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  1. Acarya Lall

    Acarya Lall19 годин таму

    The strawberry one is free with twitch prime

  2. Delvin Baylor

    Delvin Baylor19 годин таму

    The LS car meet to be able to gain a little bit more rep.

  3. Almighty Chicken

    Almighty Chicken19 годин таму

    Bro this game needs something to grind for instead of buying ur way to everything. 💁🏽‍♂️🤣 I don’t find it frustrating at all tbh. Makes it cooler to own those items too

  4. ᖇᗩƳƳᗩᑎ B⃗R⃗

    ᖇᗩƳƳᗩᑎ B⃗R⃗19 годин таму

    250k only?

  5. Robert Morgan

    Robert Morgan19 годин таму

    Its called playing the game it shows people who play the game for the grind, stop complaining about not being able to use modded money and play the game

  6. Takarei Munn

    Takarei Munn19 годин таму

    Just what i wanted, shit for breakfast

  7. Dime

    Dime20 годин таму

    Lol boss if you ever had a gf you wouldn't be so uncomfortable. Youre on some incel shi

  8. Ryan Peterson

    Ryan Peterson20 годин таму

    I agree with you with the update

  9. Dime

    Dime20 годин таму

    People complain about pay to win now it's play to win and y'all still complain.

  10. Savage-509 Gamer

    Savage-509 Gamer20 годин таму

    Yeah I remember being level one wanting to be a level 100 just to get the RPG Or grinding the Heist gust to buy a night club just to buy a terabyte just buy an oppressor mark two

  11. madego

    madego20 годин таму

    I cant stand moody mans dialogue, its annoying AF. The voice actor is fine but what he says is annoying.

  12. Joe Farrar

    Joe Farrar20 годин таму

    $250k woooooo I can buy......Anything?

  13. Fallen Angel

    Fallen Angel20 годин таму

    Imagine GTA 6 map.

  14. Raul Rivera

    Raul Rivera20 годин таму

    Im in it for the cars 🚗

  15. 1 Dolamyte

    1 Dolamyte20 годин таму

    OK, he's racist, these are he only black characters we've had, besides Lamar, whom wasn't mentioned as a great character.

  16. Savage-509 Gamer

    Savage-509 Gamer20 годин таму

    Heavy hitters BYpicrs of GTA online are all posting the same exact shit. Hah

  17. Black Jesus

    Black Jesus20 годин таму

    Good ole fashion racism with those characters...just a new form of tap dancing..I blame rockstar for that racist non sense...

  18. g00d guys

    g00d guys20 годин таму

    how dou be a returner


    SHINGIRAI CHIKOMO20 годин таму

    The only thing wrong is that you cant put nitros on those cars,everything else is dope

  20. GingerBen

    GingerBen20 годин таму

    They only do it like that to unlock stuff so you stay on the game and grind away

  21. Ricardo Ellison

    Ricardo Ellison20 годин таму

    I wish they combined this with import export since the business is so similar.

  22. Lucas Stock

    Lucas Stock20 годин таму

    I got one of those blue marker one the map, but after i hopped into it i got no marker. Did it glitched or can u find cars from other players?

  23. Fang Peruci

    Fang Peruci20 годин таму

    I've tried the train one 10000000 times and never got it

  24. Emilly

    Emilly20 годин таму

    Oh my... For the first time I agree with Bossman, the rep system is way too Grindy for what's available to do, the locked things are ridiculous, Sessanta and KD "Madafackas" J relationship seems too forced, and weird, and btw, the Futo can't even race, they're asking that much money to pose as a Tofu driver, bruh, and the worst car still asks for a hefty amount of money too, this update is good, but these things are really just... Something else.

  25. nasko

    nasko20 годин таму

    dawg im at rank 76 legit and iv played since the update came out got nothing cool so far beside that one racing suit for rank 75 thats it all the other un locks suck

  26. MiniMan64

    MiniMan6420 годин таму

    When the two characters went into my garage for the first time I could not stop saying "STOP BEING HORNY YOUR IN MY GARAGE"

  27. twinz664

    twinz66420 годин таму

    fix the glitches with auto shop

  28. MiniMan64

    MiniMan6420 годин таму

    Alright at the beginning ima give you a question why can't you get a rpg before you hit level 100 🤔

  29. Rage Or Die Laughing

    Rage Or Die Laughing20 годин таму

    I’m not a fan of moodyman

  30. KzukiOdenTheChad

    KzukiOdenTheChad20 годин таму

    You can obviously tell that MrBossFTW isn’t a car guy in the slightest... cause if he was he’d know that Karin Futo aka the Classic Corolla in the Real World is one of the Most Sought After JDM Cars to Date

  31. John Deere

    John Deere20 годин таму

    Your channel will be dead before gta 6 comes out hahahaha

  32. the other old man

    the other old man20 годин таму

    His character is ugly asf🚶

  33. Devon McBride

    Devon McBride20 годин таму

    Everything wrong with gta online: you

  34. Bensjo Bensjo

    Bensjo Bensjo20 годин таму

    I like Mooreland Ann Sessanta and the funky relationship they have. I do wish Johnybonbthe spot offered some sort of tuner related job though.

  35. 𝕮𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖆

    𝕮𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖆20 годин таму

    The new black characters are awful and cringe sounds like moodyman wants to R kelly sessanta in her mouth every time u here them talk.

  36. clay opold

    clay opold20 годин таму

    Lol that 1st point was a little useless. You could never bring prostitutes with you places

  37. DDGX 28

    DDGX 2820 годин таму


  38. Dante Ross

    Dante Ross20 годин таму


  39. João Travensouro

    João Travensouro20 годин таму

    Sounds like You just don’t like black people sir

  40. Joey Black

    Joey Black20 годин таму

    7:24 what did he sayyyy

  41. Christoph Sattler

    Christoph Sattler20 годин таму

    Next vid: Players are furious with the LS Tuners Update…

  42. Crook five

    Crook five20 годин таму

    It’s only for real racers real car people real tuners

  43. MRB

    MRB20 годин таму

    They should’ve tied the vehicle warehouse to the auto shop

  44. Husky

    Husky20 годин таму

    I mean that auto shop glitch makes easy money

  45. Fridi Beast

    Fridi Beast20 годин таму

    I love the new low grip tires but every time i close the application it resets to the default tires again so i always have to buy them over and over again

  46. Pro_ Gaming

    Pro_ Gaming20 годин таму

    When they will give the money?

  47. Michael Watson

    Michael Watson20 годин таму

    I love the new characters new that Detroit jacket

  48. Shahin Ahmed

    Shahin Ahmed20 годин таму

    This game is for adults or are u some 10 year old behind that mic and it's a tuner update not luxury life.

  49. Josh Smokie

    Josh Smokie20 годин таму

    I agree with all and a hell of a lot more

  50. KzukiOdenTheChad

    KzukiOdenTheChad20 годин таму

    The unlock system evens the playing field... in terms of the wealthy just can’t buy everything they want and flaunt it... they have to actually put work into it like the majority of players have to, to get what they want And the character with the Afro was obviously supposed to be Ludacris... but half way through the production of him they found out Luda was far too expensive so they created a character that kinda looks like him and hired an actor that damn near sounds like him

  51. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith20 годин таму

    Hey 👋🏻 bro just say you are a racist thanks

  52. Rob Wright

    Rob Wright20 годин таму

    I got most of the cars

  53. Drippy

    Drippy21 годину таму

    7:40 mans forgot to edit 😂

  54. Reggie Jackson

    Reggie Jackson21 годину таму

    The contact auto shop mission for me won’t work I drop the car off and it won’t get accepted it. I restarted the game now the car in my auto shop and I can’t move it

  55. Simply Meliodas

    Simply Meliodas21 годину таму

    Your a clickbaiter bro even the voice actor of Michael said so… ok so how about you stay quite no one cares for your opinion

  56. Brayden Hatcher

    Brayden Hatcher21 годину таму

    Dumb update in general literally brought nothing to the game. OH WOW 10 new cars that cost more than 15 mil 😒

  57. Eli Ramirez

    Eli Ramirez21 годину таму

    Bro ain’t no way he complaining about a song on the radio

  58. Ash Church

    Ash Church21 годину таму

    i like the update tbh

  59. Greg Litrell

    Greg Litrell21 годину таму

    Easy no nos,no nitro, and no pink slip racing

  60. japon4zu

    japon4zu21 годину таму

    We have the same jacket lol:))

  61. x8dn

    x8dn21 годину таму

    No cap characters annoying like stop calling me too much

  62. Michael Price

    Michael Price21 годину таму

    This isn't a game that you play once

  63. JXOUZ

    JXOUZ21 годину таму

    If don’t listen to the iFruit radio ur just wierd

  64. Nathan Brisebois

    Nathan Brisebois21 годину таму

    I stilll have to return my Kosatka

  65. Obscure Mars

    Obscure Mars21 годину таму

    I think they underutilized so many parts of this game you spend like 90% or more of your time just in a couple of areas

  66. Max Payne

    Max Payne21 годину таму

    I buy take over and I close the game and I take a break few hours then i start game and you have to buy take over again. So not worth it. It's nothing really.

  67. SanFrancisco

    SanFrancisco21 годину таму



    STICK MAN STUDIOS21 годину таму

    No joke I wiped all of them out with a single stick of dynamite by accident

  69. Colin LaBell

    Colin LaBell21 годину таму

    Ur a baby. I want it now I want it now. It’s a game play it grow up


    REAL LION TALK21 годину таму

    He just sound like a old young weirdo. Who only want to watch traditional weird stuff by traditional dominant society. That's what he's comfortable with. But we have to interject the numbskull senseless stuff in here.

  71. carbon games

    carbon games21 годину таму

    Mr boss is scared because I hes lost his gf

  72. Srgkill1134 Srgkill1134

    Srgkill1134 Srgkill113421 годину таму

    Only because no one knows or cares, yes you can take you new cars on your own track and drift without traffic 😉 don't forget low grip an stance before you launch race

  73. Benjamin Young

    Benjamin Young21 годину таму

    I own a 2000 mustang so I’m pretty hyped to drive my irl car in game

  74. bigblazeboy

    bigblazeboy21 годину таму

    Bro old gta was so cool

  75. Lottabtle 01

    Lottabtle 0121 годину таму

    I’ve already bought the most exspensive one with Max upgrades before I saw this video wish I saw this first

  76. Silky Girl Gaming

    Silky Girl Gaming21 годину таму

    shut up be a man and keep playing. MissGirlFTLoose

  77. gregory k jones#DUKEBONE

    gregory k jones#DUKEBONE21 годину таму

    Yo boss bet you want drive that fancy car though the hood

  78. LuvStax

    LuvStax21 годину таму

    Yall think his opinion on them 2 bad , yall should see what the wierdos on reddit got to say about these 2. They think it's fornite and rated E. Plus they not used to a loving couple up on eachother cuz they parents never showed eachother love so its awkward seein it 😭🤣