its a arab country.. could it be banned where I live as well? *see's egypt* Yup got to click off...

  65. Electronic playsNL

    Electronic playsNL14 годин таму

    Fun fact in number 20 u also just simply can break a beacon block by your hands and still get the beacon back u dont need any tool or whatever

  66. very good

    very good14 годин таму

    “25 ways to hide your valuables” Me who uses them to hide the valuables I stole: SNEAK 100

  67. omg_itsceline

    omg_itsceline14 годин таму

    7:28 these are good i like them.

  68. Blake

    Blake14 годин таму

    00:00:00:0023 second ha I beat the new record

  69. A_Pillow [Nickname: Pillow_ImPillow5273]

    A_Pillow [Nickname: Pillow_ImPillow5273]14 годин таму

    *You are actually able to place water in the nether use the fill command and somehow the water is placed in the nether It's reddish water*

  70. TheOverLordOfMonkys

    TheOverLordOfMonkys14 годин таму

    Fun fact: Piglins are scared of soul torches

  71. ryan zheng

    ryan zheng14 годин таму


  72. itscoberanimates

    itscoberanimates15 годин таму

    I did it I subscribed with my kneecaps

  73. Aashiq Gamer lol

    Aashiq Gamer lol15 годин таму

    I made hy house in a woodland Manson but deleteed the world

  74. Aden block

    Aden block15 годин таму

    i somehow subbed with my knees why though?

  75. Hori

    Hori15 годин таму


  76. Hori

    Hori15 годин таму